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By Anonymous

   Why are the fans always getting punished? They buy the merchandise, support the team, and cheer them on every week. It seems silly that the NFL would have a rule that prevents devoted fans from watching the game on TV. More and more often, fans are getting turned away by TV blackouts because games that aren't sold out can't be seen on TV.

The rule states that if the game is not sold out 72 hours before kickoff, then it can not be televised. This rule really stinks. I think the NFL should reconsider and change it. The purpose is clear: to get more fans to buy tickets, but I don't think the NFL is seeing both sides of this issue.

The reason many fans stay home is due to the cost. It is disgusting. A single ticket costs $37.00. For a family of four to enjoy a game, dinner, and some snacks, it costs almost $200. That's a big chunk of change. The majority of fans just can't afford this. Another contributing factor is that with the holiday season, budgets can be tight.

People also stay home is because of the weather or the atmosphere. Many people dislike sitting in the cold for four hours on a Sunday afternoon. Why freeze to death when you can be warm and comfortable in your own home? If you think about it, the view is much better. Others may not like the atmosphere. To me there is nothing like being kicked by the guy behind you, getting beer spilled on you, missing a dozen plays because you made a trip to the restroom and food stand, all while freezing in the 20 degree air. How can you not love that? But face it, that's never going to change. I mean how could you possibly not allow beer to be sold or prevent some of the language used by fans.

Maybe the reason fans aren't going to the games are because of the match-ups. Many of the games that aren't televised are blowouts. Some people don't want to see a team with a losing record. Buffalo is fortunate that the Bills have been playing good football lately. If the team wasn't as good, attendance would be worse and we would see fewer games on TV.

As many of you know, Rich Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, is one of the larger stadiums in the NFL. It is very difficult to sell 80,000 tickets every week. This blackout problem doesn't occur in many of the smaller stadiums, or where the weather is bearable. That's great for them, but bad for us. I think that since we are the ones who are supporting the team, we should be treated better. Perhaps they could base the blackout rule on a certain percentage of seats, or a given number. l

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