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My Vacation in Puerto Rico

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

In Puerto Rico, I went to see my grandparents for Christmas last year, and we went caroling at family members' houses. I had so much fun. We sang a whole lot of Christmas songs in spanish to them, and had parties until 2 a.m. and went home. I had probably 7 parties that year for Christmas and New Years. I wore dresses to a few of them. I've been going to Puerto Rico since I was a baby. I love going there every year to see my family and friends. The weather there is so beautiful because it's so warm and sunny. When you get the chance, you should go there during the summertime, and go sightseeing. There's a lot to do in Puerto Rico. You can go to the beach, go out to eat, go shopping, go to parties with your family, and stay in a hotel. I love going there to see my grandparents because I care for them with all of my heart.

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