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Altais Chronicles Book 2: Arrival of the Lycan

April 26, 2013
By coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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Once Altai arrives to the Mountains of Combat, he sees a strange person waiting for him at the dock where Altai’s arrival is. The strange person is a sensei that is in charge of the training camps.
“Hello young warrior; my name is Goliath. I have been training warriors since my master trained me here. I have made many skilled warriors. Some are very quick minded students, and some are very stealthy students. They know when danger is on the alert, even when they are sleeping. So why are you here young warrior?” questions Goliath.
“I am here, because I got some news from the Warriors Guild. My arch-enemy Arcane is out of it again and he seeks revenge on me at this very minute,” says Altai.
“I see and have you tried to defeat your arch-enemy?” asks Goliath.
“Yes I did, and it did not work. I think I killed him, but I guess a random thing brought him back to life,” stated Altai.
“Okay, you might want to train at this camp, because if you do, you might be able to stop Arcane. He is probably better than you are,” says Goliath.
“Well you are probably right. I should do that to stop Arcane,” responds Altai.
“So when can I start master?” questions Altai.
“Well, we’ll start on the basics. Are you good with sensing when an enemy is coming?”
“I am,” Altai declares.
“Well let’s see. You stay there and I’ll be right back,” says Goliath.
Then all of a sudden, enemies appear and were very swift. They were not like swift like Altai’s original enemies, but swift like a lightning bolt. He uses his sword of wind to get them, but it did not work. So, he takes a slash from his swift sword but it did not work either. He takes punches like a training dummy.
“Ouch!” vociferates Altai.
Altai agonizes pain from the series of punches he impacts.
“You need to work on your agility, fighting and sensing skills if you want to go to the Forest of the Shadows. You will have to work harder and keep trying to work on your skills,” states Goliath.
So Altai works on his sensing skills, his fighting skills and his agility skills, and he enhances them all.
“I think you understand what it means to be a warrior,” says Goliath.
“You really think so?” questions Altai.
“I know so. Now let’s see how your skills are. Use your kick combo,” says Goliath.
He kicks the enemy a few times, which he knocks down to the ground.
“Now use your stealth punch,” Goliath commanded. He is stealth, and lands an uppercut on the enemy.
He uses the uppercut on the enemy, and it makes him go flying.
“You did well my young student, I will pronounce you to be in my school. Here is your white belt,” Goliath congratulates.

“Altai, you will make wonders in my school, it will help you on your journey to defeat Arcane. If it doesn’t, I have a special weapon you should obtain,” offers Goliath.
“When can I get it?” questions Altai.
“When you are worthy to defeat me, of course.”
“Let’s do it.”
“Nope, not yet. People that have the black belt can challenge me. If you challenge me, I will destroy you with one move and you are done for. You need more training on your combat skills in order to destroy me. Okay, wake up at the crack of dawn, do some training, and I will see what you can do,” Goliath states.
“Alright see you later my student,” ends Goliath.
It is the crack of dawn Altai has been training all morning. When the sensei comes in he says, “Wow, I didn’t know anyone new will work that hard to receive the yellow belt; they usually just take their time and put their mind to it and just go slowly. I see you are worthy, but can you do the kick of the tiger?”
“Let’s see if your fierce kick on the training dummy will do the trick.” Altai raises a fierce kick on it so hard it jabs a hole through it. The sensei is very amazed; he gives him the yellow belt from his hard work. “You earn it my worthy student. Now let’s see your fierce punch. So tell me about your history on becoming the best warrior, Altai.”
“Well, it happened a long time ago. Back when I was only a child, there was a war going on, and my father was in that war. It was Warriors vs. Lycans and my father, Yami, was one of the best fighters in the war. After the war ended, he was victorious, but a week after the war, the king of the Lycan Pack came to fight him. His name was Majestic. He killed my father, Yami, by one of his sharp claws. I was very upset about the sad news, but I got over it. I heard that Majestic is still around, and he hired Arcane to kill me for good. Majestic’s claws are no ordinary claws; they are corrupted. It had some strange power to his claws, and its power is about 150%, I am sure, but those are rumors.”
“That is a sad story, but you can work on it and believe just like your father, okay?”
“Well, maybe tomorrow you can train with the students.”
“I am ready to face the students. I am prepared to fight, and I have the guts to do it.”
“Okay, let’s get a yellow belt out here.”

