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The Passing Of The Belt MAG

By Anonymous

   Autumn has seen many changes, including a new president. However, the Presidency is not the only high position from which the incumbent has been ousted. There is a new man moving into the office of the heavyweight champion of the world. The changing of champions always seems to bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to the world of boxing. However, no true boxing fan desires to see the sport's most exalted go down as a human speed bag. Such has been the conclusion of so many illustrious careers. So, when a true champion goes out in style, it's always that much sweeter. From ring announcer Michael Burlet's famous calling of "Let's get ready to rumble" to the ringing of the final bell, Evander Holyfield and heavyweight challenger Riddick Bowe treated the world to 12 rounds of boxing at its best.

After several rounds it became evident that Holyfield would need an unlikely knock out in order to ward off his now distinguished challenger. But just when you thought the rest was mere formality, the world saw what many considered to be one of the greatest rounds of boxing in heavyweight history: Round 10! Not since Rocky fought the Russian has anyone seen anything like it. Sylvester Stallone was taking notes. Holyfield was all done. He'd been jabbed, hooked, and just plain pummeled. He was out of it. He was in a daze, allowing Bowe to inflict punishment at will. It was a miracle he could even stand. But then it happened. Like something out of a Hulk Hogan wrestling match, Holyfield got a surge of power and suddenly began to retaliate. Where this burst of energy came from is a mystery. Blow after blow, Holyfield now had Bowe at his mercy. Then the bell rang, and the fighters returned to their corners. The crowd was erupting. People in every little sports pub across the country were in awe, and home viewers everywhere saw something that may not happen again for some time. Unfortunately for Holyfield, it was only a slight deterrent from the inevitable - Riddick Bowe went on to win the fight by unanimous decision and became boxing's new heavyweight champion.

The conclusion of the fight brought hints of Holyfield's retirement, and yes, Bowe tried to hype up his next bout by confronting possible challenger Lennox Lewis. But most important, for the first time in recent years, fans forgot about the $35 they dished out and simply sat back and enjoyed a great fight ... just the way it should be. n

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