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Show Down with the Celt's

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

My 2007 Christmas present was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. When I first found out what it was I almost screamed like a little red headed school girl, was that normal? It was a trip to Salt Lake City to ball boy for the Utah Jazz when they played the Boston Celtics. I had to wait too the next Thursday, which was a living blankitie-blank! Finally Thursday came around and we left at 9:00 in the morning.

When we got to our hotel the first thing we did was eat which was a bad idea. At about 2:00 a.m., I hurled for like 10 minutes straight. And it happened every 45 minutes. It was a living @$#%! The next day I didn’t feel good all day except at in the evening went to the outside mall they had. We went to a lot of cool stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods which is humungous, and then we went to Footlocker, Champs, and Finish line.
I didn’t buy thing cause it was pretty high end mall. They had a Prada store and everything! I would recommend that you go sometime.
The next morning I woke up and was so excited. It had finally ceom. I was going to be on the same floor as Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paulo Peirce. The whole morning seemed to take a century I was so anxious the whole morning. I think I was literally bouncing off the wall. My parents took me to another mall that was even more expensive. I heard a lot of different languages their especially in the Adidas store. My parents took me to lunch but I couldn’t eat anything because I was so excited.
At about 6:00 p.m. we headed over to the arena. When we got to will call the other ball boys took my parents to their seats and then took me to the locker room to get the shirt I was supposed wear and then they took me the floor where the players were warming up a little later KG (Kevin Garnett) came out of the locker room I about wet my pants. I just I probably looked like the make a wish because stared at him the whole time the players were warming up.

When the game started the Jazz were up by 7 and at halftime they were up by 5. Then it happened at halftime the teams changed sides I was rebounding for the Celts and Kevin Garnett said “shortly give me the ball.” I felt like my life had just become complete. For the full third quarter the Jazz were up until about half way through the fourth quarter. That’s when everything went south. With about 1 minute left the Celtics took the lead. But hen after that Memoht Okur pretty much shot a half-courter to take the lead by one. Then the Celtics got fouled and made the 2 free throws to take the lead. After that the Jazz just couldn’t score and the Celtics got the ball back. The Jazz lost. After the game I got autographs from all the Jazz players.
The next day we left in the morning. The whole way back to Boise I kept replaying all the plays in my head. I will never forget that trip to Salt Lake City.

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