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Traveling throughout Yosemite and Bass Lake

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When school was about to end, my cousins and I were planning to go on a
vacation. We wanted to go somewhere fun and adventures to spend our time. But
when school finished my cousin and I had to attend summer school. We
couldn’t wait until summer school was over so we can go somewhere exiting. Our
families decided that when summer school was over we should go to Yosemite for
three days. Our parents decided to say at Bass Lake those three days so it was
close to Yosemite. It was about an hour away from Yosemite. We decided to go to
Yosemite on the second day.

Summer school ended in August. Our parents reserved a rental house in
Bass Lake for three days. We couldn’t wait until the day will come. The day
before, our moms went for shopping. When they came back we started packing our
things for the trip. We wanted to take so much stuff with us, but we couldn’t,
because we did not have enough room for everything. That day we had to sleep
early, so we could wake up around 7 in the morning to go on our trip. We couldn’t
sleep, we were so excited that the next day we were going to Yosemite.

The next day it was the day we had to go to the Yosemite. We got up early
and started getting ready for our trip. We waited for our cousins to come so we
could live at the same time. We went with two cars; one was ours and the other one
was our cousins. On the way to Yosemite we stopped some places to get some
rest. It took us about six hours to get to Bass Lake. The time passed fast which
was great. When we got to the Bass Lake we were so happy that we finally arrived
after so many hours.

We arrived there around 2 o’clock. We went to register and get our rental
house. The view of our rental house was pleasant. The water was perfect for
swimming. The Bass Lake was very close to our house. There were some boats in
the lake driving around, and also some people swimming. Later that day we went to
the lake to swim. The water was not too hot or too cold but it so perfect for
swimming. There were many people swimming in the lake. After that we went back
to the house to sleep so we can go to Yosemite National Park the next day.
The next day, we went to the Yosemite National Park. It was about an hour
away from us. Right before entering the Yosemite National Park there was a
information booth. We stopped there to get some information, where to go and see
beautiful places. We reserved a newspaper that had a lot of information about the
park. There was information about where the waterfalls were located, places to
hike, some of their museums, and also about their wildlife. I read about, that they
have many black bears in the park. We so wanted to see bears, but we were not so
lucky that time. This place was so big it never ended.
We started looking for waterfalls. The map showed every single part of the
park. We went and parked our cars and started walking to find some waterfalls.
We found the first one, but the waterfall was dried up. There was no water, falling
down. Then we started looking for the next waterfall. We hoped that, maybe the
next one will be a one that, is not dry. But this one was not dry at all. There was
water falling on the rocks on the way down. That was so magnificent the way the
water was dropping all the way from the top to the bottom. At the bottom of the
waterfall there was a lot water piled there. Some children were swimming
there, I wanted to swim there too but I did not have any extra clothes with me.
Around the waterfall there was a lot of different kind of flowers, trees, birds
and other kind of animals. There were a lot of rocks, at the bottom of the
waterfall. The surroundings of the waterfall was so fantastic. We took a lot of
pictures there. There were many people there taking pictures of the waterfall. The
water was keep falling down it would never stop. There was also wind that time
and the water was like dancing while coming down.

After watching the waterfall we went on and looked for other things in the
park. When we finished observing the park we went back to our rental house which
was at Bass Lake. When we went to the house, we were all so tired. My cousins and
I played some cards and then we went to sleep. The next day we stayed in the Bass
Lake. Later that day we went to the pool to swim. After getting tired from the
pool we went back to the lake. The water was so much better than the pool’s water.
We stayed there for a while. The lake’s water was just perfect it was so
wonderful. That was the last day that we stayed there. We stayed awake as much
as we wanted because it was the last day of our vacation. The next day we had to
go back to our houses. We did not want that they to come so early.

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