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April 18, 2011
By Zaylie PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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The author's comments:
The dog flash back was inspired by my best friend's pit bull named Nessa, she used to defend me all the time. Though one day I yelled at my friend and the Nessa bite her. She's okay though, my friend, and Nessa now lives with my friends uncle.

1. “CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT AFTER THIS WE WILL BE GRADUATING?” SARAH ASKED ME, though I was kind of out of it. It wasn’t that I didn’t care what she had to say it was that I was too busy worrying about the exams that where coming up.
“No I can’t believe it either.” I said and opened the doors to our English class.
“Everyone quiet down. It’s time to start your tests. These will determine if you will graduate or not. So I hope you all studied for these, cause if you didn’t you might as well just walk out the door.” Miss. Ray said and started handing out the tests. “You all have two hours to finish this test. The first part is on grammar and punctuation. The second part is on creative writing. You will be given two choses to choose from. Pick one and write a short store about the topic. You may begin now.”
The two hours seemed to tick by as slowly as possible. I was just about done with my creative writing part when something hit me in the head. I turned around quickly and Eric had thrown a piece of paper at my head. I picked it up and handed it to Sarah.
I hated when they did this to me. Eric liked Sarah but she hated him a lot. So in that case I became the massager for Eric. Eric gave me a note I was supposed to read it and then later ask her about it. But having been doing this all I was sick of it. Though I think by this point anyone would be.
Sarah glared at me and then tore the note to pieces. I went back to trying to finish the short story I was supposed to be writing.
When I finished I looked at Sarah how was writing angrily. I had known Sarah since the beginning of second grade. I’d known Eric since fourth grade. When Sarah had first met him, she thought he was kind of cute. The only problem was that she decided she wanted to get to know him better, (not a good idea). Then Eric started to like her and Eric is a guy he decided to use one to many pick-up lines, (as Sarah likes to say), but I’m not sure if that’s true. And she got really mad and slapped him. He just thought that was even better.
I got up and left Sarah to her writing. The first thought that popped into my head was maybe she was writing about Eric as a unicorn and jumping off a cliff. Even though he was my friend I had to admit that that would be really funny.
I set the booklet on our teacher’s desk and then went to get my stuff to leave. Before I left I leaned over Sarah and said, “Meet you at Emily’s looker ‘kay?” She nodded and I left.

“Hey Em,” I said. Emily looked up at me startled. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Hey Alexander,” I smiled a little.
Alex was Sarah’s step brother. I know him as long as I have Sarah. I just didn’t see what Emily saw in him. He had the jet black seen hair that guys have these days. Emily had her long bleach blond hair down and straightened perfectly and her top layer that were short where sticking up behind her hair band. She and Sarah had the same hair cut just that Sarah’s what jet black. Emily had a few black streaks in it.
“It’s okay. Where’s Sarah?” Em asked me.
“Still testing, when I left she was mad. I told her to me us here. She nodded but I don’t know if she will. Eric chucked a note at me and I gave it to Sarah and she didn’t seem too happy about it.” I glared at Alex.
“I tried to talk to him, to get him to stop but he just shook it off.” Alex defended.
“She may not be your whole sister but don’t you think you could at least stick up for her every once in a while?” I snapped at him.
“I swear I try my best. I didn’t want to be her brother either. But I didn’t get a say in it either.”
“I get that, Alex but sometimes it seems like you don’t even try.” I said unlocking my locker that was across from Emily’s.
Most of my stuff that was in my locker was gone. I just had a few books for studying the exams that where today. I put them into my bag and took my lock off of my locker and walked over to sit next to Emily.
It was about ten minutes before Sarah came to find us. Eric was with her. And she was yelling at him. This was how it was, every day. It’s gotten to the point where me and Alex can whisper to each other what they are about to say before they say it.
“Sarah, give me a minute, please.” Eric pleaded.
I remembered that very well because it was at my house. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich with Sadie, my sister. Alex was talking to Emily; it was before they had gotten together. Sarah stayed at our house most of the time. I was supposed to be helping Eric study and Sarah was supposed to be doing a project in my room, (well our room.)
But she had come down for some water. And she ran into Eric. When this does happen, it’s not that bad, but this time it was horror movie.
Tina my pit-bull was in the kitchen with me and Sadie until she heard Sarah whine. Tina wasn’t aggressive at all. But that one time she was. She ran into the living room and growled at Eric. Eric didn’t notice and kept trying to kiss Sarah and she screamed. This was not a good idea because it made Tina defective and she bite Eric. It was more of a warning bite, because she didn’t break his skin.
Eric jumped back and hit Tina. She growled again baring her teeth. I walked in then pulling Sarah behind me and Tina trotted up to me and turned to face him and sat down at my feet.
Then I said, “Eric I think you should go.”
“Okay, good-bye.” He took a step towards us to give us a hug, but Tina wouldn’t have it she got ready to lung at him and growled. Eric put his hands up in surrender, making Tina relax a little. He slowly back up and grabbed his books.
As soon as he was out the door Tina calmed down and went over to Emily and Alex. She jumped up on the couch and lay down on their laps as she usually does.
Ever since then she won’t let Eric in if Sarah is anywhere near the house.
I shook my head trying to forget about that. Sarah and Eric where still fighting.
“BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!” I sighed and got up to go out to the parking lot.
“Where are you going Jay?” Emily asked my.
“I’m going to go see if Sadie is here yet. Em do you need a ride?” I asked.
“I do,” Eric said.
“I don’t think so!” Sarah hissed.
I rolled my eyes. “Tina’s in the car.”
“Crap,” Eric said under his breath.
“Jade can I have a ride?” Alex asked me.
“Yeah, Em are you coming or not?”
“I guess I will.” Emily said.
“Let’s go then.” I said. “Sorry Eric. But it’s your fault for getting on Tina’s bad side. And that’s hard to do.”

AS WE ALL PILLED INTO THE CAR TINA VERY HAPPILY GREATED ME AND SARAH. SADIE WAS DRIVING the jeep today. This was different and made me wonder what mom was out doing.
“Sadie? What is mom doing?” I asked her once I was inside riding shotgun. It takes a lot of work to fight Alex for it. For some reason he likes the jeep’s shotgun a lot. But Sarah, Sadie, and me have a rule that if he rides in the car that he can’t if one of us is also in the car.
Stupid rule but if you didn’t give Alex any rules he’d be a stinky boy. Trust me on that one, cause we have a rule on when he showers to. No joke about it. But we still love him though. Sarah is like a second sister to me, which in some ways makes Alex my somewhat step brother.
“Sarah?” Sadie asked as she pulled out of the parking lot that I would never miss. Truthfully it’s gotten better over the years that I’ve been here but it’s still a dump.
“Yeah, Sadie,” Sarah said looking over Tina who had flopped herself down across Alex, Emily, and Sarah’s laps. This was another one of Tina’s things that she liked to do. Sadie and me loved to take her everywhere with us. Even though she is a pit-bull, we managed to get it so that the mall guards love her and let us take her in.
“Are you staying for a couple of days?”
“I might I need to get out of the house.” Alex said, he always seemed to think that if a question was asked that he need to answer it even if it wasn’t for him. This was just another one of those times.
“Yes, Sadie, I will. Alex why do you need to? What’s up with mom and dad? Are they fighting again?” Sarah hated that her mom could never be happy with what she had. If you asked someone if they thought that Sarah and her mom could be sisters they would say yes. But they are nothing alike. Sure they look alike, but that’s it.
Sarah has learned from her mother’s mistakes but her mother hasn’t. She also hated that her mother was thinking of getting divorced again for the . . . .
“I would like to be dropped off at home if that’s possible.” Em said pulling me out of my thoughts.
Emily was this picture perfect girl with the picture perfect family and that’s all you will ever think of her. She has the picture perfect boyfriend and so on and so on. But truly it’s not true at all. She has a lot of stuff going she just doesn’t show it that much. Alex sees just as much as I do but Sarah she keeps more to herself with Emily. It's not that Sarah doesn't like Emily, she just doesn't get along with her that well.
Emily's dad left when she was only two weeks old. Her mom got married again about two years later and has been married since. Em kind of dislikes her step dad. She sees her dad every other day. It takes up most of her time but she doesn't mind. But she doesn't know what she's going to do when she goes off to college but she still wants to be able to see him some of the time. Even if it means flying every other weekend.
“Sure, Em, but are you okay?” Sadie said.
“Yes, I am,” Em responded.
“Alex, knock it off!” Sarah whined.
“Why is it bugging you?” Alex teased, they really could be blood related.
“Yes, so stop being a two year old and grow up.” Sarah said petting Tina. Tina lied her head down on Sarah’s lap just as we pulled into Emily’s driveway. Her two little fluffy dogs came running out of the house to great her.
Emily got out of the car and waved goodbye to us. I loved her; she was one person I was going to be sad to leave behind when I went to college. Sarah and Alex where going to the same one as I was. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them just as much but Emily was going to be alone.
Tina curled up next to Sarah where Em had been sitting. As we drove home everyone was quite which in our case is usually not very normal because Sarah and Alex are always fighting. So in some ways this was a big relief.

