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   Soccer vs. Football by M. F., Stoughton, MA

I feel as though a school system's sports program should give equal funds to different sports so each team has equal athletic appreciation. I play soccer for my high school, and I feel as though soccer does not get equal funds to football. For example, the soccer fields have not been mowed since the beginning of the season (approximately two weeks) while the football field has been mowed nine or ten times and the season hasn't started. Since the first soccer game, the nets have not been taken down, but the goal pads from the football games are taken down immediately after the game. Both are of equal value and both need the same time to take down.

I know that the football team charges to attend but that doesn't equal the amount of extra work the football field gets. The football field just got new bleachers for the visiting team spectators, while the soccer field doesn't even have bleachers for the home town spectators, like they did last season. (Who knows what happened to the ones that were there before.) During home games there are many fans watching a very exciting, skillful game of soccer who must stand for an hour and a half!

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