Quicksand | Teen Ink


February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

When butterflies turn into eagles,
Then anticipation turns into excitement.
The goose bumps from the home crowd chanting, “ We are Colerain.”
A defining noise of a packed house ringing in the ears of the masses,
And the goose bumps turns into determination.
The heckling of fans has no effect.
When you realize you are in front of thousands of people you get more determined.
The opening kickoff is sent a long way,
And the sounds, the smells, and distractions disappear.
But as the game goes on the quicksand appears,
After a long pass and a loud cheer.
The sand begins to sink as things go wrong.
Then another thing goes wrong, then another, and another.
But not without a fight as the sinking continues.
No one was there to lend a hand so the sand continues to sink.
Then determination becomes desperation.
The time runs out; desperation becomes devastation.
As the realization of a career over begins to sink in.
Everyone looks back on a season; everything comes to mind, except satisfaction.

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