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PZ 2.0 (Or so she thought)

January 11, 2022
By Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
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Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"With great respect comes big responsibility, and that responsibility is to treat others how you want to be treated."

Author's note:

Sequel to The Adventures of The Spyninjas

Regina and Daniel are editing a video together when all the sudden, they get a glitch of the PZ Mask.

“What was that?” Daniel asks.

“I think that was the PZ Mask..” Regina replies apprehensively.

Daniel and Regina go to Chad and Vy to inform them of the situation.

“Chad.. Vy.. I think that PZ is coming back.. Daniel and I got a glitch of a PZ mask while editing..” Regina explains. 

“Ok we will call a spy ninja meeting and say something,” Chad Replies, a bit nervous.

“Spy ninja meeting!” Vy announces.

All the spy ninjas,  including the minis came.

“What happened Auntie Vy?” CJ asks.

“Regina And Daniel saw a glitch of the PZ Mask so we have suspicion they might return,” Vy explains.

“No! Not again! I.. I can't!” Sav yells.

“It's ok, Sav. We will make sure nothing too bad happens,” Regina tries to comfort.

All of a sudden, the TV starts to glitch and there is this figure. He has a black cloak and a black mask with green x’s where the eyes go.

“This is just the beginning. There is nothing you can do to stop me,” The mysterious figure spoke.

The TV glitches and it shows 3 letters. P-Z-K.

“I guess the names PZK?” Melvin asks.

“Mhm,” Vy spoke. 

They all decide it's a good idea to visit the Luxor. 

Chad, Vy, and CJ go to the black pyramid and walk inside. It looks different. The place was completely remodeled. The walls were no longer a boring gray but a bluebell shade. Everything was.. New..

“Auntie.. I'm a bit scared,” CJ confesses.

“Hey it's ok little one. Me and Chad will be here with you,” Vy comforts.

The 3 decide to take the elevator to the top and once they get there they see a figure swipe by. 

“WHOS THERE!” Chad yells.

“COME OUT NOW!” Vy demands.

PZK swipes through again, leaving a clue.


Who can you trust

Who may you know

Who is it you can trust the most..

“Odd..” CJ says.

“Who can we trust..” Vy starts to repeat. “Who do we trust?”

“Vy, You can trust us right?” Chad asks.

“I guess,” Vy Replies as they start to walk to the safehouse.

They start to walk and then Vy stops.

“I get this.. PZK is trying to get us to argue so we never defeat him,” Vy theories.

“OFC!” CJ exclaims. “PZK is trying to make us argue so that we get more on each other's bad side!”

They continue to walk to the Safehouse but then they get a text from Regina. 

Guys.. you need to get here.. Like right now.

Vy acknowledges the text and replies with a quick ok, before getting the others to run with her back. Once they get to the safehouse, they see Regina in a panicked state. She's with Savannah and Aurora but.. They're knocked out.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!” Vy yells in a motherly tone.


“Sure.. Maybe you're the one we can't trust,” Vy says. “You probably knocked them out and acted all concerned!”

Regina starts to tear up at the loudness of Vy’s voice. Melvin comes in and sees Regina in tears with Vy yelling at her.

“WHAT! DID! YOU! DO! TO! HER!” Melvin Scolds. 

“Reginas the one we cannot trust. She knocked out the kids while we were gone,” Vy Replies.

“How dare you accuse her! She was with me the whole time!” Melvin scolds. “If anything, you're the one we shouldn't trust!”

“Sure. Maybe it is you AND Regina we cannot trust. You're backing up your sister because you are with her.

“AUNTIE! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CLUE WANTED US TO DO!” CJ scolds. “I told you that it'll make us argue! Regina did nothing. I can tell in her eyes. Melvin is just protecting his sister. PZK wanted us to argue and that's exactly what you're doing! So I'll give you 2 choices. Either you guys stop arguing or you leave the safehouse. YOUR CHOICE!”

Vy thinks back to when she found the clue and she realizes.

“Your right CJ.. I did exactly what the clue was going to make us do. I'm sorry Melvin, and Regina,” Vy apologies. 

Regina doesn't respond. She instead looks at the two kids after noticing them waking up.

“What happened?” Aurora and Savannah ask in unison.

“All that matters is that you two are ok,” Regina tells them.

They continue with their day but then…

All the devices and electronics started to glitch. The lights flickered on and off. The TV and the computers started to glitch. Next thing they knew, the same mask came upon the TV screen with a voice. PZK to be specific.

“Seems as if you figured that out. The trust paper was a trick. Cara? You little trickster. You knew what this was about.”