IT’S WASN’T LONG BEFORE WE WHERE AT MY HOUSE. EMILY DIDN’T REALLY LIVE THAT FAR. IT WAS about ten or fifteen minutes away. When Sarah opened the door Tina jumped out and ran to the front yard. It was a big house. My dad had his own line of workout stuff and my mom had her own line of clothes.
My mom’s clothes were really cute. Sarah bought a lot of stuff from her. We even had a room in the house just for the clothes that my mom makes and can’t put in the store that week. It was a small store but you could fit a lot in it. A lot of the time Sarah and me had to go and help her with the store but we never complained because it was a lot of fun.
But when we have to help my dad that’s when things get boring sometimes just do annoy us he makes us go to work with him. It was like being at school. Not even kidding you.
“Mom,” I called, she was usually home, but you just never know.
“She’s not home.” Sadie said. I looked at her. Weird, I went upstairs and Tina followed me. With her tail wagging behind her as she ran ahead of me, up the stairs.
It wasn’t like mom to not be home when we got here. She usually had snacks waiting in the kitchen. I wondered what was going on.
Sadie was my real sister, but my mom and dad weren’t my real mom and dad. Our adoptive parents had met my parents at a bar. They had wanted to adopt, and our birth parents had Sadie on the way. So they ended up going out to dinner and got talking and they adopted Sadie, then I came along. They then took me in to.
We had never seen them since I was born. Though, Sadie had gone away for a few months last year after she had finished school. She had gone to try and fine them. When she came back she had red streaks in her hair.
Mom wasn’t even shocked at all. She just gave her a hug like she was coming home from teaching dance lessons. Sadie never told me why she went, neither did mom or dad. But she had left after a long talk with them. I sometimes wonder if it was mom and dad’s doing that sent her to go looking or if she truly wanted to see them again.

The author's comments:
The dream was inspired by a dream I had about his and her character a few nights ago.

2. I was sitting in front of the TV with Tina right next to me, when mom and dad came home yelling. They never yelled, not that I can remember.
“Katharine, we have to tell her!” My dad yelled at my mom slamming the door behind him.
“Please, honey, calm down. We will get through it; we’ll sit her down and talk to her. She’ll go see her birth parents and everything will be okay.”
“JAMES, THEY DIED!” my mom said. And there was a long pause and I got up. Tina’s head popped up watching me leave. She jumped down and followed me into the large entry way of the house. My mom was wearing a blue shirt and a flowery skirt. My dad was wearing work suit just like always.
They didn’t notice me at first then Tina came running in and her nails when sliding on the hard wood floor.
“Tina!” I hissed and she looked at me, just as my mom and dad did.
“Jade…..” Mom said trying to find the right words.
“Honey, go to the living room, we will be in a minute.” My dad said. I was wondering who was dead and who I needed to see and why Sadie had anything to do with it. This was all new to me. I just wish they would come out and say it. Knowing them they would take a while to even start to say it when they finally made it into the living room.
I walked back into the living room; it took Tina a minute to decide if she wanted to stay there or if she wanted to come with me back to the living room. She came with me wagging her tale behid her not knowing what was coming our way.
I sat there for what seemed like forever, when finally my mom and dad came in.
“Jade….” They said together. “We need to talk to you.”
“I thought that was already established.” I said, I wasn’t trying to be mean but I just wanted to know what was going on and why they were keeping things from me. Mostly I wanted to know what they were keeping from me.
“Don’t give me attitude.” Mom yelled at me.
“Katharine, Calm down. Being angry isn’t going to help us get through this.” My dad said wrapping his arm around her waist. Mom seemed to calm down and lean into dad for support.
“So what is it that you need to talk to me about. I think I past the tests.” I said to them.
“It’s not about school……” Mom said and looked at dad for help.
“It’s about your birth parents.” He said in a little above a whisper.
“Aaron and Jasmine,” I asked letting a tear fall. I never had met them but still hearing about them was hard.
“We believe that they are dead. You were supposed to go to see them tonight.” Mom said kneeling in front of me.
“What do you mean? Leave to night to go see them?” I yelled getting up from the couch making Tina’s ears go back and her back arch.
“Jade, please calm down.” This didn’t come from either one of my parents it came from Sadie and Sarah behind me.
I turned to look at them, Sadie was carrying to suitcases and Sarah was carrying on of her own.
“What the hell is going on?” I yelled getting madder.
“Jade if you don’t calm down…..” Sadie drifted off, she had a blank stare at my hair.
“What?” I asked running to a mirror.
I had red strikes in my hair, just like Sadie had when she’d come back. My black hair had RED STRICKES IN IT. “What they hell?” I yelled again.
“Do you want me to tell her?” Sadie asked our mom and dad.
“If you’d like….” They said nodding.
“Jade, you are a witch.” Sadie said walking over handing me a wand.
“You have got to be crazy!”
“No, and if you don’t calm down you will bust ever single power switch in this house.” Sadie said.
“That’s crazy.” I hissed as the lights flickered. “Was that just me?”
“No, but it was you that caused it. Your anger is never good when you’re a witch.
“Jade, the reason I left to go see birth parents last year was because of everything mom and dad told me. First I found the letter from our birth parents saying that I needed to fly down to see them and that it was time.
“I then asked mom and dad about it and they said that it was time for us all to talk. They told me about how I was a witch and that they had made a deal with our birth parents about how each one of us was to fly down to see them the last day of high school before our powers kicked in.”
This was too much to take in. “I’m not going anywhere!”
“Jade if they are dead we both have to fight for who gets to keep the right to the royal throne.”
“I’m not a witch and I’m not going anywhere.” I yelled and ran up the stairs with Tina right on my heels.

I sat in my bed upstairs listening to my music on full blast when Sarah came in. “Get out!” I yelled at her.
“Jade I just want to talk to you.” She said softly.
“Well I don’t.”
“Jade, I’m a vampire….”
I turned to look at her in complete shock. “Now you’re messing with me.” I said.
“I’m not,” She opened her mouth and her fangs came out.
“Those are fake! I know it.” I said to her getting up and going out of the room and up to the roof.

The sun was setting, I’ve always just want to have a guy sit with me on the top of our roof and watch the sunset with me. I’m just not as lucky as Sarah and Emily. I was waiting for my first kiss. I’ve had a crush on lots of other guys, but none of them where really for me.
We all wish we could win over a prince and become a queen, though we know that’s never going to happen we still all wish on a shooting star.
I remember when I was young I would come up here and I would just watch the sunset and day dream about my prince. He would come and sweep me off my feet making my world easy and simple. That we would have people do our dirty work for us. It was just a dream, but it was my dream.
“Jade, please just listen.” Sadie said coming up the grand staircase up to the roof.
“Sadie this isn’t the best time!” I hissed at her. Why couldn’t they just give me a break? I didn’t want to go. Why can’t they see how I feel for once?
“We have to go. If you don’t the witches council will give up our spot as the main royal family.” I looked at her with shock.
“I’m not any princess, and I’m not any future queen.” I said waving my hand.
“Watch it!” She yelled. “You can’t just wave your hands around anymore.”
“Whatever.” I said getting up and going back down the staircase.
I wanted to be a lone, but I knew as soon as I was back down stairs that my mom and dad would bugging me.
“Honey, please just go and see what happens.” Mom begged.
“I don’t want this. All I have ever wanted was to find a guy I could bring home and live with for the rest of my life.”
“Well, you can still do that, but you need to do this,” dad said in a soft voice.
“And what if I don’t want to?”
“Well, that’s too bad.” He said with a smile.
I turned around and saw Sadie right behind me. “Why do I have to go?” I was breaking but I guess it’s not that shocking.
“Because if our parents are dead we have to fight for who gets the throne. We also have to take care of some family matters to. And you have to start your witch training. The reason I have to go is to continue mine.” This was Sadie always taking on the things she didn’t want to do. I could hear it in her voice.
“Fine, I’ll go, but it’s because I’m being forced to go and not because I want to go.” I said in an attitude.
I walked over to the door and went out to the car and got in. “I’m driving,” Sarah said.
“Why are you coming?” I asked her. It wasn’t that I was mad at her. It was that I don’t see how this had anything to do with her.
“Sadie asked me to come.”
“So you knew all about this?”
“Yeah, Sorry, I wish I could have told you.”
“Why didn’t you?”
“Because I told her not to,” Sadie said getting into the car, and letting Sarah drive. I sat in the back with Tina. At least I would still have her with me.
“Did you guys happen to pack my guitar?” One of my most prized this I own. If I didn’t have that I don’t know what I was going to.
“Yes, it’s in the back.”
“Are we driving?” I asked Sadie.
“Yes, I know where we are going.” Sarah said.

