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The sea of clouds in an indoor mall!

December 20, 2008
By Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
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As girls in the most ridiculous outfits ever, walked pass me I had the strange feeling of laughing. I mean everyone knows that ice skating Is the girlish sport ever. So of course I would have to laugh at these girls who chose to spend their time on girly frilly outfits. But as they started to skate I felt something, it almost felt like longing. But that couldn’t be right . I mean how could I , Jacquelinne, want to ice skate. But there it was again, the feeling of wanting that grace, that beauty, the skater had when doing spins and tricks. I wanted to feel the ice beneath my feet.

At one point I had been one of those girls , striving for the goal that they now strived for. That was four years ago and I have not been on the ice since. I do not do it because of my pride. I have thought these past years that only real girly and slim girls could do it and that it wasn’t really even a sport.

But every time I pass that ice rink, my mind tugs at my body pointing toward the ice rink and in that split second I want to start ice skating again.
I am now starting to realize how foolish I have been, but alas I know not how to go back to the days where I was the rider of clouds.
See the ice in the rink feels rough but as you glide you feel the breeze , and you feel as though you are skating on a sea of clouds. Your mind goes blank and you travel to different places pretending to be different people.

I have touched the sea of clouds and once you have touched it there is no tomorrow there is only today. I have put off the sport I probably love the most. I was lost in a war of minds. Half my mind longed for the ice skating while the other half pulled me away from the sport I loved.

At last I have realized that it doesn’t matter how I am or how I look that makes me good enough for ice skating it is my heart. The heart of wanting that grace and beauty.

Who said that ice skating was girly and for slim girls anyways? I mean it is only a dumb stereotype and I will definitely not be apart of that stereotype but neither will I let it keep me from doing a sport I love. I don’t need the competitions or the outfits. I would love to learn tricks but that is for tomorrow , for today all I need is to be out on that rink touching the sea of clouds. Oh and can you believe that I can touch the sea of clouds in an indoor mall? That so ROCKS!!!

The author's comments:
a couple of days after i wrote this i went ice skating with my friends loved it!

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jordan123456 said...
on Jan. 26 2009 at 4:28 am
its pretty good but i don't really get the title...

congrats on being #1 though. Everyone really likes your work including me.