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Chinese Civil War

December 20, 2013
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
I awoke inside the car, we were sinking in the ocean in Baku. There was water dripping on my face and everything seemed to be moving very slow. Irish and Pac are struggling to get Dunn out of his seat because he was stuck in-between two seats.
Irish begins to panic saying, “The set won’t budge, and you’re pinned.”
Then Dunn says, “The worst thing we can do in a situation like this is panic.”
The squad and I hear a loud crack, we all turn around to see that the front windshield is beginning to crack because of the pressure.
Dunn then says to me, “Recker, take my gun. It’s yours now.”
Irish yells, “What are you thinking Dunn? What are you thinking?”
Dunn then tells me to shoot out the window to save ourselves.
Irish yells at me, “Don’t do it!”
Dunn then yells, “Shoot the window, that’s an order!”
Irish yells again, “Don’t you do it Recker!”
“Shoot out the window, or you’ll all die!” yells Dunn.
I shot the window.
13:40 Minutes Earlier
I made it to the safe house where I am supposed to meet the rest of the squad. I check my weapon for ammo only to find that I have ran out. The safe house was an old abandoned school. The water pipes were broken flooding the hallway floors. There were cracks in the walls and ceilings with chunks of concrete missing. The lockers were old and rusty and the paint on the walls and doors were chipping off as well. As I walk up the stairs to the second floor of the school I enter a room with a massive hole in the floor. I heard voices, I stopped in my tracks so they wouldn’t see me if they looked up. There were two Russian soldiers walking through the building. They were talking about something, but I didn’t know what, because I couldn’t understand them. After they left I proceeded to find the rest of my squad in the building. As I leave the room, I saw the Russian soldiers open the door to the next room. I am grabbed by my vest and had a gun pointed to my face. It was Pac,
“Drop it” says Pac
“Wow Recker, I almost shot you in the face.”

Then another door opens, Pac and I both turn around pointing our guns at the door. Dunn then comes quickly in the room shutting the door behind him.
“Easy up Pac. Where have you been?” says Dunn
Pac then says, “After the hand off went pear shaped, I came right here.”
“They were Russians right? Spec-Ops? One second they’re there, the next they’re not.” Asks Pac gasping to get every last word.
“Take deep breaths, son. You got the intel?” Asks Dunn
“Yeah, yeah, got it” Replies Pac
“Nice play” Dunn says complimenting Pac
Dunn then realizes that it is already daylight and that the squad has to reach the extraction point. He asks Pac and I if we have seen Irish.
“I thought he was with you.” Implies Pac
“I’m breaking radio silence. Tombstone three, Tombstone actual, what’s your 20?” Dunn says radioing Irish.
Irish radio`s back “Tombstone actual, inbound from the north. Coming in hot! Requesting cover fire on my retreat!”
Dunn replies, “Clean copy, Irish. We got you.”
Dunn then tells me to to get ready to back up Irish. Pac shows me an ammo crate for me to get ammo. I take as much as I can so that I won’t run out again. Dunn then tells me to take a window and get ready to cover Irish. As I look through the window I see Irish burst through a store window with two attack dogs chasing behind him. As he lands on the ground one of the dogs gets a hold of Irish. Irish manages to shoot the dog killing it, then the second dog comes in from behind him and jumps on his back. Irish falls to the ground and then rolls over letting him be on top of the dog giving him the advantage. As Irish is wrestling the dog he throws his weapon on the ground, then punches the dog as hard as he can in the face.
Then the Russian Spec-Ops come rushing in, two of them come through an alley way in between the store and a house. We told Irish to get a cover as we took out the two soldiers, as we take out the two soldiers two more come rushing from the store Irish was just in. I shoot one of them getting a clear headshot I reload my weapon and take out the next soldier with another headshot. We think that there are no more soldiers coming but we thought wrong. Two more soldiers came running down another alley way. These soldiers were a bit smarter than the other four, they took cover behind two cars in front of the truck Irish was taking cover behind. I had to think of a way to take them out quickly before they got to Irish because I couldn’t see them. Then I got a brilliant, but risky idea, I threw a grenade under each of the cars the Russian soldiers were hiding behind hoping that they would blow up letting the explosion kill them. The risky part is that the truck Irish was hiding behind could also explode too killing Irish. Luckily the explosion didn’t spread, it killed the two Spec-Ops soldiers, and Irish was safe. We give Irish the all clear and pull Irish up through the window in the the building we were in.
“Tombstone. On the move!” commands Dunn as he opens the door the the next room in the building.
