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Dusted up

December 12, 2012
By JazmineStalksCats, owensboro, Kentucky
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JazmineStalksCats, Owensboro, Kentucky
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“Me? Die? Didn't they tell you, princess? I'm Robin Goodfellow.”
― Julie Kagawa, The Iron King

Author's note: I was inspired by another fan fiction writer and of course the movie with Jeremy sumpter in it and the original 1953 version.

The author's comments:
Magic is the gate to happiness

I greet the moon and stars again tonight like I had for 16 years. Sitting there I gaze at its beauty and light tint it gives to the stars and its other surroundings.
Reluctantly getting up I cross over to the other side of the room and stand on edge as I hear my sister Sarah squealing to be held.
"Celeste!" Mother shouts from down the hall, "Take care of Sarah for me."
Slipping on my robe just to make my way unwillingly to the door. I let my eyes trail down the hall towards the screaming child's room then back again to the plain white wall in front of me. Feeling as if someone's watching me I turn to peer over my shoulder, but all I find is an empty space along with my window that has the bench that I sit in almost every night.
We recently moved to London after my father was sent away to war once again while also being the closest place we could get to him. I’m the oldest out of two, and somewhere in the world I have a half brother. Another moment later and my mother comes tromping down the hall giving me a cross look. Her usually pale face is now a dark crimson color as she continues on down past me to Sarah’s room.
"I asked you to do one simple thing and for you that is one of the most hardest things to do." She mumbles opening the door to get to Sarah.
"Sorry!" I try shouting over the screams but I doubt she heard me. Shutting my door I cross over to the bench and bring my gaze to one of the brightest stars out there; It’s the second one on the right. I imagine that it's the prettiest and let my creativity run wild and fierce so I’m content for a few moments.
"Do you ever feel like your so small no ones going to notice you?" I ask knowing there’s not going to be a reply. The star dims as if it’s talking back to me and I blink once. "Or do you get jealous of others?"
It seems to get closer and closer but I’m not sure what’s going on. Rubbing my eyes I take a second look and notice the star is getting nearer, It's almost as if I can reach out and touch it. I know it seems crazy but for a minute there it didn't looks so much like a star more or less like a tiny person.
"I'm just crazy that’s all." Mumbling I trudge over to my bed and turn off the light while yawning. "Goodnight Luna." I call to the moon thinking if she were to talk of what she would say. Goodnight lovely or goodnight sweet Celeste or sweet dreams my pretty. My thoughts were interrupted abruptly by the sound of my window being shoved all the way open. I close my eyes while holding my breath hoping its just all in my head but I know its not when I hear footsteps on the hardwood floor. Sighing I retrieve the nearest thing I could (my lamp of all things) and hide it under my covers. When the intruder makes there way over towards me I squeeze my eyes shut and jump up.
"Get out of my house!" I shout while raising my weapon over my head just to meet the head of the other person. The person cried out and fell to the ground motionless. A faint light floated under what looked like a hat on top of the intruder’s head. My curiosity got the best of me so I picked up the hat unknowingly. The light grew brighter as it got closer and as my eyes adjusted I saw the light was the tiny person I had seen before. She was so little and delicate looking that I thought if I touched her she would disintegrate. Her face was flushed from her bumpy ride and she looked down at the person. I could soon make out his features; reddish hair, a green tunic, and he looked the same age as me. As his eyes opened I shrieked and hit him over the head once again. Trying to prop him up the tiny girl was pulling on his nose.
"Stop." I tried to brush her off but she just kept coming back again almost as if she was trying to get him away from me.
"Tinker bell." The boy murmurs sleep like. So the girl's name must be tinker bell I think to myself, she shines brighter while her face has a look of alarm. Turning towards me she pulls my hair motioning me to get away from the boy.
"Shoo little one." I slap her away and she falls to the ground. I pay her no attention since mine is drawn back to the boy who is now looking around confused. Jumping back I hold on tighter to the lamp just to secure my safety. Tinker bell still on the ground points up to me and flies up to the boys ear moving his head in the direction mine is facing. I raise the lamp again in a stance to protect myself.
"Wh-who are you and what d-do you want." I stammer out.
"I should be asking you that and what reason do you have for beating me over the head with a," He gives a confused look at the lamp I have in my hand. "Whatever that is!" I gave him a cross look and glanced at the door. If my mother found out a boy of all people were in my room at this time of night I would never hear the end of it.
"What in the world are you talking about, your the stranger climbing through my window and now going through my things." I raise my voice trying my hardest not to scream. "You're a fool if you think you can sneak into my room without paying for it." The boy stands up at this and gives me a look of concern.
"A fool." He shakes his head. "My dear lady a fool I am not thank you very much. I was out chasing that stupid shadow wherever it has gotten too." I look at him as if he's delusional. What did he take me for as if I would believe him but then again I just had seen a tiny person a creature out of this world.
