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By Anonymous

   The New York Knickerbockers. I have loved this exciting team for a few years now. Maybe it's the excitement of a New York team. Or maybe it's the famous Madison Square Garden. Or could it be the well-known orange and blue team colors? Well, whatever it is, keeping up with the Knicks has been my favorite hobby for awhile now.

Wouldn't a new NBA Championship banner look dynamite hanging from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden? The players are lacking a priceless piece of jewelry - the championship ring. Two and a half years ago they almost won, but almost doesn't cut it. This year, the Knicks have an improved team. I think that between Ewing, Houston, Johnson, Childs, Ward, Starks, and Oakley, this year might be the year. First we must stop the invincible Chicago Bulls.

The Knicks didn't get blown away during the playoffs last season in their series with Chicago. Sure, they only won one out of the five games against the champions, but the Knicks were at a respectable disadvantage. They played hard and gave it all they had. I think this year the Knicks will drag the playoff series against the Bulls out longer. Hey, they might even advance!

What the Knicks really are lacking is an Anthony Mason. The tough player is needed this season. The Knicks also have to wash the butter off their hands. Teams like Chicago Bulls, Seattle Supersonics, Utah Jazz, and L.A. Lakers will take advantage of the many Knick turnovers.

I guess you could call the team streaky. When they're hot, they're also unstoppable. But when they get stuck in a drought, there's no telling when it will rain again. Hopefully, with the new and improved team, they won't have to adjust to desert life.

As much as I want the Knicks to win because I think they deserve it, I need them to win. So call me selfish, but my Global Studies teacher promised me an A+ in his class if they win the championship in 1997. Whether they win for my A+, to add the banner to Madison Square Garden, get a fancy title or earn a new piece of jewelry, I hope to see them in a parade next spring. l

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