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A Different Kind of Life

February 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyone in the stands cheered at the top of their lungs.
They announced the new region record, set by our very own swimmer.
He had a smile across his face and tears running down his cheeks.
The work and dedication happened months ago,
Hours of training, in the water and out,
All of the practice brought him exactly what he deserved.
That was race number one out of twenty-four.
More anticipation is yet to come,
Twenty of my teammates will swim their races as fast as they can.
Some think they can make it to state, with only going to a few practices.
The rest know what they did to get there and how it will pay off.
For me, I plan to go and swim my hardest, getting a best time, and making it to finals.
I have worked my hardest, pushing myself to the limit.
After my race, I will be happy no matter what, because swimming has become my life,
And I love it because it is like life.
The harder you work, the more you accomplish,
The more you slack off, the more it slaps you in the back.
In the same time, all the hard work can bring hard times but those sad days bring one big day of joy.
Now I head off to college to work hard, to experience the joy of life.

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