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A Fantastical Book: The Three Legends

May 14, 2021
By BluerasCult, Makati, Other
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BluerasCult, Makati, Other
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  It was a nice, sunny day at Passam Street, with a nice collection of lively houses. Though it wasn't its colorful houses that made the street wonderful; it was the neighborhood.
  The Blueras is a nice family of one mother, one father, one older son, and one younger daughter. They were always nature-freaks; it was common to see them wandering around the nearby forest, a very green forest.
  The Collore family is a large family living in the largest house on the street, they were a colorful bunch, with a hard-working mother, a gym-freak father, an aunt who would always snooze around, a nerdy uncle, a jock older son, an artistic daughter, and more.
  There were residents such as the Cana, Balado, and Black Family that were very close with each other. They would always do things together such as going on trips, throwing a large party, and the likes.
But then, among these lively bunch of residents, there was one who was the near opposite.
  "Eugh! When will they ever do anything!?" Mr. Protto was a balding man in his late fifties. He was reading his daily newspaper, sitting on his front porch like every morning, when he came across an article about a protest going on about their current government being... Inactive.
  Out of anger, he ripped the paper in half and aimed the two pieces towards the black bulldog leashed and tied to the fence.
  "That's yer breakfast for this mornin'!" He shouted in his usual grumpy voice as he threw the pieces towards the dog.
  Grumbling angrily, he went back inside of his house, closing the door shut behind him.
  The Krane family was one of the hardworking residents of the street. Mr. Krane is the CEO of a moderate-sized company, whilst Mrs. Krane is the vice-principal, and the history teacher, of a well-known school.
  Their eldest son, now in college, was presumed to be a scientific prodigy, whilst they hoped the middle son to be a future successful author and writer. The two of them began showing signs of their passion for science and writing at the early age of twelve...
  Alice Krane, the youngest and only daughter, however, was about thirteen years old when she was still half lost to what her true passion is.
  Her two had eldest brothers always teased her, always asking her if she finally found her "future" every time they see her.
  This annoyed her very much, and even as much as her parents cared for her, they were still busy for most of the week to bother scolding her brothers.
  Fortunately, once the eldest brother had moved to move out to college, Alice only had to deal with one brother.
  Alice Krane was the adventurous type.
  She would always play with Blueras Family's kids when they ever went to visit the forest, act like they were on an adventure, being chased by different kinds of wild animals.
  Once, she even climbed a very tall tree—She got stuck, Mrs. and Mr. Blueras took a while to finally get her down—
  But besides the many many times she got herself stuck, it was starting to look as though she finally found her passion, she had only needed to look if there's an actual job about "Finding abandoned temples and retrieving lost items" or "Running away from wild animals in the jungle".
  There was also one thing that she and her mother have in common, being that they both find history amusing.
  Well, she only finds it interesting because of ancient Egypt, the medieval era, and (even though not passed as actual history) Greek mythology. Whilst her mother only finds the common parts such as the world wars interesting, but that didn't stop her from talking about her daughter's interest and having fun doing so.

  Her love for Greek mythology and the medieval also caused her to find fairy tales or fantastical worlds highly worth reading.
  It had always been her dream to soon wake up in another, much more vast world. For the thirteen years that she had been living on earth, the only place she had gone to was her neighborhood, the neighboring forest, and the supermarket.
  Even when her parents had almost high-paying jobs, they still didn't really have the time to take family trips. Instead, they'd just have a family game night, or movie night, when both of her parents were lucky enough to be free from work, which was rare.
  But she was just glad that the both of them try to make their family bonding long and productive before they'll be busy again.
  She may be very hopeful that there was a fantastical world out there, but she wasn't oblivious anymore once she was thirteen.
  Whilst she still clings to that wish, she just knew that something as good as that won't be happening. After hearing Mr. Protto yell about all the negative things written in his newspaper, she could just imagine that her own world was anything but fantastic.

  Besides the Blueras Family's kids, she also had two close friends at school, and a part of one small social group.
  Nothany Norte is the closest high school to the street, so of course, most but not all the young teenagers would enroll there.
  Alice's friends, Noel Parks and Jessie Moonloom, were, however, from a different street that is also close to the school.
  Noel Parks is a kind and sensitive boy, whilst he's shy and quiet at first sight. Once he gets comfortable, can be quite talkative, and determined enough to lead an entire class. When he's provoked, however, he won't back down without a fight, even with his weak posture.
  Jessie Moonloom was a quirky individual. She can also last in a battle of wits. Like Noel, she won't back down without a fight... Or, at least, for her, she won't back down without an argument. An argument where, instead of logic, she uses the complete opposite to annoy (and torture) her foe into backing down

  Alice watched as Mr. Protto's pet bulldog had his newspaper for breakfast. She, like most of the residents, had always hated the grumpy old man, but it's not like they could do anything about it. He was very stubborn.
  And she was also unfortunate enough to live just a few houses away from the man's. Every time she'd go out, she would always see that dog laying down on his front lawn. At least he was kind enough to feed the dog regular food, only feeding it absurd, inedible things, such as the newspaper, whenever he was more grumpy than usual
  She wasn't sure herself if the bulldog liked him or not, seeing that it would always try to fend off anyone who tried to visit the old man, and at the same time would always whimper randomly at a random time. Alice once tried to give it a bowl of meat, but she ended up being almost bitten on the foot whilst doing so. She never stepped near that dog again... But would still watch over it longingly when she was feeling bored.