I soon fell into a deep sleep.
“Jade, this is just a test.” A tall man with blue eyes, and light brown hair said.
“Caleb, it’s not that easy. It’s the test! The one that determines if I get my strikes or not.” I said to him.
“If you don’t think of it that way you’ll do fine.” Caleb said and pulling me close to him, that made me smile.
“But…” He kissed me.
I then woke up with a scream.
“Jade?” Someone was shaking me.
“What?” I hissed looking to see it was Sarah.
“We’re here.”
I looked to my right and saw a tall house. About the size as ours back home. And behind it was a forest full of trees. I could hear a waterfall somewhere deep inside the forest.
“This is the main building for the witches’ council.” Sadie said.

We had been there for about four hours since we had gotten there. We had been walking around a lot and ran into thousands of people.
“Sadie!” Someone said.
“Mom?” She said.
The girl had long light brown hair with white strikes in her hair just like everyone else here. She had the golden eyes that Sadie and I had. She also had the same pale skin. Was this really our mom.
“Yes, honey it is. Jade, how you’ve grown.” Our mother, Jasmine, said.
I just stood there next to Sarah, not knowing what to do. “You must come and see your father.” Jasmine said.
“Jasmine?” I asked, I didn’t really know what to call her. I’d always called Katharine my mom and it felt wrong to call Jasmine my mom too.
“Yes, Jade?” She said taking my hand.
“According to Sadie, you were dead.”
“Well, we aren’t but we almost did. We’ll get to that later but your father is just about to explode if he doesn’t see you soon. So please follow me.” She was wearing a white flowy dress that dragged on the ground as she walked way pulling me along right beside her. I looked back at Sarah.

“Aaron, honey, are you in here?” She called opening a door to a huge library.
“In the back, Jasmine.” He called, our mom then lead us to the back of the library, were our dad sat. He had our gold eyes too but was a little more tanner than Sadie and I. He had brown hair with no strikes.
“Jade!” He said and just looked at him. “It’s so nice to see you again.” He got up and gave me a big huge and then gave Sadie a huge too.
“Nice to see you too?” I said going back and standing behind Sarah. I wasn’t really sure about all of this anymore.
“Where’s that dog of yours?” He asked, “I miss her.”
“What do you mean? How do you know about my dog?” I asked.
“She’s your fairy.” Aaron said.
“No one’s told you?” He looked at Sadie in disappointment.
“I was going to but it just wasn’t right. She was already freaking out about all of this and finding out that she was a witch.” Sadie said trying to defend herself.
“Well, well. We have a lot to talk about then.” He said.
“Aaron, I think we should do it over lunch.” Jasmine said going to stand next him and standing next him.
“Very well, let’s head to the dinner hall.”
We all headed out the door just as I ran into a tall light brown hair guy. “Sorry I said.” Looking up and into his eyes. It was the same guy from my dreams.
“It’s okay, princess. It was my fault.” He said helping me up as I rolled my eyes.
Everyone else had left and I didn’t know where they had gone.
“Please don’t call me that.” I hissed looking down the hall.
“Trying to find someone?” He asked.
“Yeah,” I said no really wanting his help.
“What would that be?” He asked brushing off his pants.
“The dinner hall…but I’ll find it, its okay.” I said heading to my right.
“Wrong way, just let me show you. It’s what I’m supposed to do. I am your tour guide, for the next five weeks that you’re here.”
“Really, I don’t need one. And I’m not a princess.”
“Yes you are. You are the daughter of Jasmine and Aaron, our queen and king. They rule over the vampires, witches, fairies, and werewolves.” He said smiling down at me.
“And what are you out of all of those? Cause it turns out I’m witch. My best friend is a vampire and my dog is a fairy.”
“Well, you might find out later. But for now let’s find you the dinner hall.” He said taking my hand and kissing it. I pulled it away and slapped him.
“Don’t you dare do that ever again,” I hissed and walked the other way.
I didn’t need him to show me how to get to the dinner hall and if I needed help I’d ask one of the thousand other people in this casle to show me where it is.
“Princess!” He called after me.
“Leave me alone!”
“There you are, Jade.” Sarah said. “What’s up with the guy running after you?”
“He’s supposed to be my tour guide for the next five weeks that I’m here.” I hissed at her. “No one told me I was stuck here for five weeks!” I yelled.
“Well I can tell you that his name is Caleb and that he’s the one that gave you that dream about him and he stinks.” She said.
“What do you mean he stinks?”
“Well, he’s a werewolf….” She said looking at me from the corner of her eye.
“Well then….I’m hungry. Where’s the dinner hall?” I asked her.
She smiled and said,” Right this way, Jay.” It was nice to hear her call me that again.

Jasmine and Aaron where sitting at a table in front of everyone and were waving for us to come over and sit with them. Sadie was there to, she made a good princess.
Aaron stood up after Sarah and I sat down. “We have announcement to make.”
“Oh, brother,” I hissed.
“We have a some new people here today. We would like to welcome them. And if you see them around please be friendly.” Aaron motioned for Sadie, Sarah, and I to stand. I shook my head at him. “Please?” he asked me.
I stood and Tina came running through the dinner hall right to me and I looked at the entrance to the dinner hall and there stood Caleb with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t believe it.
“Tina!” I said and got down on my knees and rubbed her down. Jasmine was looking at me with a watchful eye and a smile. “I missed you girl.” I whispered cuddling up to her neck. Everyone was watching me, and for the first time I didn’t care.
“She’ll start to mean more to you now that you are a full witch.” Jasmine said and I looked at her standing up again and letting Tina do laps around me and jump up.
“What do you mean?”
“She’s your fairy, you’re bonded to her. We will talk more about it. You’ll have two fairies because you’re royal. Your other fairy is a werewolf. He will also be your protector.”
“Would his name be Caleb?”
“Yes, so you’ve already met him?”
“Yes, and it wasn’t pleasant.” I hissed sitting back down. Tina sat down right next to me. I looked back to the entrance to see if Caleb was still standing there. He wasn’t he’d left; I looked back at my family.
So it looked like Sadie and I wouldn’t have to fight for the throne after all. But what were we going to be doing for the next five weeks? Did I even want to know? Was it even worth leaving home? Don’t get me started on Caleb; I was going to figure something out. What, well I didn’t know yet, but I was going to find something.

3. I was in the room that was now mine whenever I came here, when Caleb knocked on the door. I walked over to the door and opened it.
“Hello, Jade.” Caleb said, and Tina growled at him. “You want to play?”
“No she doesn’t. I don’t trust a wolf with my pit-bull.” I hissed. “So why are you here?”
“Cause I want to talk to you. Is that against the law?”
“Maybe when I have a right to make them there will be.”
“Okay, so right now there isn’t?”
“No, I guess not. But please just leave me alone.”
“And what if I don’t?”
“You’ll be sitting outside my door for however long you decide to.”
“I’ll sit here as long as it takes,” he sat down right outside my door and I closed it.
I went back to the couch and sat down turning off the TV. “YOU KNOW YOU COULD JUST LET ME IN.” Caleb called
“I WILL DO THAT!” He yelled and rammed into the door. “Hello.” He said and walked over to me, pulling me up and kissing me.
“Get away from me!” I pushed him away and walked away from him. Tina put herself in between me and him. “Tina, don’t fight him….” My voice was less than a whisper.
Tina didn’t back down and Caleb growled. “I’m not going to fight.” Caleb said looking at me.
“Whatever just get out.” I hissed and went to my room.
Someone had already put my clothes way and brought my guitar to. It was sitting on a stand…..A STAND. There was another knock on the door. “Caleb just stay away, please.” I picked up my guitar and started to play. The cords soothing my thoughts and everything bad that had just happened.
“Jade, it’s your mother.” Jasmine came to stand in the door way of the room.
“Oh, hey…” I said looking up from my guitar.
“You’re good you know…Music runs in our family.”
“Really, Sadie can’t play.” I said.
“Sadie has your dad’s side, you got mine. Can I see?”
“Sure,” I handed her my guitar and she started to play the cords that made my mind fall into a soft peaceful rhythm. I closed my eyes and she started to play something that sounded really familiar.
“Jasmine why does that sound so familiar,” I asked.
“It’s the song I played for you when you were in my stomach and then we made a CD for James and Katharine to play for you when you wouldn’t sleep.”
“Weren’t there words?”
“There were words but I forgot them. Marrying you father was a hard thing…..”
“What do you mean?”
“We were never really going to get married….I wasn’t close to the royal family at all. I tried to keep the fact that I had enough of the blood line in me to keep it alive but it got out and we were forced to get married.” She was concentrating on the cords and her fingering. “And there are still people out that don’t agree with us having gotten married…Jade, chose your man carefully.”
“Mom what do you mean?”
“I mean that the letter saying I was dead was because of those people.” She said, “Well get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day.” She handed me my guitar and turned to leave.
“Jasmine?” I asked, she turned to look and me, “What is Caleb supposed to be to me….Really?”
She took a while to respond, “That’s for you to find out….” She turned and her white dress flowed after her.