This morning Altai starts training on his fighting skills. When he was about to train, there is an announcement in the village,
“Attention all fighters. Please come to the school as soon as you can. There is an emergency. “
Once he got to the school the Sensei states, “I have some urgent news, Majestic is out of it again and I need the best fighter team to stop this beast before something happens.” Altai flashes back to when his father was fighting Majestic, he feels anger. It snaps him back into reality. He asks,
“Where is Majestic?”
“He’s in the Forest of Shadows,” says the Sensei.
“No one has ever made it out of that forest except the best fighters; just keep on your toes and good luck killing Majestic once and for all.”
“You can count on me, I am going alone,” stated Altai.
“But you are going to die alone; you need to bring some people,” one of the many students said.
“I said I am going alone and that’s final!”
He leaves and brings his Swift Sword and his Sword of Wind. He senses a presence that someone is trying to talk to him, it was the water elemental, and he says, “Good luck Altai.”
He has been all around the forest for three hours, and then he stumbles upon a cave; he enters it. When voices are heard, he readies his sword to attack the menacing foe. What Altai sees is a wolf, a big wolf. Like a demon wolf that comes from Hell.
“It’s nice to see you, what is your name little warrior,” questions Majestic mockingly.
“My name is Altai; I come to destroy you on what you did to my father.”
“You are his son?” asks an incredulous Majestic.
“Yes, yes, I am, I come to kill you, because of what you did to my father.”
“Well attack me! Let’s see if you can get through my special claws.”
Altai takes out his swift sword and he gains the power of super speed and jabs Majestic on his left claw. It hurts him enough to become paralyzed.
“Very good trick, but take this attack!”
Majestic claws Altai on his right leg.
“Alright, you may get my leg, but I still have super speed.”
And then when Majestic jabs his little claw on his hand, he cannot use it and drops the sword.
“You got me, but try to kill me! You don’t have a chance to kill me.”
Majestic picks up Altai’s swift sword and sabotages its powers. It did not gain him speed, but it gives all the abilities to Majestic.
“This is it Altai. You are going to die!”
But he is thinking a divine ritual. He is thinking about one and then says,
“I command the three elements Lightning, Water, and Fire. Attack thy enemy with your superior powers.”
And then a mysterious triangle appears on the floor, and blasts Majestic so strongly that he flees with defeat. Altai has his sword back and went back to town. The town folks think he did not make it, but he survives.
“How did you beat the mighty Majestic?” asks one of the towns’ folk
Altai answers, “I did not kill him. I defeat him, but he fled. I attempted to kill him by using an old mythical ritual that I learn long ago when my father was around. I will be fine.”
“You need to relax, because you are severely injured,” says concerned Goliath.
“Fine, I guess I will relax a bit,” says Altai.