"You're just a delusional person trying to make fun of me so get out of my house." I push him over towards the window hoping he'll come back from wherever it is he had come from. The boy’s eyes sweep over the room and rested on mine.
"I seem to be mistaken." He frowns and the turns towards the window looking crest fallen as if he was sure that his shadow had found its way in here. I glance around my room stupidly as if the shadow would really appear. Out of the corner of my eye I see the unmistakable outline of the boy picking up the shadows of other things.
"Wait." I pull on his shirt and point over towards the outlined figure. "Is Th-that wh-what you're talking ab-about?"
His eyes instantly light up at the thought of seeing it and he launches over towards the wall. The shadow moves over towards mine and sits cross-legged on my shadows head, all the while the real boy goes crashing into my wall face first. I shrink back and can’t stand to hear the crash for the fear of my mother or sister waking up from in her own room. I turn back to the boy and give him a fierce look. He was crouching in position to give it another try.
"That’s enough Mr. you can't just sneak into my home and start making a ruckus because you're looking for your shadow because somehow someway you let it go!" I shout at him knowing my mother will be in here at any second if I keep yelling.
"Well I’m not going to be a mister anytime soon I am the one and only Peter pan." He stands up to straighten himself just to take a bow.
"Yes now leave before I beat you over the head again with my lamp."
"Wait I’m pretty sure a boy who can fly and accompanied by a pixie is interesting for your kind am I right?" He starts hovering in mid air and goes to take the place of where his shadow is still above my head cross-legged. It does seem intriguing but just telling him that would make him even more cocky and annoying.
"Honestly if I was interested in you instead of beating you over the head I would have invited you in." I shake my head while tsking him as if he's a child. He glowers for a few seconds and returns back down to my side.
"Oh really I’m not interesting enough for you watch this, Tinker bell." He calls to the small pixie creature. She flits up next to his ear and turns her attention to him. While whispering something suspicious into her ear she smiles like whatever he’s saying is a good idea so in an instant she's beside me more like all around me dropping glitter while I watch it absorb into my skin. Gasping I reach out trying to snatch her while stopping it but I end up tripping over my own two feet just to face plant into the wooden floor. I hear him laughing at me and look up face flushed with anger. I push myself up but instead of standing I’m somehow floating. Panicking I try to grab hold of something, just to let the thing float up with me I start shrieking for him to put me down and get out.
“Calm down you’ll be alright.” He continues to laugh and give me a cheeky smile like a childish little boy.
“Calm down you want me to calm down!” I almost scream but catch myself still floating to the ceiling. “How can I possibly calm down when I’m, I’m flying!” Giving him a look of disbelief I try to shift my weight towards the ground just to float back up again. Hitting the ceiling I cry out in shock from how high I am.
“Plea-please get m-me do-down.” I stammer, most of the words not making there way out from my mouth. Tinker bell, the creature, giggles at my fear and hovers beside me pulling me by the ears. I clench my eyes shut as lusty arms wrap around my waist.
“Better?” He asks, I feel the weight of the floor underneath my feet once again so I open my eyes just to stare straight into his big brown ones. Nodding I close my eyes once again just to take deep breaths so I can regain saneness once again. I blink once more and our faces are inches apart.
“Ok that’s enough buddy boy now get out of my house.” I unwrap his arms around my waist and push him over towards the window.
“Well before I’m off may I at least know your name?” He ponders giving me the cheeky smile. I give him a cross look and examine him again trying to figure out if its such a good idea.
“It’s Celeste.” I sigh crossing my arms. He nods and pats my head.
“I like it what a sweet name.”
“Yeah now if you don’t excuse me I need rest, sleep and you’re the one keeping me away from it.” Still trying to push him out the window he goes over easily.
“Fine but one more thing before I make my leave.” Giving me a serious look he stares down at me.
“Quickly, now what is it?” I ask hastily.
“May I visit you again?” He answers my question with a question. Puzzling over this I think of the possibilities that could happen; He comes back mother barges into the room, he comes back and takes me with him, he comes back and we have a good time, he comes back and wakes up my little brother. It’s a fifty, fifty chance but I’m willing to take it.
“Fine we shake on it.” I hold out my hand but instead of his to greet mine his lips meet my cheek. My face heats up and if I could see it I bet it would be the darkest shade of red there was. I push him out the window tinker bell trailing behind her. He turns and shouts something I can’t make out while waving. I hold my cheek and slam the window with my other hand. I trail over to my bed. Crazy boys who climb through windows chasing shadows, pixies actually exist, I CAN FLY! I squeeze my eyes shut hoping it’s just a dream but knowing it actually was reality. Pulling the covers over to my head I relax myself in a comfortable position enough to drift off. I wonder how long it will be till he returns? That question sent me off to my dreams.

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