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October 10, 2019
By Therayman BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
Therayman BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
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Hawaii’s Beauty

    My family and I got out of our car and took in the ocean from our eternal vantage point.

    “How do we get down to the beach?” My dad asked me curiously 

    “I don’t know dad. This is my first time here too, you know.” I sarcastically replied.

We decided it was best to approach other tourists who were getting back into their cars and ask them. They directed us to a sign with a steep path going down the side of the cliff. My dad quickly realized that the only way to get to the lustrous black beach was to make a rigorous trip down a steep and tall cliff. When we started our journey to the beach. My eyes and my mind opened up with the wonders of Hawaii and the beauty in Wisconsin has nothing on what I got to see here. As we continued to cautiously skaled the cliff, we continued to admire the beauty of Hawaii as we get closer to the black beach and a tribal forest. We decided to rest halfway down the cliff where the leaves opened up to the ocean. I could really feel myself letting go and enjoying myself here because my brother and I started to huck rocks off the cliff and into the cyan, crystal clear ocean to see how far we could throw them and who can make the biggest splash. My dad had to stop us because he didn’t want one of us doing an accidental cannon ball and falling off the cliff. We kept moving down the awful trails of imbalanced rocks and spikes in the ground levels, I had to grab a stick to use it as a cane. Then, with our energy tanks running low, there it was. The tribal forest, tall trees of birch, self-made hammocks swinging in the ocean breeze, a giant dam made of birch seemed to be built to stop ocean water from getting into the land. To the right of the forest was a breathtaking gorge with a river running down the middle of it. I became filled with great love for Hawaii. With the gorge sweeping me off of my feet, I almost forget about the reason why we made the calf-burning adventure down the cliff in the first place. I ran and hurdled the dam as the likes of a track star the plant my bare feet into what was the black beach. At first I thought it was clay but nope, it was sand. It’s weird, an all natural black sand beach.  black sand continued at least 20 feet into the ocean until the color faded. We put our handprints into the sand, took a couple family photos and embraced Hawaii and the strange beauty that it contained. As we were starting to walk over the dam, my dad stopped us in the forest and said, 

    “Who’s ready to go back up?”

We all moaned and groaned knowing how rough the venture down the cliff was it would be twice as hard to make it back up.

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