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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Since the dawn of cars people have been equipping car with kitchen and beds and going every where. Recreational vehicle‘s where first invented out of all the discomfort of riding packed trains. The first recreational vehicle that was made for sale was the Mae West –house car it was 36-ft. motor home manufactured by Rexhall Industries. It was not very popular cause of the price of this motor home. Recreational vehicle first staring getting popular with the retirement community and soon they got popular with their sons and daughters for their road trips and vacations. They also got popular because of the new American superhighway system.
Recreational vehicles usually contain a table, food preparation storage areas, full bathrooms, refrigerators, living areas, master bedrooms. They can cost from 10,000 to a huge two and one half of a million dollars. Most recreational vehicle can have wireless internet connection and satellite televisions. They can have features ranging for a toilet to a built in tred mill.
Most recreational vehicle people stay at a recreational vehicle park. Most of these parks are free to stay at but some are some commercial parks that have extras features such as swimming pools, game rooms and even horseback riding fields these have fee from a fifteen dollar one night to a thousand dollars for one night. Some recreational vehicle parks have extras that match fine hotels. Most recreational vehicle parks are usually doubled as a campground.
There are different types of recreational vehicle for different types of trips and different types of uses. There are class A ones are that are built on a bus chassis and are a lot more mobile and bigger. Class B ones are Recreational vehicle were vans that are converted into Recreational vehicles. Fifth wheel type are the one that you have to tow they are most like a house. R.V traveler’s trailers are the ones that are used for camping and are the most popular type. A truck camper is the one that mounted on a truck.
Some ways to make a Recreational vehicle trip better is to go the through the country side. Also bring a toolbox for repairing thing that break. To avoid traffic eat during rush hour. Instead of relying on a global positioning device that may not work bring along a compass to use. Bring a roll of quarter for toll roads. Also use more than one driver to avoid being tired. Always double check the tow hooks if towing your recreational vehicle.
Recreational vehicle trips are an American idea. They are an example of American ingenuity because they have all the conveniences of home and plus all the conveniences a car. They are a staple of a family vacation.

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