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By Anonymous

I hear my China breathing loudly in America's BigApple,
The deep, nourishing breaths nurture my heritageand allow it to keep struggling,
As my China keeps on breathing,breathing;

The chanting of the Buddhist monk ashis incense tickles my nose, his eyes closedand
     Head lowered by some sin, "amitahba,amitahba"
The gaudy chattering of the matchmakeras she loudly sips her boiling green tea with
     Eeriesmoke swirling into the sky, "yun chi, yunchi"
The butcher's shouting over the crowd'smurmur, the fish seller's silence amidst chaos
     Asthey simultaneously sharpen their cleavers, "shing shien,shing shien"
The frantic calling of the young,plain-faced girl as she looks for her mother,and
     Her jade swings on her neck, "ma mi, mami"
The persuading song of the lychee seller asshe swears the quality of her fruits,
     "hautze, hau tze "
The coughing of the old mahjongplayer, the laughing of his arrogant opponent ashe
     Collects his pieces, "koo ming, kooming"
The sighing of the old grandmother as sheslowly walks home with her tired legs,
     "woahlei, woah lei"
The soft whispering of the youngcouple as they stroll, "wo ai nee, wo ainee"
The playful yelling of the little boy as heholds his mother's hand and looks up when

     He hearsthe firecrackers roar, "ni kan, nikan"

chanting, chattering,shouting,
clashing, calling,persuading,
coughing, laughing,walking,
Whispering, yelling, roaring ...louder,
And I breathe faster, faster; deeper,deeper,
I hear myself breathing loudlyand in sync with my China,
     In America's BigApple.

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By Jimmy B., Marblehead, MA
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