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April 13, 2016
By erlis_h SILVER, Tirana, Other
erlis_h SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Everybody was screaming and yelling and cheering for their team, but I just sat there watching the big screen, not knowing what was going on or what the intention of the players even was. What I was most confused of was why the sport was called football, when the ball wasn’t touched by their feet even once. It was the Super Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing against the Green Bay Packers. It was an intense and passionate game between the teams and the stadium was filled with people.     

It was the day of the Super Bowl, and my friend had invited the boys of the class over to his house to watch the football game. I was one of the boys. The problem was I didn’t even know what the Super Bowl was and the whole nation had been impatiently waiting for this game. Never in my life had I watched American football and I didn’t even know any teams or players. Yet, I decided to go to his house.

My friends and I were all gathered in my friend, Jack’s, living room; my friend’s mom had prepared chips and drinks and sandwiches. Everybody was screaming and yelling and cheering for their team, but I just sat there watching the big screen, not knowing what was going on. From time to time I would cheer with the rest of the guys and act like I was having the time of my life, but inside, I was bored to death and wanted to go home and play video games. My favorite part of the game was the half time show, when the funny commercials came on. During that time, everybody started talking about the game and everything that happened, and all I did was nod and agree with anybody who was speaking.

I always wanted to learn about football and how to play, so I could talk about it with my friends. But, it never seemed that interesting to me. All the players did was hit each other in hopes the other team didn’t get the ball.
When the game started again, everybody went back to their serious selves while I went back to my spot on the couch- sitting there, not saying anything. To keep myself from falling asleep, I began daydreaming. The party had been the most boring party ever. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been if I liked football but… After a very long and dull night, the game ended. Everybody gathered around again to talk about the game and finish the last sandwhiches, but I just could not hang around any longer. I went and called my dad to come pick me as soon as he could, so I could go home.

When I first got invited, I thought the party would be exciting and fun like playing video games and eating junk food. But we just sat down, watched a boring game of a sport- which did not make sense to me, and stayed there.

For hours.

When I left, I thanked my friend for the great time I had, and then I went home.

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