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By Anonymous

It was summertime in the hot, humid country of Pakistan. I was visiting for my cousin’s wedding. Before we left, I had every intention of getting my nose pierced, but never okayed this with my mom. She knew I wanted it pierced – it was part of our culture.

Days passed, and I was getting anxious. My cousins had had their noses pierced at 14. Why couldn’t I? So I went to my mom and cuddled close to her. “Mom, Tasheem and Asma got their noses pierced when they were my age. Can I get mine pierced too?”

There was no response. I got scared. “Mom … pleeeaaase?”

She looked at me and asked, “Why do you want it so badly?”

I thought for a second. “Because, since I was little, I have always loved it,” I replied.

Finally I received an answer. She said yes! I was so excited. I wanted it done as soon as possible.

The day finally came. My heart was pumping hard and I couldn’t think. Pure craziness! We went to a shopping mall where you can get your nose pierced in any jewelry store. I went into two, but their guns weren’t working. So I went to another, and luckily they could do it. I had my cousin mark the spot on my nose three times until it was just right.

Then the moment came.

My heart started beating faster and faster. I squeezed my cousin’s hand, looked at my mom, then closed my eyes. Five, four, three, two, one … bang! A pound of pressure entered my nose and went up into my forehead. I thought it would sting and burn but, no, just pressure.

I looked at my nose and was satisfied to see that it was all still there. I bought a nose ring, but I had to wait fifteen days. I got home and family members gave me compliments. I had to clean my piercing daily for a month so it wouldn’t get infected.

And that was it. I had finally gotten my nose pierced, and I was never happier.

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