The next morning I won’t up and Tina was licking my face. “Stupid dog.” I muttered pulling back the covers and getting out of bed.
The sun was shining in through the windows witch made me squint my eyes. Stupid sun, I hated it.
“That only makes you a witch, a full witch.” I heard a voice from across the room, I looked over, and it was Caleb.
“I thought I told you to stay away,” I hissed walking into my bathroom.
“Well I’m your fairy I can tell when you’re having a bad dream and I’m also known as your protector fairy.” He said, what was up with all of the protecting and fairies. Aren’t they supposed to have wings? “We have wings but we don’t show them unless we are flying.”
“For the love of god stay out of my head!”
“But I like it in there. It’s different.”
“I don’t care if you’re a werewolf or a fairy or even a god damn guy, I JUST WANT YOU OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!!” I yelled slamming the bathroom door in his face. I could still hear him breathing. “When I say leave I mean it.”
“Jade Totoro, Please just come out.” I hadn’t heard that name in years.
I opened the door, “You just called my Totoro….” I whispered.
“Yes, It is your name, Princess.” He said softly. I looked up into his bright blue eyes and almost melted.
“I told you not to call me ‘Princess’.” I said walking past him to my closet.
“Well, Jade you are a ‘Princess’ weather you like it or not.” Caleb sat down on my bed and then laid down on it.
“And what if I don’t want to be?”
“Well that’s not up to you. It’s up to how well you can fake losing.”
“What do you mean losing?”
“Someday you and your sister are going to have to fight each other for the throne, weather either of you want it. One of you is going to have to find someone that has enough of your blood line to carry it on…..” He trailed off falling asleep.
Carry it on…What the hell? My world is not making any sense anymore. I grabbed a t-shirt and some jeans out of the closet and I also noticed that there was seven dresses…..Green, pink, red, blue, black, purple, and bright green………were in the hell did these come from?!
I headed to the bathroom again, I didn’t know if Caleb was really asleep or just pretending to be so I didn’t want to undress in front of him and get him all excited.
I went to the mirror and noticed a marking on my wrist….It was of a heart…So many new and weird things.
“The heart is to represent your family’s crest. And that you are royal.” Sarah said.
“Be careful, Caleb finally fell asleep. I think he was here all night.” I said.
“He was he’s your protector. You’re going to have to get used to him following you around all the time.”
“But what if I don’t want to? I don’t like him, he stinks.”
“To you really?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Weird, I’ll see you in the dinner hall, in an hour.” She said and left the room.
I finished getting ready and then walked out of the bathroom and Caleb was right there and wearing something different than he had twenty minutes ago. “Hey, Princess.”
I glared at him, “Okay, hello, Jade”
“Thank you.”
“You have lessons in ten minutes.”
“What do you mean?”
“Training lessons,” he rolled his eyes at me and I glared at him. “For you to learn how to control you magic.”
“I think I know the first thing I want to learn how to do.”
“What would that me?”
“To get someone to hate me for the rest of their lives so that they stay away from me.”
“That’s called a Hate Chopsticks. Don’t ask me how they came up with the word they just did. But you still have lessons in six minutes and seeing as you don’t know how to disappear yet we have to go by foot so hurry.” He said rushing me out the door. I was about to turn around and slap him until I noticed the look on his face. It was stern and strict.
I just kept walking letting him lead the way in a fast past walk towards the east side of the castle. This side was more open that the west side, It had larger rooms, they were more like ballrooms for parties and dancing.
“They are used for dancing and for parties, but mostly they are used for training just like we are about to use this one.” When he entered the room he bowed to my mother, Jasmine. So my mother was going to be teaching me, interesting.
“Jade Morgan Totoro, please sit down.” The women behind my mother said. She was wearing a long flowy black dress, kind of like the one I had hanging up in my closet.
“I can see that you failed to get her up at the right time to get her on time.” Jasmine said to Caleb.
“It’s not my fault; she very much hates me, Your Majesty.” Caleb said putting his hands behind his back and standing up straighter.
“Well I don’t care; it’s your job to get her here.” My mother said.
“No, Your Majesty, it’s my job to protect her from any harm that may come her way. I’m not to be her daily planner.”
“Well, as of today, Caleb James McAlister, it is part of your job. We don’t just pay you low lives to sit around and do nothing all day long."
"Yes your Majesty." Caleb said putting his hands behind his back and standing up straighter.
"Jade, will be coming her three times a day, in which I will be teaching her for an hour each. But you will be helping her study, when she is not here. Do you understand me?"
"Hey, but, I'm not just going to come to you beck and call." I yelled at my mother.
"You will not talk to me like that, Jade Morgan Totoro!" She yelled. I'd never seen someone so....powerful yell before. she looked like she was the spoun of satin.
"But...Jasmine..." I whined.
"No buts about this, Jade, I don't wnat to hear it. I just want you to be here at ten, noon, and five everyday, do you understand me. You too, Caleb, if you really wnat to keep protecting my daughter, and being part of the dragon family isn't going to help you keep that spot I hope you know."
"I understand your Majesty."
"If you did understand you wouldn't have failed to have her dressed properly. And don't you dare open that mouth, stupid dog. Just go get her dressed properly, the bright green dress please. And have her back her by noon."
"But I'll miss lunch!" I jumped in.
"Well maybe if you’re lucky your dumb dog will get you some."
"How did you get on her bad side?" I was happy to know that I wasn't the only one that hated Caleb.
"It's part of me being a dragon."
"What do you mean by that?" I asked as I opened my door to my room.
"It's my family crest. Like yours is a heart. Ours is a dragon."
"Do you have tattoos to?"
"Yes, the guys get them on their chest; the girls get them on the inside of their wrist."
"Please, Princess get ready."
"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"
"If I don't your mother will try and find you a new protector....And that's just about impossible."
"What do you mean by that?"
"When you get a protector, they chose you, you don't choose them."
"So your telling me, you chose me?"
"Yes...when you ran into me yesterday. I used to be your mother's protector."
"You what?!"
“I was your mother’s protector. But things changed when I ran into you yesterday. The reason she knew about me choosing you, was because our bond had broken.”
“But that doesn’t explain anything. How could you have not told me that you where my mother’s protector? This changes everything. And pulse I still don’t want you as mine.”
“I don’t care if you don’t…..Jade Morgan Totoro….I love you.”

