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Camping Trip

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

After our junior year of high school we decided to go on a camping trip to Lake Shetek, We had a bunch of guys from our class like Alex, Kolt, Turner, T.J. Hayden, Heath, Brock, Austin, Zak, and Justin.

I rode to Heath's house with Alex to wait for the other guys to come, but before we left, I made sure to buy a 24 ounce can of Full Throttle, to keep me energized on the ride there. Once we got there we set up our tents; then it started to rain. After it stopped raining, we took the pontoon out on the lake. Once we were out there the boat quit. So we called in for someone to come get us, but then we canceled it because at about that time Heath realized the key wasn't on and then he started it right up.

After we got done with making fun of Heath for being such an idiot, we took the pontoon out again to go fishing. While we were out there it started to rain again, but we decided to tough it out. After a while the rain got so bad that when we started heading back, it looked like a white wall. By the time we made it back to camp everyone was soaked and everything we left out at camp was wet, including a puddle inside one of the tents.

It was getting dark, so we all went to the shower. Kolt was the last one to take a shower, so we took his clothes and locked the bathroom door from the outside. Once we heard him banging on the door we pulled the stick out of the lock and kicked the door in. When we saw Kolt standing there in his Spandex he was for some reason using as underwear and his eyes the size of baseballs we threw his clothes at him and ran back to the camp.

The next day we decided to go swimming in the lake, after finding out the only place we were supposed to go swimming is in a little spot where you could barely move. We decided to go out and swim by all the houses. Once we got into the water, we started to get second thoughts because the mud or whatever it was on the bottom felt like we where walking in cow manure. And when we went down to get a handful of it, it smelled like crap to so eventually we started throwing it at each other and in a while we where all full of crap smelling mud and needed another shower.

By the time our camping trip was over, we hadn't stayed a day there without it raining, but we still had fun. We plan to go there again this year too.

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