The TV stops.

“Cara Joyce Qwaint? Did you really know about this?

“OFC NOT!” CJ defends themself. “I wouldn't ever expect this!”

“Leave my sibling out of this! They did nothing wrong!” Lydia scolds Vy.

“Vy. you're doing it again. PZK is trying to tear us apart with our arguments when in reality it's all a trick,” CJ states.

“Sure.. sure it is. You're probably just saying that because you know all about it,” Vy taunts.

“I said I do not know about it!” CJ yells.

Vy was about to yell back but was startled by Savannah's voice.


“I agree. PZK is trying to break us apart. You can clearly tell that Vy..  The trust thing was a lie just so we would procrastinate on PZK’s defeat,” Chad agrees.

“I guess you're right guys.. Ugh i hate PZK.. I wish we could just defeat them right now!” Vy says, angirly. 

All the sudden they hear an ear piercing screech. They look around. The group sees nothing. They see a glimpse of a black figure go by. After they saw green lasers, it was inconspicuous of whom was there. PZK. 

“We are not afraid of you PZK!” Melvin shouts.

“Yes.. yes you are,” PZK says.

Next they know, the power goes off and then they all get a scruciating pain in their head. 

“My head!” Vivi shouts.

“Same. it hurts really bad,” CJ agrees.

The lights turn back on and the minis look around.

The minis see Chad, Vy, Daniel, Regina, and Melvin passed out and tied together on the floor.

The minis rush over and untie the adults, and get them to wake up.

“Mom? Dad? Are you ok?” Savannah asks.

“We are ok sweetheart,” Daniel and Regina respond.

Chad, Vy, and Melvin wake up and are really confused.

“What happened?” Vy asks.

“Don't worry now. You're ok and that's all that matters,” Vivi-anne says.

As the adults start to adjust to the sunlight, Lydia starts to get dizzy.

“Auntie Vy.. i feel really dizzy,” Lydia manages to say.

Just as she says that, her eyes fall shut. Chad manages to run over to catch her. Chad lays Lydia on the beanbags and gets her to wake up 5 minutes later.

“W-what happened?” Lydia asks. 

“You just passed out. Nothing too serious,” Vy tells her.

“Regina? You get things like these too.. What are they?” Lydia asks.

“They are just dizzy spells, Lydia. They are going to make you pass out, but it's nothing much to worry about. You just need Chad or Vy to be with you in case of one. Just like Daniel does with me,”  Regina explains.

“Oh ok,” Lydia responds.

She attempts to sit up and Vy helps her stay steady and stable. Chad goes to get Lydia a drink, per Regina and Daniels instruction. After Lydia drinks some water, she is back up and trying to walk around. Half an hour later the power goes back off.

PZK makes their signature sound

“không lập lại”(Not again) says Vy.

Chad, being the only one who understood Vy, responds to her statement.

“It's ok Vy. We will defeat him one day or another. We just have to work as a team,” Chad replies.

PZK does their signature ear-piercing screech and the lights start to flicker on and off.

“Huwag kang matakot! Huwag kang matakot! Huwag kang matakot!” (Don't be afraid x3) Regina repeats to herself. “Matapang ka. manatiling matapang” (you are brave. Stay brave).

“It's ok Regina. Just stay strong,” Melvin comforts.

The lights stop flickering. Chad and Daniel are missing.

“DADDY!” Savannah and Aurora yell in unison.

“hindi ko kaya..”(I can not do it..) Savannah speaks.

“Yes you can savannah.. You can do it!” Regina encourages.

The lights flick back off and Daniel and Chad return.

“Ayan yun! PZK nasaan ka man, lumabas ka! Hindi ako natatakot na ipaglaban ka! tinakot mo anak ko!! Tapos na ako!” (That's it! PZK wherever you are, get out! I'm not afraid to fight you! you scared my kid!! I'm done!) Regina yells.

“Calm down sis. You can't fight him alone, you know,” Melvin tells her.

          "Yea I could.. you just won't let me,"Regina protests.

“Because if you do, you could die! PZK kills, Regina! I cannot lose you!” Melvin protests.

“You're lucky I care about you Melvin,” Regina speaks up as she paces around to calm herself down. 

“đi ra nếu bạn không sợ,” Vy yells. (Come out if your not afraid)

PZK does their signature screech as lasers appear.

PZK shows herself for the first time and it looks just like the video.

“PZK,” Regina says.

“Spy ninjas,” PZK mocks.

Regina looks at PZK in pure rage and then looks at Melvin.

“Go ahead Regina,” Melvin approves. 

