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May 14, 2016
By SxmmyHiii, Landing, New Jersey
SxmmyHiii, Landing, New Jersey
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Therapy was nothing but hell for Ashton; waste every Thursday of his life stuck in a therapist office talking about the things he knows are wrong with him? No thanks. Therapy was the one thing that consumed 90% of Ashton's time and he couldn't hate it anymore than he does now.

Things couldn't get any worse, right? Wrong.
How about this: having to waste every Thursday of your summer in a therapy program that forces one to spend their only time away from school with someone they don't know.

Yeah, sounds fun right? Not for Ashton


Especially when your partner is nothing but a kid who can't open up about anything. Feelings, thoughts, even what they do on a day to day basis.

Ashton and his partner are forced together for the next three months trying to figure out themselves while trying to figure out their feelings towards each other.
This was going to be one memorable summer vacation.

Sammy A.


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