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My Culture

September 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Growing up in the Hiatt house with three brothers was very eventful. I always had three people to laugh and have fun with. Vacations were exciting even though we never flew. We never flew because it would’ve been too much money and my mom and dad usually do not like to spend that much. My older brothers influenced me a lot. I thought that everything they did was cool. Recently, my brother Ryan has influenced my taste in music. We like the exact same bands, like Brand New, Cinematic Sunrise, and Chiodos. My brother Ben has influenced my love for hiking and nature. I love experiencing outdoors. This summer we went camping in Red River Gorge, KY.

Ever since I was 0 we have been going to church. Currently we attend Westfield Friend’s Church and we go to my Grandma and Grandpa Edwards’s house for lunch almost every Sunday. It is always a blast to watch football with my family and stuff my face with my gram’s delicious cooking. My favorite foods are the mouth watering angel hair pasta and the buttery mashed potatoes. My Grandpa Edwards always has a few words for the referees or the team facing the Colts. Everyone in my family loves the Colts. The Colts are our team. If they lose, there is very little talking and people start to leave. The referees are usually to blame for the loss. If the Colts lose in the playoffs it is like losing a part of my soul.

Being a competitive family, all of the males face each other in fantasy football. We give the winner of the league a cash prize and a trophy. Last year I was the champion and they gave me a really big trophy and 30 dollars. I bragged a little bit and showed it off because I am one of the younger ones and I beat all of the adults. This competitive nature has transferred into sports. I hate losing and I give my best in games.

The holidays are fun on both sides of the family. At my Grandma and Grandpa Hiatt’s there are usually arguments and many games of dominoes and sometimes hearts or euchre; mostly dominoes. The noise if dominoes clinking on the glass table would echo through the house. On the Hiatt side I have 9 cousin, 3 aunts, and 2 uncles. Two of my cousins have kids, so the house gets pretty full. The adults bring food for everyone and you need to be in the front of the line to get all the good food.

On the Edwards side of the family the holidays are all spent at my Gram and Pa’s house. There is always really good food because my uncle and my Gram are very good cooks. On the Edwards side I have 1 cousin, 1 uncle, and 1 aunt. On some holidays my Pa’s brothers or my Gram’s brothers and sisters come with their families. Christmas is always good at my Gram’s because she will get everyone pretty much anything they ask for.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. There is no school for 2 weeks and you get a bunch of presents. On Christmas Eve we always eat oyster stew at my Gram’s and attend a candle light service at my church to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. After we get home, my brothers and I try to get to bed as fast as we can. It usually takes a long time. On Christmas morning, we wake up well before our parents so we wake them up. Our parents always make us wait at the top of the stairs so that they can straighten up the presents. After a quick picture, we rush downstairs and find the pile of gifts that has our name on it. We go in order from youngest to oldest, starting with Levi and working our way up to Dad. After presents, my Grandma and Grandpa Hiatt come over and we havesome delicious breakfast casserole. Then we go to my Gram and Pa’s for more presents with the rest of the Edwards family. Our Christmas goes the same every year and when I get kids I want to continue the traditions.

One thing that sets me apart from others is the fact that I am Quaker. Westfield Friend’s Church is a Quaker church. We are not a very big church, with only about 150 people attending each Sunday. No, we do not wear black and white. Some things that make us unique are that we believe that we are all ministers, open worship which allows anyone present to speak during the service, we do not practice the sacraments because that is not what makes a Christian, and we give a Peace and Equality testimony.

My faith is a very important part of my life. My parents have raised me with good values and I am very thankful. I am very close with my Christian family. I am apart of Youth Group and a very tiny Small Group. Through my church I go on mission trips and to Quaker Haven Camp. Whether on a mission trip or at camp, God always shows himself to me in new ways. I try to be light for God amongst my friends and teammates.

My parents, Dale and Jackie, are the best parents a child could have. We rarely ever get in fights and if we do there are never raised voices. They have taught me wrong from right and I see them as very wise. I respect my parents and I do what I am told. They take care of me and I know that I am loved. They listen always listen to what I have to say and are very understanding. I also want to thank my Grandparent’s for raising my parents the right way.

Everyone in my family has helped shape who I am. I would not trade my family for any other and hopefully they would’nt want to trade me.

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