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Way Of Life

March 18, 2011
By jarrett godin BRONZE, Rochester, New York
jarrett godin BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Being brought up playing soccer and lacrosse from a young age has lead me down the right path. It has helped me focus on the important things in life too, like staying away from drugs and good grades. These are important things because the sports that I have been associated with and have put dedication towards to be the best of my ability. So really I am saying that if you are not brought up well by your parents a great way of staying out of trouble and or jail is by dedicating your time to a sport and become the best at that sport that you can be. Other then doing well in school doing a sport and doing it well can teach you how to put effort and time into things so you don’t turn into a slacker.
The sports that I have chosen are lacrosse and soccer. These sports that I have chosen have leaded me to have a good healthy and safe life so far. When playing these sports I have fun and it helps me realize that to be successful in sports (or life) you have to put hard work day in and day out. Its not an easy job to be good and go some where In sports but when u realize what your doing your actually taking the easy way and making your life so much easier. It takes a lot of emotion and effort to play these sports because it is all about who the stronger player is and who can run there guts out till the clock hits 80 minutes, 90 minutes, or 48 minutes.
The sport that I focus most on is soccer, it may seem easy to play when you watch it but when it comes to playing it is a whole hell of a lot harder. To me it is one of the most brain and energy draining thing I have ever gone through in my life so far its exhausting. To me if you don’t care enough about a sport you really don’t like the sport and need to find a different one that you care a lot about and will battle till the games over for. If u want to achieve victory it starts of by how hard you work in practice because if u don’t practice you won’t be perfect.
The second sport I play is lacrosse which is kind of similar to soccer in the running aspect but not similar in the way they are played. Lacrosse is a more physical sport because you are allowed to body check and lay people out where as in soccer you can do the same thing but it isn’t legal.
Being in sports have tough me a good moral about life and that moral that I was taught was to always work hard and to put a hundred and ten percent into everything. Also to take care of your body by eating healthy and keeping yourself active. These two sports I have decided to play have brought me into the strong and outgoing person that I am still today.

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