4. I stared at him in complete shock. I didn’t know what to say. Sure he was cute but what am I supposed to do. I hate him and he is always following me, and he’s in my head right now. S***! Why does he always have to be in my head? Why not for just once could he just stay out of my god damn head? This was a time for me to take in what he’d just said. “I need to go get the dress on.” “Forget the dress Princess.” He pulled me close to him and I fought to get free but it didn’t help, he was stronger than I was. Seeing as he was a werewolf. “LET ME GO!” I yelled. Tina jumped up from her bed and came running at us. Caleb took this that Tina was going to hurt me. Caleb let go of me and pushed me out of the way and leaped forward changing into a werewolf. I stood there in complete shock. And before I knew it Caleb was flying into a wall and I was sitting in a chair. “Both of you stop it!” Sarah hissed. I turned to look at her. Sadie was standing next to Sarah. “Sarah!” I ran at her and hugging her. “You smell like dog.” She said and I gave her a funny look. She then looked at Caleb. “Oh,” I said and backed away. “Thank you. If you guys can now handle yourselves I’ll be going but really, no more fighting please. Save it until our training.” She hissed at Caleb and walked out of the room pulling Sadie with her. I was still in shock and having some troubles breathing, but I couldn’t help look at Caleb. He was still in wolf forum. His fur was jet black and long just like his hair and his eyes were blue. He stalked up to me, and I backed away. He kept heading my way and I kept backing up. I knew he wasn’t trying to hurt me he just was looking like he was going to. “Please just change back.” I said backing up again. And he did but he went to the bathroom first. I heard a few things fall and crack but I didn’t think much of it. He then came out with a bathroom around him. “Jade, I’m sorry.” “It’s okay you were just try to protect me. I understand that that is your job.” I said to him walking over to my closet and throughing at him a pair of shorts. "Go change into those and I'll be changing into my dress." "Jade...." "I don't want to hear it right now, Caleb." "But...." "you won't stay out of my head, and I'm sick of it." "I promise for the rest of the day, I'll try to." "Not you won't, you just don't seem able to. All this time you've been in my head you still are in my head. I can feel it." "You can what?" "I can feel it." "What do you mean?" "It's like your crowding my brain with you, and your thoughts to. Like your trying to get me to say I love you back." "No, that's you falling in my head." "Whatever just go get dressed please." I changed into the green dress quickly and Caleb came out when I was done. He came behind me pulling my hair back into a poneytail. "It would look cuter if you put it up like that. Or even like this." He twisted it and to make it look like it was in a pinapple. "You seem to know how to do hair." I said. "Yep, I have three sisters." "Well, I don't ever really put my hair up." I said turning around and then walking past him to the STAND for my guitar and picking it up. "You seem to play a lot." "I play when I'm upset or stressed and right now I'm both." I let the cords sooth me once again. The sound of them was just so easy. I looked at Caleb. That's when I noticed his dragon tattoo. It was blue and black and red. It was also breathing fire. I just kept staring at it. I was still playing the cords I'd memerized when I was five. It was the tone that my mom had been playing last night. "That's the song your mom used to play." "How did you know that?" "She played it for me a lot to." "What was it like protecting my mom?' "Different...She was the first royal I'd ever protected. She was always running around doing something. She could never sit still. I still remember when she was getting ready for her wedding." His eyes where on me and I was looking at him. "She was always yelling at someone to do their job right and if they didn't they'd get fired. I think she was just stressed though. I see a lot of her in you though." "what do you mean in me." "That you really truely are her daughter. When everyone first found out that Jasmine had enough of the blood line in her to keep it going, everyone was in complete shock, no one wanted to talk to her, no one would except the idea. Everyone was ready for the Totoro blood line to fade away. That's why you got the letter saying that they were dead. "We, didn't know if they'd make it. Not even their protectors could tell...." "Caleb you don't have to tell me this." "I do." "No you don't." "Jade, I do. Cause there is a war....against the dragons and the hearts." I sat there just staring at him. I was completely confused. I didn't know what to say. "Well, then why are you serving me?" "Because once you serve the hearts you won't turn against them. That goes for everyone and every royal family." "So the dragons are a royal family?" "Yes, we are." He said. "I don't get it." "I'm not going to turn on the hearts because I'm in love with one of them, Jade. I could never hurt you. I will fight with you." "Just stop kay. I don't want to hear it from you. I don't love you back. I don't feel the same way. I'm sorry but I just don't." I hissed at him setting my guitar back on its STAND and walking out of the room. "And stay out of my head." "Princess, Jade Morgan Totoro, I love you, and I will make sure you are safe for the rest of the time you are alive, and I will promise if you want to help keep the blood line alive." He held his hand up like he was taking an oth. "Caleb, I don't feel that way about you." I stormed out of the room Tina following me and looking back a few times to make sure Caleb stayed a safe distence away. "Princess!" Someone yelled and I turned around. There stood Sarah running at me. "You Majesty would like to see you in the training room right now."

5. I walked with Sarah to the training ballroom. My mom sat in a chair waiting very impatiently. She was still wearing her white dress, but now her hair was down and I could see her white strikes.
"Thank you Sarah, your very loyal to our family, I appreciate it a lot." Jasmine said standing up and walking towards us.
"Anything for you or Sadie, you’re Majesty." She bowed and left.
I stood and stared at my mother not knowing what to say. "Your here to test Caleb and yours bond." I still didn't get what she meant by that but I know I was about to find out. She was going to tell me at some point right?
"If its strong then he'll stay as your protector, but if not well let's just say he'll stay as your protector, but if not well let's just say he'll end up like the rest of the dragons." She said with a snarl.
"Jasmine, he's not like the rest of the dragons. He thinks this whole war is pointless. He doesn't want our families to keep fighting." I told her hoping that would stop her from hurting Caleb. It's not that I love him, or like him, it's that he's just fun to have around, sometimes.
"That doesn't change that he's still a dragon, Jade."
"Jasmine, does this have to do with him having been your protector?" I asked her. It just seemed like it was.
"How did you know about that?" She had an envious tone in her voice.
"Caleb told me..." I started to back away from her scared of what would happen. Tina was still at my side, but she wasn't thinking that there was any danger coming.
Caleb, I thought, please be in my head right now...I need you, come find me! Truthfully I had no idea how this whole head thing worked but right now I was hoping he was there like always.
"Is he going to come or not?" Jasmine asked with a loud laugh.
I heard footsteps down the hall. Caleb! I thought. "Princess, what is..." He saw my mother then. "I'm going to tell you a spell; you’re going to repeat after me, okay?"
"Yes..." I wasn't really sure.
"Fooling ones eye is only lying, to one’s true self, so come back to life." He said and I looked at him with confusion spread across my face. "Just say it!" He hissed.
"Okay, okay...Fooling ones eye, is only lying to one’s true self, so come back to life." My mother became a man with blue strikes.
"Where'd my mother go?" I hissed at Caleb.
"She's safe, this is my father," He said pointing to the man that was now standing in front of us. "He's trying to settle the war. For why he had to scare you half to death I do not know."
"I couldn't just come in here and demand to talk to you. This is the home of the hearts."
"Doesn’t mean you scare the new one to death." I yelled stepping closer to Caleb. Tina moved in between me and him.
"Ha, it looks like your demoed doesn't like your protector."
"Her name is Tina, and she's smart not to." I told him petting Tina on the head.
"Caleb is a good guy; give him a chance, Princess. He'll treat you better than any other guy you'll meet."
"Thanks but I'm okay."
"That's your loss. Anyways Caleb, your mother wants you and your date over for dinner tonight."
"Tell the wolf I'll be there." He said looking at Tina. "I promise I won't hurt her." he let Tina sniff his hand and Tina licked it.
"She's okay with you." I said shocked, maybe Caleb wasn't that bad.
"Doesn't that mean your warming up to me?"
"Maybe, but don't get your hopes up, stupid. You saved me, doesn't mean I'm madly in love with you, like I'm some kind of princess."
"But, Jade you are..." Caleb's dad said.
After talking with Emmett Lucas Skulls, Caleb's dad, and agreeing to go to dinner with Caleb and telling my mom that he stopped my. Me and Caleb went for a walk in the garden.
"So, is it different here in Montanan than in California?" he asked me throwing a ball for Tina.
"Yes, it is. I miss my friend Emily and Sarah's brother, Alex."
"Alexander Jonathan Kings?" Caleb asked.
"yeah, why?"
"He used to serve my dad and grandpa until he'd met Emily Maya Stone. She won his heart and he was determined to win hers." He said looking at me knowingly.
"What?" I asked in an offended tone.
"Nothing, just you really should put your hair up. The red strikes don['t look good in your jet black hair in the sun," he said with a laugh and pulled out a pony tail holder, "let me," and he had it up in a matter of seconds.
"Thanks, it feels better too." I said looking at him. His blue eyes shining in the early light of the breeze. He was still wearing the shorts and he was still shirtless.
I could still see his dragon tattoo, but it seemed to glow in the sunlight. And I couldn't help but keep staring at it, amazed and shocked. I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
"You're staring again," he said looking in to my golden eyes.
"Am not!" I objected.
"Are to, don't lie, princess. It's not a good habit to take up for royalty." He said in a mocking tone.
"I wasn't planning on it." I ran ahead of him and spun around in the open field of wildflowers. I then laid down and looked up at the sky.
"Princess, what are you doing?"
"Being human, you should really try it....oh, wait, you can't your part wold." I said in a mocking tone to get back at him for earlier.
"Haha, very funny. We need to head back for your lessons."
"You heard your mother this morning...I don't want to be for dinner."
"Maybe if we tell her I got one spell done, she'll let me go earlier." I took his hand when he offered it. I got up, and he didn't let go of my hand. I looked down and then back at him. He then dropped my hand and turned to lead the way back.
"Yeah, maybe...That will give me time to find something to wear to dinner and if you'd like, change into something else. My mom hates the fact that royal families are always wasting so much money on dresses."
"I think I have to agree with her there, I hate dresses with all my heart."
"I can tell." He gave me a one of a kind smile. We were almost back to the main building and I knew that as soon as we got into it that his mood was going to change and we would go back to hating each other. No matter how much I didn't want to admit it I was falling in love with him. His smile grew even bigger. "Your in my head again, aren't you?"
"Yeah....Do you mean it?"
"I said no matter how much I didn't want to admit I was falling in love with you. Not that I wanted to admit it."
"But you are now." He wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked into the main building. I walked ahead of him making him drop his hand that was around me.
"I thought we were going back to hating each other?"
"And what if I don't want to?"
"You're the one that started it in the first place. Any time we were alone you'd be flirty and cocky, but when someone else came along you were mean and an ass." I said stopping to turn and look at him.
He had hurt in his eyes. It shone brightly. I didn't mean to hurt him. It just kind of happened. If only I knew a spell to go back in time...
"They have those, but only the royal family is allowed to grant them. Usually someone has to have a very good reason to go back in time. But for you if you learned the spell you'd have it happen right away because you're part of the royal family."
"There is a lot that the royal family and families can seem to do." I said with complete humor.
"That's why we call them the royal family." Caleb said taking my hand and pulling me on so that I would be late for my class with my mother.
"You learned a spell?" Jasmine said in a shocked tone. "Who taught you?"
"I did your Majesty," Caleb said, "And my father says 'Hello'."
"Oh, Emmett stopped by..." I looked at Caleb with a confused look. "Well, I was wondering when he was going to come by again."
"He also wants to have the Princess over for dinner..." Caleb wasn't really sure anymore. When we'd been talking to Emmett it seemed like everything was okay with him and the queen, but I guess not.
"Okay then, if that's so, we must get going on our lesson. Melinda hates when people are late." Jasmine said and I shrugged and stood up.
"We are going to start with working with your guy's bond. You will need to learn to communicate without talking at some point."
"I know how to talk to him; he's always in my head." I said to my mother.
"As he should be, if he hadn't been earlier today do you think you would have been safe? He charmed your demoed to."
"That’s why Tina didn't take any action towards Emmett!" I said relieved to know that it hadn't just been me.
"I can still smell the faint smell of the charm on her. Every spell or charm you use will always leave a sent afterward. You will learn over time to recognize these scents. But don't be upset if it takes you a long while to figure them out." She said. "But for right now I want you to try and get into Caleb's Head. Caleb, I want you to say in your head, 'Princes, Princess, are you alright?' so that Jade will know when she's in your head."
I tried and tried, but nothing happened... "What am I doing wrong?" I hissed, annoyed.
"Nothing at all. Caleb hold her hand and see if that helps." She instructed. Caleb took my hand and I felt a wave of warmth was over me.
'Princess, Princess, are you alright? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause you look like an angel.' I was in his head and he knew it.
'And what if it did hurt?'
'I'd just make sure you don't fall to hell, Princess.'
"Haha!" I said and slapped his arm. He smiled and looked at Jasmine.
"So, I'm taking it that it worked. Now try without holding hands."
I concentrated on Caleb and then I heard, 'I'm a funny one I know, but you've got to love it or you wouldn't stick around this long.'
'Okay, maybe your right about that one, but still...'
'Still what?'
"Just shut up, mutt' I couldn't help it I did a mental laugh just for his benifet.
"Did that work?" My mom asked, pulling both Caleb and I out of each other's heads.
"Yeah, it did your Majesty." Caleb answered.
"Okay well until tomorrow at ten, I want you guys to practice this. You need to be good even great at it by the end of this week." She said, then said, "Run along and get ready for your dinner now."

