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By Anonymous

   The Yankees win the world series! Who could ever imagine? I was never a baseball fan, but when I did watch, I rooted for the Mets. That was until the Yankees made it to the Series. Maybe it had something to do with the Yankee's adorable shortstop Derek Jeter, but day in and day out, I was sitting in my room not budging, watching the Yankees move closer and closer to their victory.

The first two games of the Series were ridiculous and I was pretty close to giving up on those Yankees but I couldn't. The games were not all that exciting but I loved to watch Jeter get up at bat and make amazing plays at shortstop. I felt like his million-dollar smile and crystal blue eyes were aimed right at me. The day of game three my eyes were hooked on the television set, and my family and I were going crazy when they made the turn around and won in Atlanta.

During game six I was in a local Japanese steak house and the whole restaurant was crowded around one big TV. About 20 people all clumped together anticipated every move to get up and cheer. Every time the pitch was called a ball, the people all gasped for air. They all held their breath until the second the last ball was hit and then caught. Then everyone went absolutely nuts. They were screaming and jumping around, hugging their friends and even strangers. They were so happy they didn't know what they were doing.

Simultaneously two men screamed "I can't believe it. The Yankees won. Yeah!" Wow, what a feeling!

Now that the Yankees won I am a complete Yankee fan. My brother (who is a Mets fan) is not too happy but I know more about the Yankees than the Mets. Next year I'm buying a Yankee shirt and hat. l

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