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By Anonymous

   It starts with a face off

You never know what's going to happen

All of a sudden everyone starts running

Hitting and slashing and checking

Only the strong survive

For this game is for BEASTS, not mice

Oh look, someone has a breakaway

He's running through people in a savage way

Grunting, Yelling, and Pushing his way to the net

He looks the goalie in the eyes and tries to fake him out

But instead he gets slammed into by a defenseman

He hits the ground and his mask flies off

He re-situates himself and gets up and darts off

He gets the ball again, and he's off within a second

He threw that ball so fast and accurate

If he wanted to, he could have hit a fly if he was aiming

He scored, and that was the end of the beginning

For this was the beast line

After this year, never more

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