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October 16, 2019
By Anonymous


  Adventure awaits you just let your curiosity run free and take risks because the reward can be beautiful. Take the opportunity life throws you because the memories can be great and unforgettable. 

I never thought that I would fall in love with being outdoors. Hiking by eye stunning water and  running up pearl white sand dunes and skipping rocks over waves and finding insane waterfalls.

Doing all those activities made me realize how life can slow down when you are doing something you love.  

How this started for me was 15 years ago.

 I discovered my adventure place as being South Haven, Mi a place where Lake Michigan sparkles as if its a diamond and the beaches are as fun for me as a kid in a candy shop. The views take your breath away The sunsets become a cotton candy pink and a blaze orange color and light up the sky as if it was the 4th of July. 

I have gone back here every year it calls me back as if it was a bird chirping to its young. 

Why do I keep going back?

 Due to the fact of the different adventures South Heaven holds for me. One of my favorite places is the Saugatuck state park. 

Me and my Mom,Brother and sister pull up the car and park it that minuet we step out of the car is when the adventure starts. First off you start with a curving trail walk through the forest filled with trees as tall as buildings and birds singing and the soft sound of waves crashing on the beach that's a half a mile away. As me and my sister exit the forest we are breath taken from Lake Michigan that sparkles like it’s 1 million flashlights flickering on and off in the water. The shore is covered by rocks as my brother and mom take off to find pretty rocks my sister and I take this chance to go explore the beach like Christopher Columbus as wake and enjoy the water hitting our ankles from the waves, we run into four fallen trees on the shore curious to see what's on the other side, my sister and I make a plan to get around the trees that are blocking off the beach like a gate. As my sister and I climb over trees and duck walk under them we then reached the other side 

 What's on the other side shocks me.   

There are dunes that look as high as Mt. Everst. Me and my sister are met with the challenge we have been waiting for. To make it to the very top of the dune. As we were climbing up the dune we sound like a dog without water because it feels like a decade to reach the very top. As you climb up you just tell yourself to keep going because the view will be gorgeous at the top it something you can’t back out now. As we reach the top the view of A beautiful lake Michigan catches our eyes and we stare at it for hours it feels like and we turn around to see a forest. When at the top of the dunes it feels like my sister and I are the rulers of our own world, no one has been around us just the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. Two trees stand on top of the dune. 

I call them the Jack and Emma (my sister) trees 

Why you may ask?? Due to the fact the trees remind me of me and my sister because it’s two big strong individual figures standing by each other that will literally stick with each other through everything if one falls down they both do. Just like me and my sister.

We finally made the decision to run down the dune. We took our first two steps and ZOOOOOM we went. The sand rushing under our feet it felt like an avalanche. 

As we reach the bottom it leads to a waterfall that spits out water running from the forest it intrigues me and my sister so we decided to run under it like a shower. Eventually we jump into the water and sit there for a second with the sun beating down on us and I realize how much I love the outdoors and realize how happy I was to take a risk to climb over them fallen trees because the outcome was great. That is by far my favorite memory with my sister. As it feels like we have only been in the water for one minute, but it's been around twenty and it was time to get out. As we walk onto the rocky shore and dry off sadly it is our time to return back to the car and carry on with our day. As we walk back through the forest it really made me realize how great my life was at the moment and it enlightened me to how much I loved to explore. Finally we took our last steps out of the forest and suddenly it felt as if I stepped into a different world, I went from a magical area with water,sand, soft noises, pretty sights and views. To a world with loud noises cars and people everywhere. 

At the end of the day I can take away from this experience that adventure is one step away it's just if you are willing to take the risk and the outcome will be great.

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