"Well that was ever so slightly different." I said to Caleb, as we walked back to my room.
"She just knows how it is not having a strong bond; she doesn't want that for you. It's smart of her to have us practice."
"What's the point of practicing if we're alone?"
"I think she wanted us to practice at dinner." Caleb said like it was the most obvious answer in the world.
"Oh," We'd reached my door to my suite. "Are you going to change?" I asked him opening the door.
"I'll change when we get there." Caleb said and gave me a big smile.

6. "Wait we have to drive there?" I asked as he was leading me to the parking lot. The sun was still high up in the sky. Everything around us seemed to be glowing. "Yeah, Jade, it's kind of over a hundrad miles away." He said to me like I was an idiot. "Don't talk to me like that!" I said hitting him and laughing softly. He was being playfull again and it was all new to me. Nothing I've ever felt could compare to this. Nothing at all. Not even the day I picked up my first guitar and started to play. "But it's fun to see your reaction to everything. Ever time I make a stupid coment you go all weird on me. And start frecking out." He said wrapping his arm around my waist. I leaned into him. I'd agreed to go along with being his date and acting like it. Seeing as his dad promised that he was bring a date and not just some Princess that doesn't really want to be a Princess. He left it to Caleb and I to break that news to Melinda. In truth I didn't mind it one bit. That though I was going to keep to myself. "I do not freak out every single time." "Just most." he said with a soft laugh and opening the passenger side of the car. "I don't think so!" I said looking at him disaprovingly. "If I'm going along with being your date I get to drive." "Not, this car." "You wanna bet?" "Nope because I know I'm going to win." "No your now. Give me the keys now!" I hissed at him putting one hand on my hip and the other out waiting for the keys. "No," he said giving me a stubborn look. His golden eyes only showing me humor. He was getting a kick out of this and I knew it. "Yes I am, Princess." "Well get over your god damn self and give me the f*ing keys, Caleb." I said to him. It was rare when I cused but he was beginning to pisse me off greatly. Why couldn't he just give me the keys. I was being his date when I would reather just through him in a hole and let the worms eat him alive. "No but you cusing, well this is fun." "Don't get used to it you piece of s***. Now give me the god damn keys." I yelled at him standing in front of him. I had my mothers hight and I was just a little taller than him so I was looking down at him. "NO!" He laughed pulling me closer to him and kissing me. "You're cute when your mad you know that?" I slapped him across the face and he dropped his keys and I grabed them. "Ha," I said and got into the drivers seat. He just stood there. I pulled the car back and rolled down the window. "You going to get in?" "You b**** slapped me...." he was still shocked over that really? "Yes, really, I was playing around. But it is true you are cute when your mad." "I don't care. If you say another thing like that I'm going to tottally kill you." I hissed at him, "Now get in the care, and tell me where we are going." He got into the passenger seat and told me to go right, then right again and then left and then straight. We drove in complete silents for about 20 minutes of the ride until I started to drive with one hand. He grabed my hand and looked at me. His golden eyes looking at my hair I'd desided to put up into a pinnapple after changing. Caleb had been right. My hair did not look good in the light with my red strikes. I had put on one of my strange t-shirts that had some weird thing on it. This one happened to have to say, 'Tea, the gentalmen's wine.' I didn't always think that was true. But for some yes. "Princess?" Caleb asked and I turned to look at him with a glare. "Okay if you don't want me to call you that then what do you want me to call you?" "Jade," I said bluntly. "Can I call you Jay?" "Only, Sadie, Sarah, Emily, Eirk, and Alex are able to call me that. Your not really on my good side right now, seeing as I just bitch slapped you." I grawled at him. "Fine, I'll call you Jade, but, Jade..." He waited for me to look at him, and when I did he contuned. "Please, let me know when I'm on your good side, kay." "Well, I kind of have to be by the time we get there right?" "Yeah, your going to want to take a right coming up here." He said and pointed to the mailbox. We pulled into a drive way of a huge house. It was more of a house insted of a castle, like the house of the hearts was. But it was still big. "Park right over there." He pointed next to the black jeep. I parked and he got out as I turned off the engien. He came around and opened my door. I hid my blush from him, he didn't need to know that him trying to win my heart over was working. I got out of the car and when he tried to help me I glared at him. He put his hands up in defence. "Sorry." He mummered, putting his hand around my waist and leading me to the door. "Don't be scared. My mom doesn't bite, and my dad isn't going to try and be someone else again I promise," he laughed softly and knocked on the door. We stood there for a few minutes before anyone answered the door and when they did, there stood a tall long blond haired women that looked like she was in her twenties still. I was guessing that she was Melinda, Caleb's mom. Yeah, she is. he said. Thanks for clearing that up I guess. I hissed in my head. Just because I can't be mean to him in person doesn't mean I can't in my head right? And what if it does? he asked. O great. The can't be good..... Don't be like that, Jade. Caleb just shut up. But you know we need to practice right? I know we do but I'm not in the best of moods to do so. To bad you don't have your guitar. Caleb just shut up before I hit you upside the head. I just wanted to be alone in my thoughts. Why couldn't he just see this, it wasn't that hard to see. I liked my head, it was the place I exapted to. And now I couldn't even go there. Where was I supposed to go? "Caleb!" Milenda exlamied and gave Caleb a big hug. This helped me get over my annoynce. Seeing him emberesed helped a lot. "Hello, mother," he said hugging her back. "And this must be the new Princess." She said pulling back and looking at me. "She looks a lot like her mother, don't you think Caleb?" "Yes very much so." "Well, Princess come in and Caleb get on a shirt. Even though I agree with showing off our family crest I don't want to have to have the Princess feel weird or unconfortable in our home." I walked in, the room was filled with the sents of different foods that seemed to work well together. "It's okay, he's been like that since he almost got into a fight with my demoed earlier this morning." I said with a smile. I felt at home here. I didn't know why but I did. "Oh, brother. I need to talk to that boy again. He needs to stop picking the wrong fights." She said shaking her head. "A wolf should never fight a Princess's demoed. Or anyones demoed. You'll die in a heartbeat." She said. "Why's that?" I asked and she looked at me like I should know. "I'm still knew to all of this stuff. I still don't get the strikes in witches hair." "Oh, brother. Well, the reason a wolf will die if he fights anothers demoed is becuase, a demoed is bonded to someone. You will rarly find a demoed that isn't bonded. Anyways....Let's use you and your demoed for exmple kay? What is your demoed?" "She's a four year old pit-bul. Her name is Tina." "Okay, so if Caleb where to attack Tina, you'd give off a kind of strangeth to Tina that will make it so that she will do anything to keep her and you alive. She will fight till the end. And usually the demoed is a lot stronger than the wolf or anyone, enless it's another demoed." I looked at her and watched her intentfully listening “So your telling me that if Tina died I would too?” I asked Melinda. “Yes, but you'd also feel her pain and it would slowly kill you. If you died she would too.” I stared at Melinda in complete shock. This couldn't be, I couldn't die if Tina did too. “Wait wouldn't she die of old age at some point?” This seemed like a good question to ask, seeing as most dogs do and if they don't well my world was really being turned upside down. I know that in the beginning I didn't really want to be a witch but, truthfully some of these facts were very interesting. Not a lot of this was normal. Finding out that the rest of my friends were truthfully in the same hole that I was in. “No, she'll be alive as long as you are alive.” “Even though your a wolf can you tell me some stuff about witches?” I asked her. I had so many and I didn't want to ask Caleb, he was annoying as hell. Asking him would be like killing myself. “My sister is a witch. I am her protector. But I'm not always around her like Caleb will be with you. Though he might just be doing that because he enjoys being around you.” Melinda smiled at me. She seemed nicer than Caleb did, she was a lot like Emmett in a way. I wonder how they had Caleb as there kid. Cause I'm special, Princess. “Didn't I tell you to stay out of my head!” I yelled. I knew he could hear me. “Princess, you must realize that it is normal for him to be in your head. Your going to have to get used to it. I'm always in my sisters head and she too hates it.” Melinda said. In some ways it was nice to talk to her to get to know her. Though I was majorly confused about everything that had happened in the past day and to think that I still had another six weeks and six days here was about to put me over bored. But Princess you can't die, I'd miss Tina too much. Maybe she's become your demoed. That's no fun. She belongs to you, not me. Whatever now get out of my god damn head you stupid mutt. I might shut up but I'm not getting out of it. You think about me a lot you know? I whined in my head and looked at Melinda. She was sitting there watching me. “So is there anything else you need to ask?” “Yeah, why do witches get strikes?” “Because it shows how good you are in magic. The better the witch the whiter her strikes. For guys they start with white and then they become blue, like my husband's.” She said and got up. “Excuse me I need to go finish the food. Caleb should be out soon.” I smiled as she walked away and into the kitchen. I didn't really want to see Caleb right now but whatever. It wasn't long before Caleb came out and his messy hair from earlier was now nice and tame. He was wearing a black and red tank-top and the same pair of shorts that I'd given him. He came over and sat down next to me on the couch. “What do you think?” He asked. “Think of what?” “The house and my mother?” “Your family is different. I'm still trying to get used to mine at home.” “You seem to miss them a lot.” “Mostly I just miss Emily and Alex. They where always fun to have around. Emily is leaving next week and I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm going to miss her a lot.” “Where is she going?” “College.” I started to think back on how she wished that she could have taken Alex with her to college. I felt bad that he couldn't go with her. I knew that he would have loved to and now knowing that they had a bond like I do with Caleb well I felt bad for her and Alex. “If you went to college I'd follow you.” He said with the same smile that he gave in the garden earlier that day. "Well thanks for sharing....." I said looking away, blushing. So many things that if he knew about he would be making out with me right now. Even if I wanted that I wouldn't want to let him know that, even if it was the last thing I do. "I'll always share everything with you, and only you." he whispered and kissed my check. I pushed him away from me and he looked at me. Remember, Princess you need to be nice. What if I don't want to? "To bad." He kissed me on the lips, I resested to kiss him back, but I failed in the end. "Ha, your feelings are showing through." "Shut up." "DINNER IS READY!" Emmett called. Caleb got up and held out his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and close to him, my heart beating fast. "I made you heart jump." He said. "I thought I told you to shut up?" I said kissing him softly on the check and walked to the kitchen. Princess! He called after me in his head walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. What? I don't want to be like this right now.... Like what? This. I looked down to his hands around my waist. So you want this? Yes I do.

