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Fire in the Sky

December 17, 2019
By hshelbie53 BRONZE, Golden, Colorado
hshelbie53 BRONZE, Golden, Colorado
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The sounds of the African bush slowly began to wake my brother and I.  The room we shared was small and quaint. Two twin beds hugged the wall under nets, hung from the ceiling, draped around the beds, keeping the bugs away. A slight amount of sunlight crept through the window as monkeys walked across the roof and the distant growls of leopards echoed throughout the camp. 

I wiped the remanence of sleep from my eyes and got out of bed. I will always remember that moment when I finally opened the door to find the sun, beautiful and bright, coming over the horizon. Orange and red danced across the sky like wildfire. I had never seen something so amazing and so spectacular. For a moment I forgot to breathe. How could I not fall in love with this place? A place where zebras came up to you while walking down the road and elephants grazed by the water. A place where the sun looked as if it was from another planet. How could such a place exist? Words could not honestly depict what I saw there. 

Standing there in the doorway, I could see how far the land stretched and the distant head of a giraffe poking above the trees. A cape buffalo stood to my right only a few hundred feet away. Of course, I didn't notice it for quite some time, my senses too overloaded to even pay attention to the giant snorting animal, but as soon as I saw the buffalo I turned to my brother and shoved him inside, and quickly slammed the door shut.  We sat in the room for a while after that, waiting for the animal to walk away. 

“Wow,” I said softly to my brother.

He began to snort and laugh hysterically like the hyenas we had heard the night before and joked, “We almost died!”.

After about an hour of laughter and we knew it was safe to leave. We quickly ran around the building to find our parent’s room. After furiously knocking on their door for what seemed like forever, my father finally answered. We burst into their room and told them about our morning. How we heard the animals in our room, how the sun burned in the sky, and about how we were almost killed by a buffalo. We spoke so frantically that they could barely comprehend what we were telling them. This was an experience that I will never forget and will cherish throughout my life even when I am old and grey.

The author's comments:

When I was 16 I traveled to South Africa with my family, this is one of my experiences while I was there.

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