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A New Beginning || slow updates

December 27, 2021
By Anonymous

The author's comments:

The early chapters are from when I was younger. Also this is an interactive storie and the polls for it are on my twitter.

You awoke in a strange place with no memory. Deciding to look around you get up and being walking away from what you assume once was a tree, but now was just a peace of chard wood. As you look around you realize that the place is in shambles, the building's are destroyed and appear abandoned, the ground is littered with dust and items that might have belonged to people once. From what you can tell no-one has been here for years and it leads you to wonder why you are.

A few Au's away nightmares gang and the stars were fighting. Well actually it was just dream and nightmare who where fighting, the others were just watching. Suddenly the two stopped staring at one another knowing that the other could sense it; the balance had shifted dramatically. They could tell it was because of dreamtale. Looking at one another they nodded and teleported away, leaving the others confused.

When the two of them arrived they set out searching.

You where just walking around when suddenly you heard something crash to the ground scaring you. Upon hearing the sound you ran around a corner, crashing into something no SOMEONE. When you open your eyes you see a yellow gloved hand and a black tentacle extended.

*You decide to take the tentacle.

Upon taking the tentacle you feel the negativity of the person wash over you like a wave. This however doesn't alarm you it instead confers you, it makes you feel as if you are seeing a old friend, maybe you have meet this person before?

"thank you!" you say in a grateful tone after getting to your feet. You realize now that the person in front of you is in fact a skeleton, now that you notice this you also relies both of them are skeletons. The one that looks like a emo octopus replies "whatever". The one that looks like a yellow and blue marshmallow said "brother be nice, any way I'm dream".

Just then the others appeared and walked over. "Who's this" chirped a small blueberry like skeleton. "Oh this is- wait i never got your name" dream replied. You spoke in a quiet voice and said " i-i-i don't remember-" only to fall to the ground and black out.

(Time skipy because author is lazy)

When you come to you are in a strange room. Just then the door opened to reveal  a skeleton with black goop coming out of their eyes. The skeleton looked shocked and called out " guys she's awake"!  A bunch of other skeletons walked into the room, one looked like a walking Oreo, a dust coated one, the one with black goop come out of their eyes, anther one witched looked like a giant error. One with a hole in their scale, and lastly the one you presumed was 'nightmare'. "What's your name kid" asked Nightmare. "what" you asked only for the glitch to ask "hE @§k€d wμAt y¤r n@M w@§". You responded with "i-i don't know". "Can we name name her, boss" asked the one with black goop. "Whatever" replied nightmare.

After saying that he walked out of the room leaving you with the others. Someone suddenly shouted "star fall!" scaring you. When you look over the others are looking at killer who responded with "star fall that should be her name". You pipe up and say "i like it".

The others agree that it's a ok name and then they perused to help you get out of bed, despite your body's protests to leave the silk sheets. Once out of bed you relies just how weak you are. "Lets get you something to eat, dust help her" chirps killer to which dust unwillingly obligates.

After getting down to the dining room you see the table is loaded with French toast, bagels, pancakes, eggs, sausage, baken, orange juice, chocolate milk, apple juice and even more.

(time skip because author is getting tired of copy pasting the chapters from her amino page)

After eating cross speaks up "you know i just realized we never introduced ourselves". They then go onto introduce themselves. The dust coated one which you leaned ironically was named dust asked "so........who's going to show star fall around?"  the others persuaded to share a look and then stop to look at you.

You begin to feel slightly uncomfortable with them staring at you so you quickly spoke "how 'bout killer?" After saying this the others walk out of the room muttering things, only a few of which you can catch. One of the things you could catch came from error "i£ ¥¤u n€€d @n¥th¡Ωg ju§t @§k". The other thing was from horror who said "at least i don't have to".

Killer helped you up from your chair and the two of you then set off down the hall. Killer was pointing out different rooms such as the thrown room, kitchen, living room, and etc..

Suddenly you gripped your head as pain shot through it. Killer was beside you in a matter of seconds holding you up from the floor, which you where only a few inches from having apparently fallen. You could tell he was talking but you couldn't hear anything, however this didn't concern you. You were more focused on the images that clouded your vision. They all contained a boy in purple and the boy who you think was named dream.

