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House Boat 07'

October 28, 2008
By Anonymous

One day in the early summer, my Dad told me that in a couple of weeks we were going to go on a house boat in Tennessee. But that’s not all, my cousins and Aunt and Uncle were coming along too! I was extremely excited.

The day that we were going to leave for Tennessee finally came. We packed up the night before, and drove all day. We ended up having to stay at a hotel for the night and drive a couple of more hours the next day. When we got there, we went to my Aunt and Uncles cottage. All of my cousins were inside and happy to see us. They had gotten there the night before. We went out on the boat and went tubing. We also swam a bit. For the first night everyone stayed at the cottage. But the next morning it was “House boat here we come!” We loaded all of our things onto the boat and then we were off into lake Norris. I was going to be on this boat for five whole days!

On the boat there was a slide coming off of the back. We stopped in a cove, tied down, then went down the slide and swam for a while. We even jumped off of the side of the boat. It was so much fun! They had six rooms and a pull out couch. We each shared, two to a bed. Every night we cooked food and ate it right on the house boat. Off the back of the boat, we fished. We had a fish camera along with us. You just use the cord to drop it to the bottom slowly, and look through the T.V. that it was connected to, to see the bottom! It was really neat.
After the five days ended I was a little bit upset, because the trip was so fun. The ride home felt like forever, but I knew I would to something like this again some day, and I couldn’t wait.

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