The author's comments:
The part with the note came to me in a dream. A lot of the time when I'm working on stories, I dream about my characters a lot, and so I had a dream about Jade being in a bathroom and finding a notie on the wall. And then everything kind of came together for me when I woke up at two in the morning. And sorry for the Spanish title to this chapter.

7. So I hinted that I loved him, So what? Caleb's alright I guess. He's also the first guy I've really liked. Yeah, I'll hang out with Sarah at the mall and talk aout how cute one guy that walks past might be, but I didn't know him so I couldn't really like him. Caleb was different; he knew all the right things to say, and WHEN to say THEM. Unlike most guys who lie when it’s too late and you’re long gone. Though I do look on the bright side, Caleb could never lie to me. I was really starting to like this bond thing, even though I wasn't really sure how it worked. I've gotten the hand of staying in his head while still paying much attention around me. Caleb had commented on it earlier saying I was learning quicker than Sadie had which was great! Though I found out that I must come to dinner again tomorrow night...So I'm not really sure if I'd want to... "Princess..." Caleb said softly in my ear; pulling me out of my thoughts. "Mmmhum?" I said turning in his arms. I still didn't like when he called me that, but I guess, just like everything else, I was getting used to it. "You ready to go?" "Yeah, I'm tired you can drive." I gave him the keys and he took my hand leading me to the door as quiet as possible. "You really think you could sneak off without saying goodbye?" Melinda asked with a disapproving look directed at Caleb. Emmett was right behind her giving Caleb the same look. 'Dang' I thought, 'they are really a lot alike. It's kind of scary.' I knew Caleb was too busy trying to think of a way to get out of this mess. "No, Not at all mother, it's just Jade is tired..." Caleb said pulling me closer to the door. "Oh...Stop acting like I'm the wicked witch of the west, Caleb," Melinda said with complete humor, but to me it hurt. I held on tighter to Caleb's hand and moving behind him. 'Jade?' He asked. 'It might have seemed funny to her, but to me it hurt, Cay...' I said pulling the name from the list he was going through at dinner. 'You remember,' he said in a enthusiastic tone. 'If it makes you feel any better my real full royal name is Jadien Mores Morgan Zelena Totoro...' No one ever new my full name, he was the first person I've ever told. 'Princess of Carryon," Caleb added. I really didn't like adding the princess of Carryon. It just made it sound like it was meant to be, when it wasn't. "Mom," he nodded his head and then looked at his dad, who gave him approving look, "Dad," he said nodding again. "Jade is very tired, and she was lessons tomorrow morning I must get her back home and in bed." "Okay, Caleb, but please son stop by more, we miss you." His mom said. "And Jadien, you welcome anytime." How in the f*** did she know that? 'Weird wolf family thing.' Caleb said and opened the front door. A burst of twilight chilled air washed over me and I shivered. I'd forgotten to bring a jacket, Caleb pulled me close to him and being part animal gave him lots of heat to share. We made our way quickly to the car. He opened my door for me and I smiled, but hid my blushing. I got into the cod car, wishing I was back next to Caleb. "Would you mind if I stayed in your room tonight? He asked driving down the long drive way of Just trees. 'Why must things be so green, But, when they bleed, They become deep red, With only fear?' "That, I have no answer to Jade. But I'm still waiting for an answer to mine," He took a left heading down the long road full of different trees, flowers, and all kind of plants. I watched them fly by me for once not really wondering how they had gotten there. I was thinking about Caleb Sleeping with me in the same room... "Do you mind if I'm shirtless?" he asked turning on the water so he could rinse his mouth out from brushing his teeth. "You were shirtless most of the day, Cay!" I called trying to find my shorts and to small tank-top I wear to bed. "They are in here," He told me. I came into the bathroom, he was in just his boxers and did he look hot! I kept staring; I tried to look away but failed epicly. "Again, Jade, staring?" My checks turned bright deep pink. We stood there for what seemed like forever just looking at one another. "Err...Can I have my clothes, Cay?" I asked breaking the silent; well it wasn't really silent in our heads. I broke it mostly because he was thinking about kissing me. I just wasn't ready for that, at all. He smiled and grabbed the clothes, then handed them to me. "Here you go. Would you like the bathroom?" I couldn't speak so I just nodded. My mind was going crazy. It wanted to think, but I wouldn't let it. Mostly because I had a gut feeling Caleb was in my head and I didn't want him to hear any of it. The other thing was that I truthfully didn't want to think. Caleb left the bathroom; giving me a kiss on the check just as always. I looked in the mirror and sighed. Such a long day, if the next seven weeks are anything like this I'm going to die from lack of sleep. I turned the water on and let the warm water run smoothly over my dry hand. I listened to the running water letting my mind finally start to think. Could I see a future with Caleb? If so would he be a good guy to marry? Would it be a good idea to marry someone from the dragon family? How could I even think that I might...Wait no...Think that I do love him? I've only known him for a day. Yet, it feels like years. Is that normal? Could I really love him for only have knowing him for a day? I sighed again, but this time with frustration. I wanted answers but I could not seem to find them. The searching only lead to more questions that I could not find answers to. I turned the water off and looked in the mirror. Behind me there were marks on the wall. "Caleb" I yelled in horror. He didn't come, ad I didn't hear Tina at all. But I did know that she was alive. I turned to look at the writing. My almost forgotten la hermana.... You've come out from hidding with the humans.... But la hermana, you still wish for love, What a shame. With lots of love, Your la hermana, .Nina. I stared at the note; I wondered how it had gotten there. And how did she know I was her sister? And who was she? I looked back at the not, but it was gone and Tina was barking. I went out of the bathroom to find a tall girl in a black flowy dress. She had jet black hair and hazel eyes. Caleb lay limp on the floor. The first thing I could think to do was run, but Caleb... I slowly walked over to him. All the while the girl kept looking at Tina. I began to wonder if she was trying to charm her. "Caleb..." I whispered softly. "He'll be okay," the girl spoke with a sugary sweet voice. "He is a werewolf right?" I nodded. "Your dog though..." She whispered in a soft voice, just as a wave of pain washed over me. "Stop....Please don't hurt her!" I whimpered. I knew it was no good though. The pain stayed but I kept fighting it off. I couldn't for long, my vision was very blurry, I couldn't tell what was going on. I hear a snarled and something rip.... "Nina!...."I yelled. "Jadien!...." She called and everything when black. There was a river, I could hear it as i laid in the meadow alone, feeling as though I was fading away slowly. The trees were around the meadow almost making it a clearing, but at the same time it just made it even more enchanting. I continued to listen to the river in the distance. It was very soothing; it made me almost want to sleep. And as I thought about it, blackness was pulling me. Soon I was seeing bright colors, in all different shapes and sizes. If I didn't know better I'd say someone had drugged me with LSD. But I knew that wasn't true. "Jay!" Someone called, It was a voice I knew well, it was Sadie. She came dancing out of the shapes calling my name and running at me with a worried face. What was going on, I didn't see any reason for panic, it was so beautiful here, wherever here was. "Jade!" This time it was Caleb calling to me. I tried to open my eyes but they wouldn't open. "What's going on here?" This time it was Emily....When had she gotten here? "She's under a spell..."Jasmine said. “Who has been here?" She asked. "Someone named Nina. She hurt Tina and then I hear a lot of screaming. She had also hurt me..." Caleb said; everything started to come back to me Nina, the markings on the wall, Caleb lying on the ground hopeless. Then I remembered the pain and I screamed. It was too much, It wasn't like anything I'd ever felt before. "Jade!" Caleb whimpered and I could feel him holding my hand and I felt a tear drop on my hand. "Caleb," I whispered. "The spell is fading." Jasmine said. "Darling, try and open your eyes." She said and I did but I only got them open a little. "Where's Tina? "She's sleeping." Emily said softly. I could feel her keeping Tina calm, by betting her. "Emily?" I whispered lifting my arm that Caleb didn't have. "I'm right over here. Everything will be okay, Jade." She assured me. "Wake Tina up." Jasmine said. "No don't do that!" I yelled and sat up opening my eyes all the way