Dunn then radios in, that we are making our way to the extraction point to the helicopter pilot. As we walk down the hallway we entered what seems to be a courtyard of the school. The courtyard rubble all over the ground, there was graffiti on every wall, and in the middle of it there was a giant deep crack that had planks of wood over it so you could get across. All of a sudden two doors swing open and in one door one Russian Spec-Ops soldier walks through and in the other two more soldiers walk in the courtyard. Luckily they didn’t see us so as soon as they stopped walking and got to their positions the squad and I quickly took them out. We jump down from the ledge we were on into the courtyard and as we jump down there was an explosion that came from a wall in the courtyard. We quickly took cover and get ready to see who we were going to meet. We saw three Russian soldiers come running in shooting at us as they were getting to cover. Our squad quickly engaged at them and the fight was over very quickly.
As I moved up and got more cover to reload my weapon I heard another explosion. It came from inside the school and then seven soldiers came rushing through. It took a while for us to take them all out since it was four against seven, but we still managed to do it. We wait for a minute to see if anyone else would make another big entrance, but we managed to clear out the building of all enemies. As we walk through the school trying to look for a way out we reach a dead end.
Then Dunn says “This is our way out. Recker, check that crate for explosives.”
I walk over to the crate and find some C4 explosives and a grenade launcher.
“Alright make it sing” says Dunn
I place the C4 explosives on the wall and took a step back. I press the trigger on the remote and blew the wall up. We walk through the wall and entered a forest like environment, we run through the forest and at the end of the forest
“Tombstone actual, this is Firebird 2-1. We’re inbound. What’s your position over?” radios the helicopter pilot
Dunn replies, “Good to her you Hawkins. We are making progress.”
Hawkins tells Dunn, “Get your guys up on that roof. Don’t keep me waiting.”

As I’m about to move on Dunn stops me and tells me to scan the area for enemies. He gives me a PLD which was a Personal Laser Designator. It is an inferred binocular that shows enemies and enemy vehicles so we know what we are running into.
Pac yells, “That’s the building!”
Irish comments, “That’s more like half a building”
The extraction point was an old factory that was half destroyed.
Dunn says to me, “Alight. Hawkins was reading hostile movement. You see them?
I reply, “Yes. There are four enemies just ahead of us”
“Alright. You ready to go, Recker?” asks Dunn
“Ready.” I reply
We run down a hill into an old construction site that was partly flooded because of the rain and had concrete pillars that weren’t complete. We sneak up close to the enemies making sure that we don’t get spotted. Once we were close I took the first shot at one of the enemies, then the squad laid down suppressive fire while I took out the other three enemies. While I was about to take out the last guy I ran out of ammo in my mag and had to reload. I took cover behind a concrete block and reloaded my weapon. When I finished and looked back up to reengage the enemy I saw him running away further down the construction site. We chase him down only to find out he went to go and join the reinforcements that were sent.
Then the extraction helicopter comes in to help us out as we try to get the the extraction point. Hawkins warns us that there are multiple enemies ahead, as we engaged the enemy the extraction helicopter help us out by getting a machine gunner to take out the targets. As we are half way through the fight a light armoured buggy comes charging in and on top of the buggy is a mounted machine gun. He starts to fire at us while the squad and I scramble to find better cover. Once I found a more solid cover spot I began to focus only on the machine gunner. I aim my gun carefully so that I can take him out with one headshot. I fire and get him straight in the forehead, the rest of the squad congratulates me as they are taking care of the rest of the enemies. Once we defeated that wave of enemies we pushed up further up the construction site. When we were running down to the next part of the construction site it seemed empty. I took out my PLD and scan the area nothing came up. We slowly and cautiously moved up expecting for a surprise attack. As we got further down the construction site we saw an enemy truck appear. Then six enemies jump out of the truck and run to a building that was barely completed. Next to that small building was a very tall concrete pillar with a lot of gas tanks underneath it. I came up with another brilliant idea, I threw a grenade over by the gas tanks making them explode. The explosion then caused the pillar to collapse onto the building causing the building to collapse as well.
As the dust settles and the rumble has stopped shifting we made sure that there was no one still alive. We began to push towards to what seems to be a tunnel entrance to the other side of the construction site, but as we were about to enter, two enemy trucks pull up and soldiers began jumping out and taking cover. We ran and took cover behind one of the enemy trucks they left behind. They began to engage so we returned fire. There were bullets flying everywhere bullets coming from us, the enemy, and the helicopter. There were explosions going off too, the helicopter was using the mini guns, the helicopter had to take out the enemy trucks by blowing them up. It killed some enemies and it also prevented them from getting into them and driving off for back up. We managed to take care of the little sneak attack they tried to plan and continued into the tunnel. The tunnel wasn’t very long it was less than 100 meters long. At the end of the tunnel there was another ammo create for us to refill our weapons. We exit the tunnel to the other side of the construction site. On this side there is a lot of big pipelines, and it seemed very quiet. We slowly walked down a small steep hill that was connected to the tunnel. Then the enemies popped out of their hiding spots and began shooting at us. We ran to take cover behind a thick metal fence that would protect us from bullets. Underneath a pipeline were some big gas tanks, I knew if I blew those gas tanks up it would kill everyone that was around that area. I began shooting at the gas tanks waited until they explode. The explosion was massive it took out everyone that was on the right side of the pipelines.
