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   I'm the only female on the Wellesley High School JV ice hockey team. When I first tried out with a friend, I was extremely nervous and uneasy. However, when I made the team, my new teammates soon gave me support and friendship, and made me feel like I belonged. They never have put me into an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation. I understand how strange it must be to have me on the team, but they include me and treat me with respect.

My coach is also very enthusiastic and supportive. He is always teaching me and the rest of the team new and better plays. He's always looking o--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiuppeuppeuppeuppeuiireiireiireiireaamuaamuaamuaamullc llc llc llc bbanbbanbbanbban<<> <<> <<> <<> lleRlleRlleRlleR,,ew,,ew,,ew,,eweetmeetmeetmeetm n n n n ye ye ye gss gss gss g<<>r<<>r<<>r<<>r aR aR aR aRtt tt tt tt tt tt tt ttrrgarrgarrgarrga yo yo yo yoooleooleooleoolehhtahhtahhtahhtalluolluolluolluoccacccacccacccacpp pp pp pp nn lnn lnn lnn l ot ot ot ot//1t//1t//1t//1t 2 1/2.

I really love to play ice hockey. And I'm happy that I am able to play on our school team. I'm gaining so much knowledge and working on skills needed to play well. It's a wonderful sport. I encourage more girls to play. n

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