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May 14, 2019
By LucasJordan, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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LucasJordan, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Author's note:

This is imcomplete

The author's comments:

This is meant to introduce you to the world and the words being used

In the year 2036 a meteor, larger than 50 miles in diameter and entirely black in coloration, is predicted to strike the earth in two years killing everyone. The UN held a meeting to discuss the meteor and decide that if was broken into smaller pieces the earth would be spared. For the next two years scientists from around the world worked together to make a missile powerful enough to destroy the meteor, which was given the name Dark Age, the result, a 25 foot nuclear missile named the da Vinci. It would would be launched from the ground below the meteor. On February 26 2038 the da Vinci was launched and struck Dark age right before it entered the exosphere. It did not completely destroy the it though, it was broken into multiple smaller pieces. Most of the smaller pieces burnt up in the atmosphere, but the ones that did land were research and discovered to emit gases when burned. After that discover they found that gas in the air in every country, but after running tests on the gas was deemed safe and was the name Dark Age’s blunder, made to mock the meteor that tried to destroy them. Dark Age’s blunder wasn't completely harmless, by late april of 2038 people started gaining powers, which was due to constant breathing of the harmless gas. The virus is activated when a person is under great stress or under immense pain, scientist call this a catalyst. The government gave a name to the power people got from it and a name to describe those with it Imperi and Lorem respectively. they outlawed the use of Imperi in 2039 with the I&L act and started developing devices to cut of users from their imperi while they wore it.It didn't take long for people to use Imperies for evil, the police forces had to be outfitted with gear to capture evil lorems. Just like a regular virus not everyone gets imperi, only 10% of a population will become a Lorem in 2039. By the year 2040 every Lorem was either imprisoned or had a dampening bracelet, but that was 70 years agos. In the year 2110 Lorems have becoming more prevalent and and rose to 15% of the population, but also the types of imperi are increasing and getting stronger, that's what the news will tell you, what they won’t is how Lorems are the new minority of choice to exclude, once you become a Lorem you’re put on a list and tracked by you dampening bracelet like a house arrest anklet, getting a job becomes a pointless task, because the jobs you find won’t support you to good. Now every Lorem is just waiting for the day someones comes to support them and make them equal, it's happened before with other groups, it's only a matter of time.

The author's comments:

This sets up the events in chapter two and onward. This is imcomplete and I plan to finish it

It's the year 2110 and the students of Stature high are eagerly anticipating the fast approaching summer vacation with only five days left everyone already has plans for the their fun and exciting trip to different states and theme parks, everyone except for Matthew and his friend Daniel. They were more focused on passing their senior year with no failing grades, Matthew had almost failed his sophomore and junior year and daniel almost failed all three. The two had met in their freshmen when Matthew saw Daniel being bullied by two sophomores. When Matthew stepped in to defend his soon to be friend the two 5’5 boy picking on 4’2 boy saw a 5’10 boy walking towards them upset the quickly decided to leave the area. Daniel thanked Matthew and told him he would of liked it better if he had beaten up the two bullies, Matthew laughed and explained that he had taken some martial art classes before. Since that day the two have been best friends and now they’re about to graduate and go through the whole thing again in college, that is if there grades allow them to get into the same one. In their final class of the day they were missing a student who would usually sit in the front, a girl named Jamie. When their teacher walked in, Mr Hawkins, he told the class that Jamie had been expelled because she was discovered to be a Lorem, you see Stature High school is a non-Lorem High School, Lorem are forbidden to attend or teach here and anyone who is found to be a Lorem is either expelled or fired immediately.

“Aw man,” said Daniel “I was gonna ask her out, and now she’s a Lorem, everything just seems to go bad for me.”

“Yeah i know it must such to be one of the Lorems, there aren't that many school the accept them and most establishments want serve them” said Matthew.

“Well it's what they deserve you know, it’s always on the news about them robbing banks, burning down building, and i've even seen some places say that they’ve killed people” said Daniel. Everyone now a days is raised to recent Lorems either through the media or the people around them.

The five days had passed and summer had finally started, Matthew didn't have any plans, but Daniel’s family had surprised him with a trip to somewhere that even Daniel didn't know. Matthew was up set to have to spend the start or summer without his friend, but he knew he was well capable of having fun by himself. The walk home was kinda long but Matthew would usually have Daniel to talk to, he lived only a couple of houses down from Matthew so they would often walk to each others house to hang out. Today was different though Matthew had to walk home by himself and because of that he noticed stuff he wouldn't usually of seen. There were tons of anti-Lorem posters everywhere and so many signs in buildings said “Not serving Lorems” or “Not hiring Lorems”

“Man, I knew that Lorems had it rough but wow” Matthew thought “I only see a couple stores that don’t have a sign” but that's not all Matthew would see on his way home. He saw Lorems being escorted out of a building by police, and was passed by Lorem containment vehicle three different times. New York city had the biggest population of Lorems and noone was really sure why all of a sudden a bunch of Lorems started appearing in the city. Matthew was about to pass a bank when his phone started buzzing, it was his mom.