Once the enemies saw the explosion they called in reinforcements and in no time another truck pulled up and more soldiers hoping out and running to cover. I thought to myself now I need a new plan on how I could quickly take out the left side. I looked around to see if there was any places that could give me an advantage. Then my second plan came to me, I still had some C4 left over and it was enough to kill the rest of the enemies. I noticed there was a walkway right on top of the pipeline and I knew exactly what to do. I will go onto that walkway and drop the C4 from above my enemies and they would never see it coming. I run up onto the walkway, but there were two enemies up there. So I quietly pulled out my knife to go for the silent kill. I go up behind the first guy and pull his shoulder so that he turned around. I then stabbed him in the neck and went onto the next guy, but this time I did it quickly by just covering his mouth and stabbing him from behind. Now that the walk way was clear I began dropping the C4. I dropped five C4 explosives not too far apart from each other so that the explosion would be connected. I then ran back down to the metal fence where my squad mates were still fighting off the enemy.

Irish yelled at me saying “Where were you! We are starting to lose this gun fight!”
I replied, “You will see”
I pulled the trigger on the C4 and everything blew up it killed all the enemies and the pipeline even collapsed.
Irish grins at me and says, “How do you always come up with plans so quickly?”
I replied, “I don’t know. I just happens like that”
After we took out everyone at the pipelines we pushed up to the factory entrance. The entrance was a giant hole in the side of the building. Inside the factory there was debris everywhere and there were plants growing inside the building.
As we are running through Pac says, “This rickety old place creeps me out.”
Irish replies, “Yep, does a real bad job reminding me of home.”
We reach an old elevator that was in the building.
Irish asks, “Is this the best way up?”
Dunn quickly replies, “It’s the fastest. No time to explore any options.”
Then Irish and Pac start making jokes of how luxurious it will be when they get to the top. Dunn tells them to be quite and keep their eyes peeled.
As we were going up the elevator Hawkins radio Dunn saying, “Tombstone actual, radar’s lighting up. You got hostile air.”

Then a second after she says that an enemy helicopter appears and begins shooting rockets at us. Then the elevator begins to start plummeting to the ground, but luckily our squad fell out backwards onto the second floor of the factory. We are sprinting through the factory while the helicopter is shooting rockets at us. Things are beginning to fall apart, the walkway we were running on was about to collapse. We kept on running till we reached the concrete steps that led to the top floor, which was much safer, and then we took a minute to catch our breaths. The top floor had no cover what so ever and the windows were massive. The only option we had was to make a full sprint from the stairs to the roof. As we are running through rockets are roaring past us and exploding like crazy. Once we reach the end of the top floor the roof caved in over the steps because of all the explosions, but luckily it made a ramp for us to run up and get to the roof. Once we were on the roof we saw the extraction helicopter with pilot Hawkins. We thought we were going to make it, but as soon as we got close to the helicopter the enemy helicopter fires a rocket at the roof causing it to cave in, but not all the way that we were back on the top floor.
The helicopter begins to lose control and the helicopter is about to go on its side. We had the helicopter blades about to cut us to pieces and I and Dunn are frantically crawling backwards to avoid the blades. The helicopter regains control and takes off leaving us on the roof then one of the smoke stacks begins to fall onto the roof. It completely destroys the roof sending us down to the top floor. We land on the top floor and there are two Russian soldiers there, I thought to myself what I am going to do. Then as soon as I thought that the building begins to collapse on us. I see Dunn as I am sliding down with the rubble and we both try and grab each other’s hand, but we were too far apart to reach. I am about to fall out of the building, but at the last second I grab onto the side of the building. I am hanging there holding on for my life then I see our extraction helicopter get hit and on fire. Then Dunn come flying out of the building, but this time I managed to grab his hand. Now Dunn and I are hanging off of the building while parts of the building is falling off all around us. Then the ledge I was holding onto broke loose and we began falling to the ground. Everything goes black, I woke up with debris all over me and I saw Irish and Pac rushing over to get us out. Irish runs over to me to dig me out.
“You okay man?” Irish asks
“I’m fine, just a little shocked.” I replied
“Pac any signs of Hawkins or the rest of the crew?” Irish asked Pac
“No one survived that.” Replies Pac
“Get Dunn away from the wreckage!” yells Irish
“I can’t, he’s buried!” Pac franticly replies
“Try I’m over here digging up Recker.” Irish says back
“Arrgghh, my leg!” Dunn yells as Irish is helping me up out of the wreckage
“Oh man, Oh man.” Pac yells
“His leg looked like a popped sausage!” Irish yells
“You’re gonna be fine Dunn, You’re gonna be okay, man. We’re gonna get you out.” Pac says to calm down Dunn
“Pac, the fuel!” Irish yells
There was fire right beside where Dunn was laying from the helicopter exploding and now the fuel is catching fire and is getting closer to him.