I know we have this every year, but I want to give the Graduates from my school a certificate that authorizes them to use offensive moves against enemies in the unknown. It is a good privilege to give them. But if they fight any citizen or non-enemy they will lose their rights.
After Goliath gives the certificates to the students he proclaims, “There is one more award. This award goes for hard work, training, and saving our lives from the menacing enemy Majestic. He will not only get a certificate but also receive a special platinum belt. This master belt is better than the double or even triple dragon belt. This award goes to… Altai.”
The crowd cheers for him. He takes the award with his left hand and shakes Goliath’s hand with his right.
“I want to thank Master Goliath, the elementals and my father for trying his best to beat Majestic.”
“Not so fast on going ahead on your journey Altai,” says someone.
The person parachutes from the sky; it is Altai’s archenemy, Arcane.
“I won’t let you defeat me like you defeated my dragon. But don’t worry, you will suffer the same death as my dragon. You will pay on what you did to me,” threats Arcane.
He takes out a staff, the Staff of Death.
“This staff has a chance of electrocuting you with 250,000 volts of electricity. Just to let you know, I should be electrocuted, but that zap you gave me put a jolt of electricity in my bloodstream. That is why I can hold this staff,” stated Arcane.
“Then how did you get it?” said Altai.
“I got it from Majestic; he commanded me if I kill you I can keep it.”
“Ok, then let’s fight.”
Altai takes the first move. He uses another move called the Kick of the Ninja, which is a low kick that brings Arcane down on his face. Then Arcane uses the Staff of Death on Altai and levitates rocks in order to pelt him with it. Altai goes for his last move the Ritual of Divine. He learns that spell a couple weeks ago when he was severely hurt. In order to learn the Ritual of Divine he has to have the platinum belt in order to learn this spell. The spell causes three weird star symbols that transforms into one, and it goes to him and gives him a big blast. It causes to fly into the sky and never to return. The crowd cheers and chants Altai’s name.
“Well done Altai. You defeated your archenemy and Majestic you should be proud of that.”
“I am sir,” briefly stated Altai.
“Altai, it is time. You must go to other places, places in the unknown and discover new discoveries. Farewell young warrior; we will miss you.”
“Ok, I will be back later on. I know you enjoy my skills and I guess I will see you later, bye everyone.”
“Bye Altai” says the towns’ people cheerfully.

The author's comments:
This is a pretty gruesome chapter, it has not much detail. If you are squeamish though, I don't recommend this chapter for you to read.

After Arcane’s defeat his injury is very severe, which causes him to limp back to Majestic’s lair. Arcane knows that Majestic would be disappointed on him.
When Arcane is back at Majestic’s lair he apologizes, “I am sorry, Master. I struggled not to fail you. I just want to try to kill Altai, but he is too superior against me, I hope you can give me another chance.”
“I will give you another chance alright? Follow me.”
He follows Majestic as he forcibly stated, “Prepare for your death Arcane.”
“I don’t want to die just give me another chance.”
“Sorry Arcane, but I have to do this.”
He sticks his corrupted claws out and digs his claws into Arcane’s chest, and then something happens to Arcane.
“Why aren’t you dead?”
“I have the ability to live forever.”
“Let me try my claws again.”
He did and this time he dies.
“Ha it worked; I killed his arch-enemy. Now I did Altai a favor while he gains a nemesis. Altai, prepare for a fight of your life!”

Early morning on his journey, Altai gets a message from Omni and it says, “Altai I have some bad news. Majestic is coming to get you and has killed your archenemy. I want you to be prepared to get ready to fight Majestic. I suggest you go to Lombiardo and see what kind of weapons and armor he has. It’s a difficult task can you take it?”
“Yes I can, even though he assassinates my archenemy he also killed someone else, my father and I am going to kill him for revenge on killing my father.”
“Ok, Altai. The tasks are to go to Lombiardo and see what he has. Next go to hunt down Majestic, and finally kill him once and for all. Will you take this mission Altai?”
“Yes,” accepts Altai.
“Ok, I hear he has good swords, you should check them out, bye.”
Once Altai was at Lombiardo, Valleys of Combat he said, “Do you have any swords I can use?”
“Why?” questions Lombiardo.
“I need to have a good sword to kill Majestic.”
Lombiardo gasps about what Altai says. “I heard of Majestic Altai, he is very strong; let me see if I have that special sword. Oh here we go this is a very special sword, rumors have that it powers of wolves and werewolves.”
“What is it known as?”
“It is known to be the Sword of the Moon. Take good care of it Altai, everyone is counting on you.”
“I have one more question.”
“Why did you not charge me with the sword?”
“Oh that?” Lombiardo laughs heartily, “This sword is worthy for killing Majestic, and I think you might want it.”
“You’re welcome.”
Altai continues on his journey to find Majestic.

