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February 21, 2008
By Anonymous

I love Switzerland. I have always had good memories from there and I have always loved the way things are there. The small villages, the large communities and the way the Swiss culture is different has always interested me. Here are some of the reasons Switzerland is interesting to me.
Switzerland is an awesome country. Switzerland is loved by the citizens very much and is cared for in all the ways possible. It is full of mountains and small valleys and villages. The mountains are very special to the Swiss. The Children in Switzerland learn to ski and hike when they are very young. Switzerland is very small; it is slightly less then twice the size of New Jersey.
Houses in Switzerland are very different. The roofs are at a greater slant then they are here because Switzerland gets lots of snow during the winter and it must be able to slide of the roof instead of gathering on top and then eventually causing it to caving in.
The appliances in Swiss houses are also interesting. In comparison to the U.S. the appliances are much more energy efficient. Toilets all have two buttons, one for a light flush and another for a heavier flush. The Swiss people also do not use dryers very often. Most clothes are air-dried. Refrigerators in Switzerland are also much smaller. Large ones are not needed because people cannot buy things in large quantities as they can here in the United States. There are no big department stores in Switzerland. The Swiss people shop at small stores for things.
Stores in Switzerland are open very little compare to the stores in the United States. On weekdays, stores open around eight and close around five. On Saturdays, stores open around the same time but close around three of four. On Sundays, stores do not open at all. Because of this, people in Switzerland must plan their shopping for the whole week and only go once a week. People also go to bakeries very often in Switzerland. Bakeries are about as common as gas stations are in the United States.
Switzerland is not part of the European Union. Because of this, Switzerland has its own money. They do not use the Euro as the other countries in Europe do. In Switzerland, presidents are only presidents for one year. While they are president, they are not known very well and are not a big part of daily life.
The food in Switzerland is also very good. Their weurst (a Swiss sausage) is a favorite there. Switzerland is also very famous for its chocolate and cheese. The best chocolate can be found in any grocery store.
Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch. German, French and Italian where made official languages because Italy, Germany and France are the three countries that border Switzerland and there are many people who come to Switzerland from these three countries. Romansch is a language that is native to Switzerland. Romansch is language the people in Graubünden speak. Graubünden is a place in Switzerland.

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