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The Big Save MAG

By Anonymous

   As I was standing in the soccer goalie net I could feel sticky sweat sliver down my cheek. It was burning hot. I was playing in my soccer game and I was the goalie. It was so boring. The ball was at the totally other end of the long, green, and grassy soccer field. I didn't think I was going to get any action. But I was wrong. I looked at the ball, and someone was coming down field towards me. He was one of the best players on the other team, and he had a breakaway. As he got closer and closer, I could feel the nervousness flow through my body. Finally I was going to get some action, I thought. He was getting so close, I could see mud drip down his leg. Finally, he cocked his leg back and swung. "BOOM," the ball soared through the air. I started to panic, but then I remembered I had to block that shot, I couldn't let it go in. So I threw my body toward the ball. In the air, I could feel my fingers touch the ball. I pulled the ball towards me and hit the ground. I saved it. I got up and could feel the happiness flow through me as my teammates congratulated me. Then I kicked the ball down field and someone on my team got it. He took it toward the other net and after awhile, I was hot and bored again. n

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