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Brother and Sister Bonding

May 18, 2017
By Anonymous

My brother Justin always had a passion for cooking. He would try new recipes, make all different types of meals, and try new restaurants. Living with my brother my whole life introduced me into cooking and we started to cook together. He went to school to learn more about food and to become a chef. We would wake up and cook breakfast together with the hot pink pan he bought me. We would make huge dinners for our family with three courses. I loved bonding with my brother but then he graduated college and started working at Cafe Touche in Edison Park. I barely saw him anymore since he was one of the head chefs and was constantly at the restaurant, but it was always fun going to visit him and eating the amazing food he cooked. I remember the day my brother got the news that he would be moving to Colorado for half the year and the other 6 months he would be living in Maine. He was so excited to be a chef in two completely different states with differents types of foods. I was so happy for him and so excited to hear about him skiing in Colorado and fishing in Maine, but I was devastated to have my brother leave home. I always shared my brother’s passion of cooking and shared such an amazing bonding experience so I was so upset when he left. Every year since he left, he would come home in between seasons and we would catch up and cook food together. Since he lived in two states, he finally made up his mind to move to Vail,Colorado full time since it highlights his specialities of cuisine and his love for skiing. Even though I miss spending so much time with my brother, he  taught me one of my favorite things to do, and I cherish it every time I cook.

The author's comments:

My brother inspired me to write this piece because I always looked up to him and whenever he cooked, I would help out so it created a bonding experience. 

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