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my hertiage

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a bizarre holiday or just crazy family members? Well I do and sometimes its fun and sometimes its not. There are a lot of things to love about your heritage. I love how fanatic my house gets when we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just the Super Bowl. One of the best things we do every summer is take family trips to different places and celebrating all the birthdays.

One of my favorite trips that we have ever taken was going to Kentucky for a week and a half of camping. We had just arrived at out campsite when it already started to rain. We were in the car for a little while, so we decided to call my grandpa and go see him till it stopped raining. We decided to go out for lunch at the jalapeño’s Mexican restaurant (we go there at least once every time we go down). Everyone in my family can’t get enough of all the burritos, fajitas and the tacos you get. The fresh baked chips and homemade salsa you always get for free. Then we went back to the campsite so finally set up and relax for the week and a half.

The next trip that summer was a long 12 hour trip to New Jersey. (We usually just go on one trip but I guess we had a good income year so we went to both which was not a problem to me.) We go down there to see my step mom’s Italian side of the family. So the first thing that hit my nose was the smell of nanas sweet meat balls that she always make and warm hugs from all of the family. We decided the next day we were going to go to the beach with the best waves, Shady Hook. The day did not go well for me I got stung by a stupid jelly fish while I was riding a monster wave.

The best holiday for food is either Christmas or Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving we have everyone over at our house all the relatives from Indiana and my grandparents made it down form Kentucky and pap and grandma come form Tipton. We have every type of food you can think of we have ham, turkey, the desserts from my dad and grandpa. All the sides from my mom and all the people that come bring something different every year. Then on Christmas we get up at seven or we get woke up at seven but no earlier because the parents need to sleep. Then the parents let us open the huge pile of presents and the best present I got was a I pod, then we watch them open there presents. Then the parents start making the dinner for the family coming over.

Theses are the best parts of my heritage; I love the trips and holidays the most. One of the best things we do as a family though is support; we support one others sports. We have all (or most of all) of us at each others meets and games. Football seems to be the busiest until this year because we were all in different grades. My brother Dom was on JV and Varsity, I was on freshmen football, and Jake was in eighth grade football. Now since Dom and I are on the same team its not that hard they just go to the varsity games on Friday. Then the freshmen games on Monday which include hurry up dinners (but they are still good.)

Then comes winter and it is still busy from people doing sports. Jake and I do student impact basketball and my sister Melissa did swimming but she is in college then Dom and Jake also do Wrestling. Everyone hates winter at my house besides me. I guess I am the only one that likes the cold. I like to go running in the winter to stay in shape from football to track. Then we always have the snow shoveling that you can do to make money. Then we have Christmas, but I already told you about that. We have one birthday during the winter; my little brother Jake was born on New Years. So we usually have a party of some kind and we watch the ball drop and have lots of friends over.

Then comes spring the snow is almost gone unless it’s like last year. Spring we are back to normal, not real busy. Dom Jake and I all do track but that’s all in one day so we never really have to worry about the parents having to be everywhere. My dad usually does the garden and also my dad’s birthday is in the spring/winter it’s like a mixer. The spring is the best time I think because it is not to hot, but it is not to cold at the same time.

The summer is not real busy it’s the calm down month. The only one doing sports during the summer is me. I do a summer baseball league on top of football workouts. We are finally out of school for a few to relax and for me and Dom to go to work. Dom and I work for the same company he makes pools and I lifeguard them. We have four birthdays to celebrate during the summer,
In my family everyone is diverse on there sports teams. I like the New York, Yankees for Baseball; New England, Patriots; Denver Broncos for football; and the Pacers, and Denver Nuggets for basketball. My dad just likes the Pittsburg Steelers for Football. My mom likes her Colts and Giants and the pacers. My brother Jake likes the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, and And New York Giants the New York Yankees and basketball the Pacers. My other brother Dom just likes the Pittsburg Steelers. We have no team that everyone agrees on, so sports seasons are all about the pride you have for your team.
You can tell that my family is close because of how we all support and spend time together. We go on the trip each summer to spend time tighter and take time off of our lives to see each other. Sports is a big part of our family and you need people to support you if your going to do that. We are willing to sacrifice a good meal for a quick meal on football nights just to go and watch them. This is why I love my family and heritage.

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