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So Close

March 30, 2008
By Anonymous

An event that I want to remember in the future is when I almost brought my soccer team to its first victory of the last six games. It was a fresh and cold Saturday morning and we were having our seventh game of the season against the "Barracudas." The last time that we played them we lost on a shootout.
Half time was over, and we were starting the second half of the game down by one goal. At the beginning of the second half, they had possession of the ball most of the time (but not for too long). They were mostly playing the ball in mid field to just burn out the time when, boom! I surprised the defense player who had the ball in mid field from behind and took the ball away from him. I then took off running toward their goal with the ball under my possession, and I had to take on four defense players before getting to my destination (and it was not easy). When I got there, I only thought of one thing, to kick the ball as hard as I could, and that's exactly what I did. I kicked the ball as if I was kicking my worst enemy.
The shot that I kicked was unstoppable; I hit it so hard that I could hear the ball screaming in agony. I then saw the ball go in the goal and screamed, "goal", and my teammates said "goal? you mean golaso." All that went through my head at that moment was: i made a goal...goal...goal, and it just kept on echoing in my head. The ball went in between the goalkeeper's legs and then in. Then suddenly boom! I saw all of my teammates come running and jumping towards me, sreaming with joy. They all congratulated me. "We are back in the game!" I said happily. And by this expierence I strongly believe that hard work always pays off.

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