“Yeah, I know. I know.” Pac replies
Then all of a sudden a civilian car pulls up. The driver gets out saying he can help us, but Irish told him to go because there was too much danger.
Dunn then calls me over, “Recker, I need your knife.”
“What for Staff Sergeant?” Asks Pac
“Gotta cut the leg!” Dunn tells me
“Gotta do what?” Pac replies in shock
“Recker, come here!” Dunn says. I walk closer to him so that I am kneeling beside him.
“A wolf stuck in a trap will chew its own leg off to survive.” Dunn then says
“Come on, the bone’s powder, just flesh and uniform keeping me here.” Dunn says trying to convince me.
“Do it! Cut it now!” Dunn says as I am placing the knife under his leg. I cut his leg, Dunn begins scream in pain then passes out.
“We gotta go!” says Irish.
“Is he dead?” asks Pac wondering if he was still alive.
“He’s not dead he’s just passed out.” Replies Irish answering Pac’s question.
“You’re the combat lifesaver, man. You should know this, Pac” says Irish doubting Pac.
Pac’s excuse was, “It was like a three hour course!”
As they were dragging Dunn into the car the civilian left behind an explosion goes off knocking me to the ground. We look up to see that the helicopter that caused all this was back.
“Incoming! Down, down!” Says Pac warning us the the helicopter was coming back again.
“Let’s go, let’s go!” Irish yells as they pick up Dunn and begin carrying him to the car.
Chopper’s coming back around. Let’s go!” Irish warning us to hurry up as we are hurrying into the car.
“Come on! In! You’re gonna be ok Dunn!” Pac says to Dunn as Irish and him are placing Dunn in the car.
I step into the driver’s seat and start the car and begin speeding out of the wreckage area. We smash through a fence and begin speeding through the construction site looking for a way out. We find the main road and begin speeding through as fast as we can to get away from the helicopter.
“Fortress, this is Tombstone, our evac is gone. Need another way out. Do you copy?” Says Irish as he is radioing the navy warship that they were deployed from.
Garrison the commander of the vessel replies “Tombstone, Fortress is tracking you. Secondary extraction on route. Follow the road three clicks west.”
Which meant three kilometres west.
“Copy Fortress. On route. Where’s the chopper.” Irish asks Pac
“Don’t know I’m looking.” Replies Pac
Dunn comes back to consciousness and says, “Oh no, my leg. My wife is gonna kill me.”
Pac then says “Dunn, breath slowly, you’ll be fine. We’ll get you home. You’re gonna be fine.”
Dunn then tells Pac “If the Intel we got is right about Admiral Chang and the Russians working together, then none of us are going home.”
“Anyone hear music playing?” Asks Dunn.
“Just hang in there! Speed up, Recker! Dunn’s going into shock!” Pac demands.
“Here it comes!” Pac yells as the helicopter returns, shooting rockets right in front of the car.
“Recker, can we shake it?” Pac asks.
“I don’t know, but I will try” I tell Pac.
“Not likely” Irish says too
As we are driving we were getting close to the ocean and we entered a tunnel with a cut out side with the view of the ocean.
“Where is it? Where did it go? You see it?” Irish asks in a panicky tone of voice.
“Didn’t see where the heck it went.” Replies Pac.
“There, I see it! Get ready!” Irish warns us.
“Speed up!” Yells Pac
The helicopter begins shooting again. Explosions of the rockets are going off all around us.
“That was too close!” Says Pac relieved
“Step on it!” Commands Irish
“This is as fast as it will go!” I say back to Irish
The helicopter comes back and begins to hover right in front of us shooting its rockets at us.
“It’s lining up!” Pac yells.
One of the rockets hits right in front of the car and I lost control
“Oh no!” Yells Irish as he takes the wheel for me regaining control of the car.
“Burn those guys!” Yells Irish as he is handing me a grenade launcher to shoot at the helicopter.
I take the grenade launcher and open the car door. I then lean out of the car door lining up my shot and also getting ready to shoot. The only thing that was going through my mind at that moment was don’t miss. If I did miss then we would end up dead. I took the shoot. It hits dead on the cockpit of the helicopter and then it flies straight past us and blows up in front of us. It hurdles to the ground blocking off the road. I make a quick left turn trying to avoid the helicopter and then we end up driving into the ocean. I brace for impact once we hit the water. After I shot the window Irish, Pac, and I swim up to shore. I look at Dunn one last time holding his gun tightly in my hand. I will never forget Dunn he was the best squad leader I knew. Everyone will be saddened once they hear the news.

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