8. Everyone was hovered around me, their watchful eye making sure I didn't die. It sort of scared me, not in the sense that I was going to scream for help or that they were going to kill me. It was more like s***, what the hell is going on. If that made any sense whatsoever. Cause in my mind it did, but I never really know about anymore else. The lights in my room were bright, just as Caleb's blue eyes were. I wasn't really sure which was brighter though. The way the lights danced off of Caleb's eyes was so mesmerizing. So many girls back at school would have died to have Caleb at their side, but thinking about it, if you dead you can't really have him at your side right? "Jay, Jay! My little stick...Your up and awake." I knew that voice he seemed to be at our house a lot about two days ago. Alexander. Funny thing was that I missed his dumb ass comments in the past few days. But the fact is that I had no idea why any of them where here. I felt as though I was missing something, a big piece of something. I was still lying in my bed, when Emily came over. "Can everyone leave..." She asked drawing everyone’s attention to her. "I'll tell her everything, because somehow no one in their right mind seems to want to. This is going worse than when Sadie came last year." Everyone listened to her but Caleb. Caleb stayed at my side, I knew he wasn't going to leave. He was afraid of so much that could happen if he did. I knew in some ways that I was afraid too, but I was a Princess and I had to hide it. "Caleb, I'll be fine." I assured him, even though I didn't really know for sure if I really was going to be fine. He didn't take any attempted to move or get up. "Caleb, even you haven't told her how big of a deal this war really is, and it's about time someone did. You can't handle hearing what I have to say. And I know that. So please leave. I promise to do her no harm." Emily said sitting down on the chair next to my bed. I guessed that Jasmine must have put it there, when I'd blacked out. Caleb got up and kissed the top of my head and turned to walk away. I began to sit up in my bed but it hurt and I whimpered in pain. "Just lay down." Emily said and woke Tina up. "Come here girl." Tina jumped up on the bed and came to lick my face and I moaned in pain when she step on my leg. I patted the spot next to me and Tina did her three spins and then laid down. I petted her and I started to calm down and fall asleep again. "No sleeping, you sleep and you'll die." Emily said. "I can't counter act that. When you blacked out, I could because you were still cautions" I looked at her completely confused. "I'm not a witch. I can read minds and counter act some spells. I'm rare kind to the dark side. When Alexander found out he fell in love with me, and became my protector. Unforinatly, I don't have a fairy. I don't think I ever will. "Though, I long for one, I watch everyone here with their protectors and fairies or demoes whatever you may call them." She said shaking her head. Letting her blond hair fall around her face. Her spikes that were usually up, laid flat on the back of her head giving it even more volume. "We call them demoes." I told her and she nodded. "But I do long for one. I feel so out of place here without one. But you can't pick you demoed, your parents do. Seeing as my parents aren't part of this life, they can't." She said, and looked away. "Anyways, I'm here to tell you about the war and being a princess." She laughed. "Sounds kind of weird an ironic." She was right just like always. "Were to start, were to start, now that's the very question, that stumbles everyone here. That's why I'm here, Jasmine your mother called Alexander, knowing that he would get me here to talk to you." She laughed again. "The funny thing is that I've never really been prepared to tell you any of this. I told you sister, Sadie, But that was easier, I could read her thoughts, but you I can't. So I don't know how you’re going to talk it all in. "But we will start with the story of the Dragons." She said looking back at me with a smile. "About four hunderd years ago, the family of the Dragons and the family of the Hearts rose to the higher power. The Hearts and Dragons are still known as the leading families, meaning that they rule over all the dark side and Carryon. Though, the Dragons are a strong line, they do not have as much power as the Hearts do. "Your mother is afraid that if you fall for Caleb, that soon, werewolves, vampires, and witches will become equals and this cannot happen and it is for the story of the Dragons that this is true. "It started with Caleb's great, great, great, great, grandfather, Benjamin. He was a werewolf, he started to fall in love with a vampire...but soon found out that if he ever did marry her, he would be killed. It wouldn't have been for the fact that they soon found out that the vampire was pregnant. No one back then knew it was possible, that's when the war first broke out between the Dragons and the Hearts. "It wasn't a pretty war, no wars are. But when they break out between royal families it's horrible. Royal families are strong, even the Hearts are, and they are dying. But the truth is that the Dragons were weaker, witches were weak in their family, but the Hearts had many witches, giving them strength. "They fought and fought for years, it was only a few years ago that things settled. You were born and so was Caleb. Sadie was one, and she looked like a promising Princess, but only a few years later, you started to show more promise. The Dragons became anger that they would lose more power. "You and Sadie are both too young to take the throne. So the Dragons declared war, and they are trying to kill Jasmine and Aaron." Emily gave me a sad look. "I'm sorry." "So your telling me Caleb's family is trying to kill my parents?" I asked. "Yes...." "That's stupid! Caleb would never do that." "Caleb might not, but what about the rest of his family? Do you know them?" "Neither would Melinda or Emmett!" I yelled at Emily this was stupid. I got up and Tina whimpered, but I ignored her and my pain. I left, not even asking what was up with the whole Nina.

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