“Hello” he said.

“Hi sweety” she replied. “I was calling you to ask you to pick up my new card for me.”

“Lucky you i'm right outside the bank”

“Really, thanks honey, I love you”

“I love you too mom, bye”


As Matthew started walking towards the bank he a man talking to the security guard, Matthew could see a damaning bracelet on his wrist, it look beaten up but nonetheless that man was a Lorem. As Matthew passed he heard what they talking about, the Lorem was trying to ask questions about the bank but the security guard didn't seem to pay him any mind they were still talking when he got inside

“Hello Matthew.” A lady said.

“Hi Mrs. Charlotte” answered Matthew. Mrs. Charlotte was a friend of his mother and they knew each other pretty well

“Here to pick up your mom’s new card I presume?” asked Mrs. Charlotte

“Yes ma’am”

“Ok, come into my office and i give you it.”

As they were about to enter her office a gunshot rang out. Matthew quickly looked to where the sound had come from, it was the front door. He could see the Lorem opening the door to enter with a gun in his hand. As he entered the second set of doors he quickly turned and shot the other security guard who was too slow to stop him.

“Everyone on the ground!” The Lorem shouted “I have something to show you.” The Lorem dropped the gun and grabbed the bracelet on his left arm and took it off. The whole room was shocked, those bracelets could only be taken off by law and are made to be highly durable so breaking it was hard to do. How was he able to take his off?

“I represent a group of Lorems named Hidden Lore,” He announced proudly. “They have the ability to remove their damaners at will.” The Lorem started walking away from the door.

“And you all get to be part of their first demonstration.” He turned toward the teller booth and raised his arms.

“Everyone get down!” Mrs. Charlotte screamed as two large pillars of fire shot out from the Lorem’s hands scorching the booths and setting off the sprinkler system, but the flames were too powerful to be put out by them. Matthew was hiding in Mrs. Charlotte’s office, he was drenched by fear and water, he had never seen a Lorem use their Imperi in person before.

“Matthew” Mrs. Charlotte said. “I’ve contacted the police and they’re on their way.” Matthew was scared down to the bone and she could she that.

“Everything gonna be-”

“Who’s in here” The Lorem interrupted.

“Matthew get down” Matthew was quickly thrown to the floor as a stream of fire blasted Mrs. Charlotte against the back wall of her office. He quickly ran behind the desk, and as he expected Mrs. Charlotte was dead.

“I saw another person in here,” The Lorem shouted as he walked into the office. “It's better if you come out and meet your death you normal.” Matthew was petrified, there were two exits in the office but he was to scared to move to either one and he didn't know which one the Lorem was closer to.

“I know you’re behind the desk.” Taunted the Lorem as he blasted open the filing cabinet sending shrapnel in multiply directions. Matthew had to make a decision quick, he looked around and saw a piece of shrapnel that came from the filing cabinet. He picked picked it up and charged the Lorem with the intent to stab him, but the Lorem was stronger and faster than him. He grab his arm and lifted him off the ground by it.

“You’re just a bit to slow there bud.” He snickered.

“Let go of me.” Matthew pleaded.

“No, no I can't do that,” He said smiling and walking toward the crowd of people. “say good night.” Matthew started struggling to escape his grasp, then he felt like he felt he was falling, but not only that it felt like something came out of him. After he hit the ground he heard the Lorem say

“Oh, my bad there friend, I didn't know you were one of us” Matthew was confused, he opened his eyes and looked at his would be assailant and saw another him being held by the Lorem.

“Wow,” The Lorem said. “That's a pretty neat Imperi you got there.” Matthew was shocked he couldn't be a Lorem he’s been normal his entire life, why did it have to happen now.

“Welp” the Lorem continued “I got a job to complete.” He turned around and walked back to the crowd

“Ok. who’s next!” Matthew with the adrenaline still in his body grab the shard and rush the Lorem stabbing him in the back.

“Why you little-” he tried to say when he turned around, but Matthew punched him in the face knocking him to the ground. Matthew began to cry thinking about the death of Mrs. Charlotte, and wailed on the Lorem till he was knocked out. Aloud bang came from the door and the Lorem specialized swat team ran in guns drawn.

“Step away from the man, you Lorem!” One of the swat members said.

“What, no-” Matthew tried to say but was interrupted

“Officer, both of them are Lorems you should arrest them both” a man in the crowd said.

“Is that so?” The same officer said. Then he spoke into his radio “We have two Lorem that need arresting bring in another pair of cuffs.” Matthew had cuffs but on him and was put into the back of the Lorem swat car. So many emotions were running through his head he didn't have any idea what to think, because he was no longer a normal person he was a Lorem.

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