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Dreamcast 2: Lucid Nightmare

November 24, 2019
By Grace5150, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Grace5150, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
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Grace becomes lucid and meets a subconscious entity of Jack Frost. They fall in love and meet every day in dreams. But little does Grace know that Jack’s “love” is fake and that he is just using her because he wants to become Santa Clause in Scott Calvin’s place in order to become High Head of Grace’s subconscious. Eventually, this does happen and he starts taking over Grace’s life (by making her sin, lie, pout, etc) Grace gives up hope for the rest of her unconscious mind, until Frost’s past Inner Self appears to Grace at night as a hallucination and encourages her. At this, Grace decides to finally pay a visit to Christmas Eve in the ‘now’...


Dreamcast 2: Lucid Nightmare

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