You hadn't noticed but you had begun to hyperventilate and a purplish gray liquid begin to leak from your eyes, killer evidently realized it was DT that was overflowing. Killer was panicking so he did the first thing that came to mind "error!" Just as error ran around the corner you blacked out in killer's arms.

You where reading a book like usual when dream asked "night, wanna come play with me and the villagers"? "Maybe next time you go ahead though" you say trying not to show the fear you felt. Dream nodded and ran down the hill. Once he was out of sight shadows began to fall upon you and to your dismay before you stood your bullies, and as you prepared your self for what was to come the first blow connected with your stomach.

You awoke spring up to a siting position in a cold sweat. At the foot of the bed sat killer and error, who were startled by your sudden movement. Error evidently spoke in a concerned tone " wμ@t'§ wr¤Ωg"?

Feeling like you can trust theme you preceded to tell them about the dream.

It remain silent for a minute, causing you to doubt your choice to tell them. "I shouldn't have said anyt-" you began to say only for killer to interrupt you "no, no it's ok"!

"We just are thinking of what to say"

"¡tμiNk wE ΩeeD t£ГГ the B¤§s," error spoke "h£ W¤Гd w¤Ω+ T¤ h€Ar Tμ¡§"

So after getting out of the bed the three of you set out to find nightmare. Although you didn't know it that DT attack was only the first.

When you arrived at nightmare's office you were told to wait in the living room down the hall. To this order you complied.

Wail waiting horror walked into the room covered in some red liquid that upon site made you feel a little sick.

*you decide to ask about the familiar liquid

"Horror what's that red stuff your covered in," you ask evidently regretting it.

"Oh, its blood" he replied.

Just then killer and error walked into the room. "Boss is ready" killer said.

"Good luck" error piped and with that you entered nightmares office, which you would come to learn was feared by the others, but for you was a safe haven.

Nightmare had apparently been told about the 'nightmare' and was shocked to say little. After a while of talking ,and you learning he could see dreams, he said something that you didn't expect.

"Do you like to read, if so would you like to come to my personal library?"

*you chose to accept

"Id love to," you respond.

Standing up and walking around the desk he offered his hand, "shall we than" and with that the two of you leave the office.

After a while you relies that the hall you venture down is unfamiliar, whether its from you fainting during the tour or you just not knowing your way around, you have no idea.

The hall was decorated with portraits of people and podiums that held flower vases so it was rather plan. One portrait did catch your attention, it was that of a green skinned women with white eyes. For some reason she felt familiar.
You where pulled from your thoughts as nightmare pulled open a pair of mahogany doors, With the room no longer obscured you could see the room beyond.

The library was a circular room that posed shelf's which reached the sealing, a fireplace against the back wall, sofas and chair's spread out with side tables, and the sealing which was extended 80 feet above appeared to look like the night sky.
The most intriguing detail was the tapestry above the fireplace mental, it depicted dream and a boy in purple resting against a yellow and black apple tree.

* you decide to ask about the tapestry

"Nightmare what's up with the tapestry," you ask mumbling, "the purple one reminds me of someone for some reason," at the end.

"Hmm?" he hummed in response. After registering the question he spoke, in a tone that clearly told you he was hiding something, "it's nothing, just a depiction of a old story".

"Oh that's cool," you resounded telling that the tapestry was connected to unstable ground.

After a few minutes of silence passed between the two of you, nightmare broke it "Anyway, why don't you pick something, you can choose anything".

*You decide to let nightmare chose.


"How about...you...choose something?"

A look of shook flashed over Nightmare face Before he regained his composer. It was like no-one had ever asked him to chose something.

"Well in that case I recommend this one," He said walking over to the self next to you. Pulling a dark blue book with gold on the spin, he turned to you, "This is one of my favorites".

Taking hold of it you realize it's a mythology book. "Thank you," you say.


"What was it."

What? What is he talking about?

"Earlier, Killer and Error told me what happened, I want to know what it was."

Griping the book you stay quiet. how where you supposed to answer when you yourself didn't know what happened?

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