Right as he approves that, Regina yells as loud as she can.

“You are a coward PZK! You can't defeat us because..” She pauses. “WE ARE THE SPY NINJAS! 

Regina, Vy, and Chad go to cause a distraction for PZK while the others grab the stun weapons.

Those weapons include

Stun star, stun baton, stun tonfa, stun-chucks, and the Stun Sword. 

Afterwards, the Spy Ninjas see vy struggling to hold PZK so Melvin joins in. A few minutes later, Vy gets trapped in a small space and out of pure rage, CJ kicks PZK right in the back to help Vy out.

“I'll stay with Vy! You guys defeat PZK! Do it for all of us.. Do it for the ninjas at home,” CJ says.

As CJ attempts to calm Vy down, the others go and attack PZK with an energy drainer but next thing they know..

With the adults..

“Breathe Vy. it's ok. We are all here,” Chad comforts.

“What happened to her?” Daniel asks.

“She is claustrophobic, Daniel. She hates being in tight spaces and when she is, it gives her panic attacks,” Chad replies, still trying to comfort Vy. “It's all ok Vy. do not worry.”

“Closed.. space.. “ Vy manages to say.

‘I know Vy.. I know. But you're going to be ok. Just breathe,” Chad comforts.

The TV in front of them glitches and PZK appears.

“Well well well.. Didn't expect 2 spy ninjas to be claustrophobic… Deal. With. It.. Vy and Savannah,” PZK Taunts.

“Frick frick frick,” Regina mumbles under her breath. 

“You ok sis?” Melvin asks, noticing her slight panic.

“Melvin.. You know I'm the only one who can calm Sav down after a panic attack. You know that. The minis could never handle him at that state. And now he is going to be really mad because PZK just dead named him!” Regina starts to raise her voice.

With the minis (After the deadname of sav)

“I swear I am going to kill you once I get out of here!” Sav yells.

“Sav.. calm down.. They're just going to do it more if you get mad,” Vivi-anne says.

The TV shows PZK again.

“Savannah Savannah Savannah..” PZK taunts.


“HAHAHA! In your dreams savannah!” PZK replies.

Without warning, and in Sav’s rage, he grabs a kunai and throws it at the TV, breaking it in the process. Next he breaks the door down and finds the adults. Once he finds them, he breaks down their door and Regina sees Sav in rage.

“Woah there sav. Calm down a bit. Breathe in and out..,” Regina instructs.

Sav calms down but then hugs Regina in tears. 

“Hey hey.. It's ok, Sav.. i understand your anger of being dead named.. Especially since it's an everyday thing for me,” Regina explains.

Wait? Are you telling them now?” Melvin asks.

“Telling us.. What exactly?” Vy asks, confused

“Well..” Reg starts. “You guys have been deadnaming me.. For a while now..”

“Wait.. you're actually telling them lil bro?” Melvin asks.

“Lil Bro?!” Chad asks, confused.

“Mhm.. well.. I’m..” He stops and looks at Melvin for approval.

‘Go ahead bro,” Melvin approves.

“Im.. T-Transgender..” Reg says, extremely nervous.

          "Wait Really? Ofc we support you! Why would you ever think we wouldn't?" Vy asks.

           "I dont know.." Regina responds.

       "Of course we do silly," Chad says.

           " Well that's unrelated, we need to defeat PZK. We will regroup at the safehouse. Chad. You take Vy back. Daniel and the minis go with them. Sav. Stay with me and Melvin as well. We will regroup back and plan something then," Regina instructs 

They all leave the PZ place and go back to the safehouse.

The others have already made it home, but Regina wanted to take the long way so she can talk to Sav and Melvin.

“Hey Sav, you ok?” Regina asks, sensing a bit of distress from him. 

“Mhm..” Sav responds but Regina sees right through it.

“I know.. I saw how mad you were when PZK deadnamed you. I hate seeing you like that.. Look, PZK is going to do stuff to make you very angry, but we cannot let that stop you ok?” Regina asks.

“Mhm.” Sav replies. “I'm getting a bit tired.”

“Want me to carry you in case you fall asleep?” Regina asks

“Yes please mommy,” Sav replies.

Regina picks up Sav and walks to the safehouse, as he drifts into a sleep state. Once they get in, the others are already planning.

“Did he fall asleep?” Vy asks. 

“Mhm.” Melvin replies “he got a bit tired on the way home so we carried him home. Want me to wake him up?”

“If you want to,” Vy responds.

“Ok,” Melvin replies. “Sav.. wake up buddy. We are home.”

