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The beginning of Spain 2019

October 16, 2019
By Anonymous

Before the real trip even began it already was one of the most stressful and mixed feeling holidays. The night before the spain vacation I went over to a girls house, I was kinda sad about the fact that I wouldn’t see Kim for a whole year, but I felt good about saying goodbye and spending some time with her. We hung out and talked a little bit about, what the most fun things were we had together. We had a lot of fun to see what we did together and I enjoyed it a lot. At the same time I knew I still had to pack my baggage and get everything ready for the trip. I got a surprising call. I wondered who would call me, It was a Thursday evening and I told all my friends that I wouldn't be available today and  I usually get a massage before I get called. Oh no my mom.

I picked up and asked her pleasant what she wants. “Du hast nicht mal angefangen deinen Koffer zu packen”, everything I answered was what she wants me to do, because I’m over at a friends house and didn’t really was willing to leave. She answered dry “komm nach hause und packe deinen koffer ...”. Why has to happen it to me I mean it’s rude to leave a friends house for this that were my thoughts after this call. But my mom is my mom, and I really respect her so I went home . I packed my baggage quickly, not even really paying attention to what I was packing I just wanted to go back as quick as I could. 

The next day the actual trip began, we meet up at the bus stop it was a hot day maybe 42 grad celsius, it felt like a sauna. But no one even cared about how hot it was, because we knew an unforgettable time is ahead of us. Nothing could have stopped us eight at this time. My best friends Elias, Louis, Jonas and best female friend Selin were all there and the rest were  her best friend and Selin’s boyfriend and his best friend . We all knew each other because we went to the same school and we were all cool. 20 hours bus ride ahead of us, I knew how it is because I did this trip to the same region in Spain twice before, it’s boring. Really boring . But we got lucky: back of the bus, all together, a lot of space and a ginormous speaker for entertainment. A lot of sweets, drinks; games, cards; offline music and movies. That’s all I need for a bus ride. We were ready to go. Spain, beach, sun, my graduation trip and all my friends, that could only be good. I was curious how it will be and what we will experience.

Less than twenty hours later we could already see the blue sea through the cracks of the huge hotels. We came to a long shopping street and drove this a while parallel to the beach until we stopped and unpacked the bus. 

We were then friendly received locally. Warmly. Cordially.

We took our bags, then went through a tall tunnel and then we were there. The beach. Beautiful.

But our joy was quickly reduced again. We could not get into our bungalows until 5 o'clock in the evening, because they did not manage to clean in time; It was 9 o'clock in the morning at this time. “What should we do?”: was the next question I asked.  Our beach clothes were in the suitcase. And we were hungry. What shall we do now.

The bus ride was really exhausting and long I could need some energy for my body so I wanted to eat, but I was not the only one. We were eight. Eight different opinions, which we had to consider and it was not easy. That was the first time I realized how stressful it is to go on vacation with your friends. Anyway, we went out to eat first. 

No one ever was in this city. And no one really knew where what is and where you can get food, although no one would have cared if it would have been bad food. Something on hand what you could eat while walking. A nice and special crepe,that's what we had. It was a fancy place. I had a Strawberry chocolate crepe with black, white and milk chocolate. It was perverse yummy and it was huge. So we went back to the camp and looked for our bags somewhere between the bungalows. We searched our beach clothes and went to the beach. The sand was not really sand, it was rather a pile of small stones. It still looked good. No matter if you looked left or right you could not see the end of the gorgeous beach. However, there was a difference. On the left side everything was full with high hotel bunkers, as far as you could see high prefabricated. 

Nothing to the right. Nothing except beach and palm trees.

When we were with our towels, bales and something to drink on the beach there was only one thing we had to try. How is the sea? Is it warm enough or is it too cold? How fast will it get deeper? And to our astonishment it was still relatively warm still a good cooling and relaxation from the long bus trip and the miserable hot temperatures. We were glad that we finally arrived. We threw the ball back and forth a little. We had a bit of fun on the beach, lay with eight people around a music box.

That’s all we did for over 6 hours. Nothing. it felt like a lost day.

But it was a good pastime until we could bungalow. Two boys went to their tent, Selin und Mene g who were sharing a bungalow with other girls headed over to theirs  and then I and my three best friends were left. We shared a bungalow. We entered the bungalows tense curious, because it was new to all of us.It was a small wooden hut. The wooden hut stood on perhaps 8-9 stilts, each with two bricks. There were three rooms: living room / kitchen, bedroom with two bunk beds and a bathroom with shower.

It was SMALL.

It was so tight that when we were four with our suitcases in the bungalow we could not move back or forth. We had to make room, so we brought out the useless table and chairs and left them there so we at least had a little bit of room in the "living room". We went into the bedroom to chose our beds and I said straight away, "Ich schlafe auf der Couch (die im Wohnzimmer stand), die ist größer" and I was not the biggest but apparently the other did not care a little bit to stretch out their legs in sleep, lucky me. So we were ready for the holidays. Everything had a place and we were familiar with where what is  but our bungalow looked messi as f***. The next thing we realized pretty quickly, was that we had to get ready for the night. We wanted to go to the opening party, but we all had to take a shower. The party was supposed to be the best, the club in the city, the best drinks and the best dj’s; and to get us ready for the rest of the week and hyped for our vacation. The first one went in the shower... shortly after he had jumped into the shower we heard: “Die scheiß dusche ist so klein das mein Arsch jedes mal wenn ich mich bewege den Job von den Scheibenwischern auf der Windschutzscheibe übernehmen.”.

This holiday should be unforgettable.

The author's comments:

Its written by a german exchangestudent so don't mind the bad grammar and the german sentences

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