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If I Lost My Sight for Three Days

December 5, 2015
By Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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The shapes of words, the colors of pictures, and the curves of the number three: we can see all that surrounds us every day. Those with normal sight, including me, are accustomed to using this visual sense to take in all that abounds. But, what would I do if one day I lost my eye sight for three days?

The first day of vision loss: it would be horror-filled. The boundless dark world would be frightening and unfamiliar. I would feel my way around, stumbling to and fro. I would open my eyes wider but there’d be nothingness. I’d wander to my room, knock into furniture, I’d fall again and again…until exhaustion takes over my body. Darkness would be my enemy and I’d fight it like an angry soldier.

Following the initial horrors, I’d have no choice but to gradually adapt to the darkness. On the second day, I would try to identify people with my other senses. My ears would be more open as I listen to their speech carefully and with intent. Whether they are beautiful or not would not matter in the least but I would not be able to recognize their feelings of expression, such as facial features, either. Truly listening attentively to what they say, would be the only way I’d realize their inner thoughts.

The third day, my last day in obscurity, I’d go for a stroll. Perhaps, I would visit a garden. How fresh the air would be?I’d gently touch the flowers and trees with my fingertips. I’d feel the delicate fabric of the flowers and the roughness of the tree bark. Listen! Some birds are whispering. I guess they were hopping on the branches cheerfully. I’d find a different beauty than I had ever known before.

Finally, three days without sight will pass. The next morning, when I open my eyes, a ray of light will come to them and the veil will be lifted. I am so excited that I jump out of bed quickly and fly to the window to see a colorful world: bright green tree leaves, tall, red flowers, and white beams of sunlight. They will be like old visitors that I’ve missed. In those moments, there will be pure joy.

During those three brief days wandering in a dark world, I’d realize the lives and the hardships of the blind. Therefore, let us value what we have as if we will lose them tomorrow. However if we lose sight, it is not terrible. Because we can take an advantage of our other senses, feeling and hearing, to experience the different fascinations of the world.

The author's comments:

I was deeple touched when I finished reading the novel 'Three days to see' written by Helen Keller. I asked myslef if I lost sight for three days, what would I do in the darkness? So I wrote down what I thought about losing sight.

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