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By Anonymous

Rainforest for the world,
Song writing, dance creating,
Keeper of the Amazon and the creatures in it,
Large, proud, unfailing,
Country of individuality:
They say you are mysterious and I must believe them, for I
Have witnessed your mysterious beyond
Luring the unprepared into the darkness where they're never to be let go.
And they claim you are endangered and I answer: Yes, it
Is true, they have come to increase industry
Only to kill the ones who have done nothing.
And they tell me you are free and my reply is:
From one corner to the other
You will not find anyone or anything found within limits.
And having answered, I turn once more to those who sneer and say:
Come and show me another country with more love and pride
Proud to be Brazilian, and aggressive and competitive
Finding comfort in each other and help the ones who fall behind
Here stands a country so colorful and rich, against the bland lifeless countries.
Wild as a beast with a flaming soul, desperate for adventure as a child,
Held back by his,
Still loving,
Every faithful,
Creative, inventing
Beneath the poverty, dim lights glow
revealing innocent souls, grinning with bright lights
Beneath the crime and fear of its ending fate,
Grinning even as a grand champion grins at his unworthy opponent
Bragging and teasing that on his back lays the source needed for the continuation of our existence, grinning
Grinning the large, proud, unfailing
Proud to be the rainforest for the world,
Songwriting, dance creating
Keeper of the Amazon and all the creatures in it.

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RSilva said...
on Dec. 26 2016 at 12:37 pm
I write this poem back in 2002! Why does this say it was written by someone in NY?!