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What You Can Do with a Video Recorder

March 26, 2013
By kmeep GOLD, Woodbury, New Jersey
kmeep GOLD, Woodbury, New Jersey
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Making a movie, even one that is thirteen minutes long, is not easy. Problems ranging from limited amount of cast members, a rainy day, a camera low on battery, or lack of patience are what many unprofessional movie-makers have to face. But don’t let that throw you off, because a finished movie is worth all the effort you put into it.
If you are making a movie, it will take a lot more than you first expected. The first thing you need is a video camera, which is an obvious necessity. You don’t have to have a fancy camcorder to make a good movie. You may have video on your cell phone or digital camera! Installing a movie editor like Movie Maker (On a computer) or iMovie (On a tablet, smart phone, or iPod) will help too. There you can edit your footage with cool special effects and music.

Another important necessity is a cast. Even with just two people, you can make a movie work out. Make sure your cast is cooperative, because it’s hard to make a movie if your star is playing Legos the whole time.

Don’t forget your set! It may be hard to recreate New York City on your sidewalk, but as the resourceful teenager you are, you’ll find a way I’m sure. But sets could be anywhere from your extremely messy bedroom, to your basement, to your backyard, or even your neighbor’s roof! (I’m kidding on the last one. Don’t try it, seriously.)

Next, you might want a script. You don’t need this; many movies that I have made (or collaborated on) were sort of made up as we went along. But if you are planning out a plot, add something interesting like a deliberate blooper (always gets a laugh) a hyper animal, or loads and loads of screaming. (Okay, you may not want the hyper animal in your bedroom while your star is writing in her diary, but bloopers are fun! You can create a bloopers reel if you like, just to give some people a taste of behind the scenes.

Movies can take about an afternoon’s-worth out of your time, if you do it all at once. When you finish, grab an audience! Give a grand showing to your family and friends, or post your video on the internet.

So for a quick recap, here’s what it took to make one of the movies my friends and I did:

1. Five Friends
2. Several hours
3. A house
4. An iPad Mini
5. Patience
6. Various hairstyles,
7. Various accents
8. Two American Girl Dolls
9. Three pairs of glasses.

Don’t let that uncooperative cast member, bad weather, or low battery stop you, get out there and make a movie!

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Slightly modified how-to article I wrote for a homeschool newsletter.

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