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Eagleville Article

April 21, 2015
By DSteins SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
DSteins SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The biggest treasures are found in the smallest of places. Eagleville Elementary School in Eagle Wisconsin is exactly that; a small building filled to the brim with love and spirit. Surrounded by knowledgeable forests, and sliced by a racing creek, Eagleville is a journey of nature rather than a simple school.  A place where kids learn outside rather than just inside. 

Eagleville Elementary is an ancient piece of awesome. Compared to most of the schools around the area, Eagleville is pint-sized. It’s in a baby town in the middle of nowhere. The school is surrounded by wildlife and does a splendid job maintaining it. Compost bins are placed throughout the grounds where they decompose what is left from there lunches and turn them into nutrient soil for their gardens and plants.

Eagleville not only has the nature perspective, but an old fashioned architecture feel as well. Every day before the school day begins, the hefty Church like bell on top of the school pounds, echoing throughout the streets. Kids line up to march through the double doors in the front that lead them into a building of knowledge, and good old fashioned fun. This building is more than just a treasure. The heart that is in every brick creates a loving atmosphere that suns the soul. Eagleville is more than just a place you go to learn, but a place you go to experience.

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