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Motorcycle Swap Meet

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

The last time I went on vacation was to Iowa for a motorcycle swap meet, there’s over eight hundred vendors of swap meet stuff. If you are into anything with a motor and wheels, it is very cool. It is held at the Mississippi valley fairgrounds.

I love motorcycles, and that’s what the whole thing is based around. There are BSA’s Harley’s, Indians, Triumph’s, Moto Guzzi’s, Ducati’s, and other brands of motorcycles you have never or will never hear of. Not only are there motorcycles, but there’s Cushman scooters, homemade contraptions, and lots of old bicycles and trikes.

There’s more than just a swap meet, even though the whole fairgrounds is packed with vendors and people, what really brings all the people in to the place is the races on Friday night. These aren’t ordinary races, they are and vintage bikes, some of them over 100 years old!! The people riding these antique bikes don’t even have brakes, and the get them up to about 65, then pitch them into a corner and hold on.

What are even cooler than the antique board trackers is the 1950’s Harleys, Triumph’s and Indians. These guys are the funnest to watch because they go out there and go just as fast as they can around the track, some of them are nearing around 100 on the straight aways, and couldn’t be doing much less than that in the turns because they don’t have brakes either, so they are fun to watch. How they stop is that they have to downshift until they are going slow enough to stop.

The race bikes range from like the late1890’s to nowadays. There is a wide variety of bikes and people. All of the people are nice, and it’s interesting if you get to talking to some of them. All it is a bunch of people having fun and riding too.

Most people say that Sturgis is the best biker rally in the whole world, but I disagree. I have been to Sturgis 4 times, and to this rally once, and I like the Davenport one the best. When you go to Sturgis, you have to deal with all of those people, to me all of those people are very annoying and this rally in Iowa is way cooler. In Davenport, the atmosphere is fun and exciting because all of the people are average, ordinary people. In Iowa you have all the aspects of Sturgis; people, food, bikes, and all of those other biker rallies, without all of the people. I suppose you could say that it is a mini, antique Sturgis. That is the last time I went on vacation, and I have to say that it is one of my most memorable moments.

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