When Altai is on his journey he sees an abandoned castle, once live long ago. He enters inside the castle, instincts activates to him. His sword is ready to slash, and then he hears a howl from a wolf. It comes from the roof of the castle. He dashes up the stairs to check out what it was. It was Majestic, and he had special armor on him. It looks like he took Arcane’s powers right out of him. He takes first attack with his claws ready; Altai slashes his claws from one of his hands right off. He claws him again below, but Altai dodges it. He tries one last time and this time he aims it dead-on. He claws him on his right leg, which is a weakness for Altai. Now that he can’t move that leg he can’t dodge Majestic’s attacks. He deciphers a certain spell that he did not know Arcane had. It is The Spell of Hades. This attack allows a player to double their powers. If it’s a mortal enemy like Majestic, its powers shift from 150% to 150%X4. This power is overkill so if Altai gets attacked once from this attack he is done for. When he attempts to attack Altai, he flips himself sideways; the castle wall crumbles on Majestic. It falls to the ground with thousands of pounds of castle gravel right upon him. He struggles to get down and eventually he does and then he comes close to Majestic he says,
“Kill me! Go ahead. I don’t care. I will still kill you.”
“I won’t kill you. I want you to stay there and never kill me again,” firmly stated Altai.
Majestic is left in the grave which he gets out of sometime later. When he leaves he goes back to his lair and thinks of a plan on how to kill him.

“I think I know how to defeat Altai. I will combine the “Spell of Hades” with the “Ritual of Divine” in order to make the ultimate spell.”
He combines the two spells and made the “Spell of Spacial Timeline”.
“With this spell, Altai will have no choice, but to give up willingly.

Meanwhile, when Altai defeats Majestic he runs back to the Mountains of Combat to tell his master. The master is not really surprised for some reason.
“I knew you could defeat Majestic. You are a hardcore warrior and you should be proud.”
“I am, Master.”
When Altai is training a little more on his skills, he spawns a piece of paper. It looks like a page from a spell book. Altai reads it carefully and says,
“The Sword of Storm”.
He knows he is lucky to have this spell. He deciphers the description on the spell,
“This spell makes your sword power up to maximum level.”
Altai tries, but it and did not work. He attempts another try, but didn’t have any luck. He reads something important in small print; “Only special platinum black belts may use this spell.”
He figures out if he trains, he improves his spells. He goes to goliath and says, “I can’t use the Sword of Storm spell.”
“Well, the reason why you can’t use this spell is, because you need to battle me in order to receive the spell.”
“How about a battle?”
“Sure, but I won’t go easy on you.”
They fight, Altai takes the first move, and then the sensei uses an earth shield to protect him. Altai raises his foot for the kick of power, which shatters the earth shield. The sensei uses his gravitation to lift some of the ground. He then flings some of the ground at Altai. Altai manages to dodge it.
“That’s it; I have to use my ultimate move, elemental blast.”
Elemental Blast is the combination of fire, water, and lightning. Somehow Altai endures that attack. He uses the Endurance of Power spell, then another spell to deflect the attack. The attack defeats the sensei.
“Good job, young warrior. You defeat me; for that I declare you to be a special platinum black belt.”
“Thanks, master.”
Altai takes out his Wolf Sword and it powers up his sword to maximum level for a limited amount of time.
“Why is this spell temporary and not permanently leveling up my sword?”
“The reason is that you can only use it a certain amount of times. Once your mana is all gone you can’t use that spell. In order to get your mana up you have to destroy a boss, destroy certain amount of monsters, or rest. Those are the only ways to get your mana up besides potions. You don’t want to get potions, because they are expensive and some of them have curses ok?”
Altai leaves the village again, but this time he is actually leaving. He arrives on a ship and floats back to his village.

Everyone is waiting for Altai to come back. Suddenly a ship sets to port, it is Altai. Everyone is excited to see him. One person says,
“How was your journey?”
Altai responds by saying,
“I had a good time.”
Even the elementals were there.
Altai says to everyone,
“Arcane has been killed.”
Everyone cheers about that good news. Then the warrior guild comes to Altai and says,
“I have some bad news, Majestic is coming to kill you.”

Altai goes on his new adventure to seek for Majestic. His village is in peril now when he left. The power of evil by a mysterious force has put these people into great fear. The force is so strong; the villagers gave up to the force. Yet the Warrior’s Guild is strong enough to only protect this power.

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