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The Grand Vacation Revised

September 24, 2014
By iveltac BRONZE, Columbus, Kansas
iveltac BRONZE, Columbus, Kansas
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A Suburban and an Escalade drove into the campground. Out of one came 5 people. Out of another came 8 people. They were camping right next to each other. They had been friends for a long time and had an adventure at Yellow Stone the year before. On the way to the Grand Canyon, Which is where they were now, the family with the escalade had started with a Suburban also, but it had broken down. They then traded the Suburban for Escalade and had car trouble the whole way there. They had finally made it, 3 days late.

Everyone piled out of the vehicles, with cramped legs and empty stomachs. The two families set out helping each other set their campers up. One had a popup camper and the other had a hard sided camper. They set the camper and the canopy up, then while the girls were making the beds, the mom and bots were making lunch, well the boys were kind of helping. After lunch had been eaten, the kids all ran over to the johns’ campsite. The kids all sat at one table and started a game of Skip Bo, while the parents all went over to the other table for some peace and quiet. The kids sat there and played a couple games, while the parents talked.

The johns’ family was made up of 5 members, Mr. Johns, Mrs. Johns, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Natalie. The Hornton family was made up of 8 members, Mr. Hornton, Mrs. Hornton, Jonathan, Benjamin, Susanna, Levi, Lydia, and Grace. Jonathan sat there sipping on a coke. When it was his turn, he set his coke down and played his cards. His pile of cards was gone by the end of the turn and the game was over.

Lydia got up. “I say we play Super Uno.” Jonathan turned towards her “I don’t like Super Uno. You guys can play though.” Daniel smiled “Jonathan will play.” “Says who?” Jonathan smiled. “Because I’m playing!” Remarked Daniel. Everyone was playing, other than the parents, so Jonathan decided to play. About three-fourths through the game the parents came over and told them to get ready to go see the rim.

They all loaded up in each other’s vehicles, the boys in the Suburban, and the girls in the Escalade. Levi was sure he didn’t want to be in the noisy girl vehicle. They first went to the Visitor Center and got Junior Ranger programs. Soon they were in a race to see who could finish it first. One of the boys always had candy, that hard chewy substance that rots your teeth and that’s very yummy. Daniel handed everyone a piece of candy and caught back up with Jonathan, who was ahead of everyone. They walked over to where the red bus stop was. They loaded on the bus. It went to several places where you could get off and look out over the rim. Once the bus reached Hermits Rest, they all got off and looked around. There was a store and a snack bar. What the snack bar had sounded delicious, but just too expensive.

The bus came back but instead of taking the bus, they hiked, they saw pinyon pine trees, Yucca Cactuses, prickly pear cactuses, rabbits, squirrels, and the Grand Canyon. The girls took lots of pictures. The families went back to the campsites and fixed supper. The Hornton family walked over to the other campsite and they ate together. They did another day exploring the Canyon and going to shops. Then on the third day they packed and headed home, girls in one car and boys in the other. On the way home they stopped at Gas stations, restaurants, and Mesa Verde. The Johns’ family was going to extend their vacation, so the Hornton family said good bye the next morning and they headed back home.

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The Grand Vacation to Grand Canyon

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