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The Nightmarrione

January 24, 2023
By Spaz SILVER, Papillion, Nebraska
Spaz SILVER, Papillion, Nebraska
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You never know when a corpse may wander out of the shadows wearing a rabbit suit. (The Twisted Ones)


Charlotte's life is hell. Her parents died on her seventh birthday to a drunk driver, who later walked free. Her only memory of them, a stuffed doll she was given as a birthday present, gets her mocked and taunted wherever she goes. And only six months after her parent's death she was hospitalized after some sadistic teens decided to use her as a test subject.

So, what's an eight year old to do? Become a serial killer, of course.

Her life of crime seems to be cut short, as she is quickly found fleeing the scene of her first murders. Terrified and angry, she runs into some people in the woods that just might help her get her revenge on those who wronged her.


The Nightmarrione

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