  Nothany Norte was an average high school and middle school for students of the sixth to tenth grade. The nearby Lymuce Elementary being the closest school for the below grades. Along with her street, other neighboring streets also come to these two as their primary school until college. Almost all the kids in her neighborhood go to Nothany Norte, so she pretty much already knew a good percentage of students there on her first day. Not only did she know the kids in Passam Street, but also the street wherein her two close friends, Noel Parks and Jessie Moonloom, live. So every day she'd go into the school halls, it was one hundred percent that some random kid in her street that she barely knew would come and greet her.
  As much as she hated the pure stress of the countless homework given to her, there was one thing that she'd always look forward to at school, talking to her friends. Besides Noel and Jessie, she was also in one small social group in her class, this including Kara Lin, a half-Asian half-American girl one year younger than her. Ron Gasinmo, a Hispanic boy a year older than her. Jane Evergreen, an American girl the same age as her. And Kenny Black, the youngest son of the Black Family, who was also living in her street. If Noel and Jessie were busy, she'd always go to this group of friends for a fun chat every after-lesson and breaks.

 It wasn't very much of a productive weekend for Alice. Her mother was out, and her father was busy with his working laptop in the dining room. Her brother, however, was not. He just got done writing a fresh, new chapter of his book that he had dedicated himself to finishing for months now, and he thought that he could take a little break after a long two weeks of writing that one chapter... And what would be better than spending time with his little sister that he loved to tease so much?
  Alice showed a look of disgust as she saw her brother sitting on the couch in their living room, having a nice can of iced cola on his hand as he watched the television. It was broadcasting some kind of commercial about cereal.
  She wasn't used to seeing him there; he was always locked in his room, doing whatever, mostly writing, but she could just imagine many other things that he could be doing in there.
  Awkwardly, she took a seat on the other side of the couch, farthest away from him, staring blankly at the television.
  "Want a drink?" Her brother grinned as he stretched out his arms, offering her the can.
  "No, thanks." She grumbled, still staring at the television.
  "Suit yourself," He smirked, taking another sip of the can. "Finally finished a chapter, it ended with a twist. Veronica is actually baring Boe's child, not Colt's!"
  She gave him a look, she still wasn't sure what type of story her brother was writing, but so far for the many times she had heard him boast about his book, it sounded like he had put every single genre she could think of, and mashed them all together into one big, and confusing, story.
  Once he was talking about a boy and his goth teenage years, and then he was talking about some kind of ugly-looking alien kidnapping his mother, then he was fighting a dragon, and then he found himself into some kind of complicated love triangle.
  "That's nice to know, brother." She looked away to roll her eyes as she grumbled again.
  "Whatever," Her brother shrugged. "Any luck trying to find a suitable job for an explorer, like you?"
  "Any luck trying to come up with a better story?" She retorted.
  "Hey," he frowned. "You know the saying, don't judge a book by its cover! If you take the time to actually read my story, you'll see that it all perfectly makes sense."
  "I'm not sure about that." She rolled her eyes again.
  Again, not a very productive weekend. The only times it was even close to being productive was when Alice had met up again with the Blueras Family, they seem to be busy and in a hurry to get to the bus stop just outside of the neighborhood, and had ran with them to it. And also on Sunday evening where she tried to attend a party hosted by the Cana, Balado, and Black family, though she only stayed for ten minutes because Thomas Boyde, the kid one year younger than her living a few houses away, tried to flirt with her the minute he had spotted her.
  And lastly, on Sunday night where her father arrived home, (he had been gone for the whole weekend), and had spent some time playing pretend with Alice on the treehouse backyard—she had suspected that he had broken his back along the way, and didn't bother to tell her—
  After brushing her teeth and washing her face for the night, she tucked herself into her deep blue solo single bed, it was as comfy as she could've asked for. Her room really wasn't considered as a big one, in fact, all she could fit into it was one single bed, one medium-sized wardrobe in front of her bed, and a wooden desk and chair for her schoolwork, which also held one drawer, a lamp, and one figurine from one of her favorite fantasy movies.
  She stared up at her ceiling. There were a bunch of star-shaped stickers all over it, some even glow. Ever since her mother and father had first read her fantasy type bedtime stories, she had always been entranced with the word "fantasy" or "fantastical". A world of magical beings, inhabitants, and places where she could enjoy and sightsee.
  Of course, she wasn't as excited about it as she was when she was about eight to nine years of age. Whilst she didn't really believe in a world like that anymore, she still had high hopes of having a dream about it. All she could do then was to turn off her lamp, stare at the star stickers for about five minutes, and close her eyes...

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