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Final Flight

November 5, 2014
By Trlearjet, Barrington, Rhode Island
Trlearjet, Barrington, Rhode Island
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There was a loud buckling sound from the belly of the plane, visible cracks started to form on the interior of the cabin, a loud droning noise continuously rushed out of engine number 2. Alex looked back into the cabin from behind the controls of the plane, he saw that pure terror was filled in the minds of all the passengers and was being violently expelled in the form of screams. Some passengers were crying, some praying quietly, others were ready in the brace position just in case they were to fall from the sky at any minute. This is a thrilling short story about a man on his flight home. Thinking it's going to be a long flight he puts his head back about to take a nap, but the flight is cut short becuase of a midair collision. Suspense builds up and the plane faces iminent doom.

T R.

Final Flight

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