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January 25, 2014
By supertigerMMC GOLD, Milpitas, California
supertigerMMC GOLD, Milpitas, California
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Our point guard steps out of bounds to bring the ball in. The referee hands her the ball and steps aside. He takes a quick glance at us to make sure we're ready, then blows the whistle. She slaps the ball and we scatter from our line formation throughout the back court, each with a defender by our side. Our point guard tries to find a break in their tough man-to-man back court guarding. I try to escape my defender, then look over. The point guard had managed to pass it to one of our post players, who took off down the right side of the court. I let out a mental sigh, then take off down the left side, easily loosing my defender with my agility. Her guard quickly catches up with her, but she manages a hard bounce pass to me as we both near the basket. I grab the ball, then take one step. Two steps. As I go up for the layup, her defender crashes into me, sending me to the ground. We see everyone arrive just in time to see her help me up and hear the referee blow the whistle. I walk to the free throw line and ready myself to take my first shot. Six girls line up around the perimeter of the key and the referee hands me the ball. He blows his whistle and I let out a breath of relaxation. I bounce the ball a few times, then spin it in my hands. I shoot it towards the basket and see the ball halt its perfect arch as it hits the rim. I accept the rebound and ready myself for my final shot. I proceed with the same motions and watch the ball slam into the backboard and fall through the net.

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