Sav awakens and looks at Vy.

“How did I get here?” Sav asks, confused.

“Regina carried you home,” Vy replies.

“Oh ok.” Sav replies, still tired. “Did you guys plan anything yet?”

“A little bit,” Chad replies.

“So what's the plan?” Sav asks.

“Well.. we decided that when we encounter PZK, we will use fans to remove the fog, mirrors to reflect the lasers, and we must stay low if fog appears. We must use our battle skills to defeat PZK,” CJ explains to Sav.

“Oki!” Sav replies.

“auntie.. I'm feeling lightheaded again..” Lydia manages to say.

“Just let it happen Lydia.. It gets worse if you try to prevent it,” Regina explains.

As Regina says that, Lydia lets her eyes shut and Vy catches her.

“Mommy? Is Lili (Lydia) ok?” Aurora asks, clearly frightened.

“Yes sweetheart. She gets dizzy spells so she will pass out sometimes,” Vy explains.

“Melvin..” Regina struggles to say.

“Are you dizzy too?” Melvin asks.

Regina manages to reply with a head nod and goes to sit down and close her eyes so it will happen. 

Around 10 mins later they are both awake, well.. Reginas just woke up, but Lydia stayed right by her side.

“Ugh.. did i have another dizzy spell?” Regina asks.

“Mhm.” Vy replies.

“Ofc i did..” Regina replies, clearly upset. “Well, let's defeat PZK..”

“Lil bro? You ok?” Melvin asks, noticing her strange behavior.

“Mhm.. Ofc I'm fine..” Regina says but Melvin sees right through it.

“Bro.. I can hear it in your voice that you're not. What's up?” Melvin asks in a concerned tone.

“Ok fine im a bit mad at myself right now.. If these dizzy spells keep getting in the way, we are never going to defeat pzk! I'm so annoyed!” Regina manages to say before starting to tear up.

“Lil bro.. It's ok. it's a medical thing you can't stop from happening. You know that. And it will not get in the way of defeating PZK. If you need a break because you feel dizzy, Tell us. Ok?” Melvin comforts.

“But Melvin.. It'll stop or slow down the defeat of PZK, Regina protest.

“I. Don't. Care. you're my lil bro and i need to make sure nothing happens to you,” Melvin states.

“But melvin! I don't want to have this!  It's gonna slow our pace down!” Regina says, while starting to tear up again.

“Hey there.. It's ok. I told you this.. I know how much you hate it and how insecure you are about it, but you will soon realize that maybe it could come in handy for something,” Melvin tries to explain.

“What!” Regina starts to snap. “What could it possibly help with huh?!”

“Idk but it'll help with something,” Melvin tries to calm Regina down.

“Will it?! Probably not! It'll just  slow us down and I'll be more of a burden then I currently feel!”Regina snaps.

“Oh Regina.. You're not a burden for having a simple medical condition.. You're aware of that right? Even though you may have something, it'll be dangerous if you just ignore it! You could fully faint, or even worse.. Go into a coma..”Melvin explains. 

“Whatever.. Let's just try our luck at defeati-” Regina gets cut off by PZK’S screech. “PZK..”

All the spy ninjas either grab a stun weapon, a mirror, or a fan.

Chad, Vy, Vivi, and Sav all turn on their fans while CJ, Daniel, and Lydia use their mirrors to reflect the lasers. Regina, Melvin, and Aurora all approach PZK as the others do behind them.

“Seems somebody wants to battle… Savannah..” Pzk taunts.

“THAT'S IT! I'M DONE WITH YOU FREAKING DEADNAMING ME!” Sa snaps, and uses his stun tonfa to try and stun PZK. 

Sav successfully stuns PZK but it just makes PZK stronger. The lights flick out and Sav hears a scream from Daniel and regina.

“MOM! DAD!” sav yells, starting to freak out.

The lights come back on and everyone but Sav is knocked out.

“What the h*ll did you do to them!” Sav snaps.

“Oh sav.. You don't see..we defeated them..” PZK says.

“You're lying! Stop! Stop! STOP IT!” sav yells.

Sav’s POV

I jumped out of my bed, screaming. Regina immediately ran to my room, panicked.

“OMG ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” Regina yells, starting to freak out.

“I-Im scared! I don't want you guys to get hurt like in my dream..” i say.

“ What dream sweetheart?” Regina asks, confused.

“That PZK came and killed all of us!” I yell.

“It's just a dream sweetheart.. It's just a dream,” Regina attempts to comfort me.

And that's that. Regina calms Sav down and they all go on with their lives.

Thanks for reading guys!


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