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Canadians Should Be Equal! MAG

By Anonymous

   Why do Canadians get criticized for the waythey talk and dress? When I first moved here, I was made funof for the way that I talked just because I said, "Eh!" alot.Then I would be teased for small stuff like saying "about" and"against" and "outside" and words with A and O in them. It wasreally bad. It shouldn't be like that; people should look atothers from the inside instead of theoutside.

Canadians shouldn't be judged by the way wetalk or dress. I'm probably one of the nicest guys you'll meetfrom Canada. I could see if I was a jerk and always picking onpeople, but I am quiet and never make fun of anyone. Somehardly noticed I was Canadian and that was cool. I was 11years old when I moved and started being teased. Now, at 16, Istill get stupid comments because I might not say a word rightand they start laughing and making fun of me, but it's okay.

There are people who make a big deal about me being aResident Alien and talk about sending me back, but I ignorethem and try to stay away from talking to them but some are mybest friends.

I think the point I'm trying to make isthat Canadians should be treated just like other human beings.I have a lot of friends who are Canadian and they are made funof too. Canadians should be treated equally.

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